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Cheney & Other Neocons Ought to be Keeping Silent - Not Trashing Obama

"Never mind the fact that the perpetrators of this enormous fraud, this smash-and-grab robbery, this looting of the Treasury, this act of first-degree murder on a massive scale, all walked away scot-free to pursue new careers and live lives of comfort. Amazingly enough, that's not the worst part. The worst part is that they're all on my television again, trying to blame President Obama for the circumstances created by their own feckless, murderous decisions." - William Rivers Pitt, in 'They Belong in Prison, Not on TV' on

I still have my mouse pad given to me as a gift some years ago: it shows Dick Cheney's snarling mug on one side and that of his spitting image - a snarling "Satan" on the other, e.g.
Given this piece of filth was largely the Maestro of the Iraq invasion, one would have thought he'd be keeping a low profile, as opposed to actually having the nerve to pen an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal daring to insinuate Obama committed "treason" for "betraying the future of our country". What the fuck is he talking about? He and his fellow Neocon vermin betrayed the country by destabilizing Iraq and opening the doors to real terror. He and the necons were actually WAR Criminals, who ought to now be rotting just outside the Hague - but because of the overly good graces of Obama, these scum were never prosecuted or turned over! One must question where the thanks are now. Have they no shame? No they don't!

Let’s recall here (for the memory-challenged) that it was Cheney who originally had a plan underfoot to bogusly attack Iraq from 1992  (under the banner of the 'Project for the New American Century') operating under the presumption that Poppy Bush (George the First) would be re-elected. Well, he wasn’t.  Clinton took the election thanks to Ross Perot splitting the ‘puke vote. This meant Cheney’s plan had to be put on hold until another Bush could get in, and that wasn’t until 2000 – when five treasonous Supreme Court justices interrupted a Florida recount to hand the election to Junior, aka Dumbya.

Even then it wasn’t a done deal, a pretext still had to be found for invasion and occupation. The gift fell into the laps of Bush, Cheney and their Neocon warmonger cohort with the devastating 9/11 attacks. People will argue over 9/11’s real origins until their dying day but one thing we do know: the Bush Criminals profited handsomely in the wake, with Bush’s approval rating shooting up into the 90s (from below 35%) even as the national security state and military –industrial complex got the go ahead for the biggest spending in 60 years. At the very least, while many of us don’t believe these vermin deliberately blew up the Twin Towers, we do think it highly probable they KNEW what was coming and sat back and did nothing. In other words they let it happen.  It was simply too great a benefit ‘plum’ to do otherwise. See also:

It also finally enabled the original Cheney Iraq invasion-occupation plan to be put into motion. All the Neocon memos surfacing from just after 9/11 (many from Paul Wolfowitz & Cheney) showed repeated underscored emphases like: “TIE SADDAM TO 9/11! HOW?” Indeed, how? Since Saddam was a resolute secularist who had no tolerance for religious extremists of either the Sunni or Shi’ite Muslim stripe. But the traitor Cheney and his Neocon ilk were determined to make the connection and have the corporate U.S. media coopted to assist in the PR blitz that lasted from October, 2002 until March, 2003 when the Cheney-bred dogs of war were unleashed. To that end, the Cheney-directed Neocons employed every sort of ruse - from 'yellowcake' to aluminum tubes and alleged claims of WMD (from an Iraqi traitor rat named 'curve ball') - to pump up a bogus case for invasion just like Hitler and the Nazis did (using faked imagery of German fraus being raped by Poles) to justify an invasion of Poland in 1939. Once he had the U.S. corporate media on his side it was merely a matter of drum beating a sheep-like American public into giving him the poll numbers he desired to launch an invasion in March, 2003.

If there was one prime Nazi I'd compare Cheney to it would probably be Rudolph Hess, but the malignancy of Hess pales besides that of Cheney.  While Hess likely was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, Cheney's Iraq interference machinations led to a wasteful occupation that in the end cost us over $3 trillion and more than 4400 American lives as well as 600,000 innocent Iraqi lives (according to WHO, the World Health Organization). Meanwhile, the bloody Nazified takeover as well as hyped rhetoric (“Axis of Evil”) drove the other two members of that defined “axis”, Iran and North Korea, to develop their own nuclear weapons – realizing this would likely be the only deterrent to the crazed Amerikkan pre-emptive warmongers. So, if Iran and North Korea do have ‘x’ atomic bombs today, you can lay the blame on Dick Cheney’s lap as well as his accomplices, aka the Neocon rats like Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle et al.

 Make no mistake that Cheney is the real traitor, whose costly pre-emptive war will cost us well into the future, including the brain-damaged vets needing aid, and benefits. But at the same time Cheney's is only one dastardly head belonging to the multi-headed Hydra Neocons. This Hydra is now raising its voice in the media to try to brand Obama responsible for the current Iraqi turmoil - as opposed to pointing the finger at themselves. For they were the architects of one of the worst geopolitical disasters in living memory.

Make no mistake I wanted all of them brought to account, especially for their torture and rendition practices - as well as launching  a pre-emptive war. I had opined at the time (just after Obama's 2008 election) that he needed to prosecute them with the full force of law - using all the resources of the Justice Dept.-  and if not hung as war criminals, then tossed into assorted slammers here in the U.S. to rot. But Obama was too gracious by far insisting we must "look forward, not backward".  Did he have any notion then of the ingratitude these degenerates would show now? Not bloody likely!

When next the neocons are tempted to go off on Obama, they need to visualize just where they'd be right now had he not been so generous and forgiving five years ago.

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