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Neoliberal Weenies Go Nuts Piling Onto Russia for Giving Snowden Asylum

Oh, but to see just half the outrage and self-righteous verve on display (after Russia gave Ed Snowden temporary asylum for one year), directed at the REAL traitors and war criminals in this nation who are still walking Scott free. I am talking about Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz, Perle, William Krystal and other Neocons who pumped up the phony basis for the Iraq invasion and occupation, instantly putting the U.S. on a par with Nazi Germany when it invaded Poland in Oct. 1939. But in this country these days, criminals walk - even if they practice torture, while those who expose wrong doing are tracked to the ends of the Earth.

But to behold the fiery rhetoric, i.e. from Neolib Weasel Chuck Schumer,  barking that "Russia has stabbed us in the back and each day Snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife!",  you'd think that nation was harboring a war criminal like Cheney or Bush, or a serial killer or genocidal madman, not a man who simply exposed the over reaching and trashing of the Constitution done by his own gov't.  Not a man who is a genuine patriot in every sense of the word, as opposed to a disgusting reprobate tool.

As for the unctuous Neoliberal Dems getting in bed with the Reeps to howl at the Russians for "destroying US- Russian relations" by giving Snowden temporary succor,  don't make me laugh! We've had quite enough failures of our leaders' rhetoric to pass assorted laugh tests, and this is one. In fact, the greatest damage to US- Russia relations was sown over a year ago when whatever asinine imps that hold sway in this fucked  -up country  (that dotes on the DOW's artificial numbers while its infrastructure crumbles) proposed a missile defense system in POLAND! Right on Russia's doorstep! Any one who's ever studied Russian history knows this was a stupid, foolish proposal!  It was solely designed to antagonize the Russians, and piss them off royally.  Giving Ed Snowden temporary asylum provided a relatively harmless way to get a dig out of crazy Uncle Sam, and let the world see him go nuts. Let me rephrase that: let the world see all the hollow Amerikkan paper patriots go nuts including all the useless politicos (like Chuck Schumer)  looking for a cheap bandwagon to grandstand on. Anything to appeal to the numskulls who want Snowden brought back and treated like Bradley Manning.

As I noted in an earlier blog post,

"why should the Russians believe the system isn't really designed to be used against them? Again, the U.S. militarists - driven by Paul Nitzke's feral document NSC -68  (mandating empire building)  end up putting their feet into their mouths, and at the same time possibly detracting from global nuclear security for all of us, if the Russians increase the megatonnage of their warheads in response."

Whoever proposed this system is also ignorant of Russian history going back to the czars, and Peter the Great. From long ago Russia has been suspicious and rightly so, of hostile munitions, forces, missiles assembled near its borders. In the same way the U.S. was in Oct. 1962 when it was learned Russian missiles were in Cuba. The U.S. went ape shit over 93 odd IRBMS and now expects the Russians to remain quiet while the U.S. assembles a "missile defense" system right on its doorstep.

Even the Poles themselves have been distrustful of this idiocy. As noted in the above referenced blog link. Stefan Niesiolowski, chairman of the defense committee in the Polish Lower House of Parliament pointedly observed such a missile system is not needed in Poland. As he pointed out ('Missile Gaffe Leaves Europen Unfazed', Wall Street Journal, April 22,  p. A8):

"There's no military threat and we haven't had a situation as secure as this in 300 years. The level of U.S. military engagement in Poland therefore is not of top importance."

Then WHY do it?

The answer is simple: the military -industrial complex ensconced in the U.S. wants to invent ever more specious reasons to piss away ever more billions of our taxpayer dollars.  This despite the fact our own domestic security is being compromised before our very eyes with crumbling highways, collapsing bridges and burst water and sewer lines. This is also why the M-I-C  want to have 30,000 unmanned drones airborne by 2015 - most to spy on us (the citizens of one Colo. burg plan to shoot them down if they fly anywhere near their town) and even trying to make a "deal" to keep us in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Adding insult to injury: while  the Russians kept their side of the deal and expedited the dissolution of The Warsaw Pact (the putative counter to NATO during the Cold War Years), the U.S. - despite repeated warnings from expert Russianologists, made ever more "pacts" with former Russian satellites and expanded NATO to Russia's literal doorstep. This is stupid, ill-conceived.

The basis for this utter insanity? Paul Nitzke's nutso NSC -68 - the odious blue print for perpetual Pax Americana  -  which has fomented "hundreds of small wars" as well as the overthrow of democratically-elected governments such as that of Mossadegh in Iran (1953) and Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala. Read much of the sordid story behind the latter here:

Morris Berman notes (Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire, W.W. Norton, page 118):

"Nitze emphasized the importance of perception, arguing that how we were seen was as crucial as how militarily secure we actually were. This rapidly expanded the number of interests deemed relevant to national security”.

Of course, the US of A has no monopoly on such perceptions, so the Russians are also entitled to theirs, so they can be forgiven for taking steps to thwart the deployment of a missile shield embodied in U.S. "perceptions" of self-interest. They can also be forgiven for giving a hypocritical superpower the finger for its staunch refusal to see its own crimes (such as blowing up Cu-455 over Barbados on Oct. 6, 1976 using CIA contract hires, and overthrowing democratically elected governments) , never mind the blind assholes who make up what we call congress getting their panties in a snit over Snowden's temporary asylum. Wonder why this country is going to hell in a hand basket? Look at the useless turds  (of BOTH parties)  we have in congress who were even taken to task in a Denver Post editorial for being "AWOL" on NSA oversight until Snowden blew the whistle. (See e.g. )

Meanwhile, we civil libertarians, ACLU members,  hope a leash can soon be put on the NSA "patriots" who think trashing the 4th amendment really protects us. 

Oregon senator Ron Wyden is currently at the forefront of a growing chorus of political voices criticizing the FISA court for being biased towards the executive branch to the exclusion of all other positions. "It is the most one-sided legal process in the US, I don't know of any other legal system or court that doesn't highlight anything except one point of view – the executive point of view."

Wyden added: "When that point of view also dominates the thinking of justices, you've got a fairly combustible situation on your hands."

Of course, former constitutional law prof Obama ought to know better than to condone or be any part of this refuse. But as I said before, and say again, I believe he is petrified to go against the entrenched national security system having seen what they did to JFK 50 years ago. (I will have a future blog discussing how JFK learned that security system betrayed him and why he vowed to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds".  )

What ought to immediately concern real citizens and real patriots, as opposed to the toadies, weasels and traitors in congress, is the recent way the New York Times has shown  how the court has secretly expanded its operations until it now holds the status almost of a parallel supreme court. 

The Times has also analyzed the make-up of the court and discovered an alarming bias within the ranks of its judges in favor of government. More than a third of the justices appointed to the court since its inception have had executive branch experience.

This is disturbing in the extreme and is reminiscent of the infamous Reich Courts operating under the Reich laws in Hitler's Nazi Germany.

If citizens don't soon wake up and light a fire under congress critters, Senators to get things done, we could soon very well be repeating history from 70 odd years ago.  As George Santayana once put it: "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it".

As for the howling and gnashing of teeth about Snowden's Russian  asylum, look at the tools doing it and then consider the source!  As for those pundits, or the ex-NSA tool that appeared on Chris Hayes' 'ALL In' the other night, damning Snowden for "running to Russia, a terrible civil rights flouter" - bull pockey. At least Chris' other guest, from Human Rights Watch, got it right: Snowden didn't "run to Russia" he was driven to Russia by the U.S.! It was the only nation with the chutzpah to stand up to the world's biggest bully. He surely wouldn't find any help among the European Union nations, all of whose leaders seem to have been converted to pod people by the NSA's tentacles.


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