Thursday, August 29, 2013

Broncos' Fans - Petulant and Whining as Ravens' Banners Go Up in Denver

Joe Flacco poster hangs in Bronco land
What Broncs' fans are crying over: Giant Joe Flacco Billboard near entrance to Broncos' Stadium

The Denver Broncos' fans are miserable, whining and they aren't going to take it anymore! Not after Baltimore Ravens' QB banners have appeared all over Denver's 16th Street Mall and a giant billboard stands outside Sports Authority Field.  (This is in preparation for the NFL kickoff  game on Sept. 5th between the Ravens and Broncos.) OH BWWAAHAHHHHAAA! Give 'em their sippy cups and change their nappies!

In an interview with Denver radio station 850 KOA, Broncos'  quarterback Peyton Manning said "it doesn't seem like it makes sense that the Denver Broncos have to have an opposing player on their stadium."

Errrrrr....YES it does, Peyton! Because this game originally was designated a BALTIMORE home opener! Not a Denver home opener! (See below).

Via Twitter,  rabid pony fan Vanessa Park wrote: "The fact that there are Joe Flacco posters on the 16th Street Mall is just unbelievable. Marketing fail by the NFL. Way to make people angry!"

Aw, cry me a river!

Another irate  Broncos' fan named Rachel Nicole wrote: "Why in the hell are there Joe Flacco posters all over downtown Denver? Pretty sure he's one of the most hated people in this city."

Rachel, listen while I play the sounds of the world's smallest violin, to the accompaniment of your veil of tears.....mmrmeeoooowooeeoooaooeoooeooowwiiaaah...ouch!

Yeppers, all those whining Broncos' fans recall that double-overtime victory in the AFC divisional-round playoffs where Flacco threw a touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones at the end of regulation behind flailing Broncos safety Rahim Moore. To see a Broncos' fan  'screaming Mimi' losing it over the tying Raven TD at the end of regulation, check out:

Recall that before that game the hyper-delusional Denver Post sports writers were flapping their gums non-stop on how the Ravens and Ray Lewis would be handed their heads. A few of the offhand comments of the worst offender, Mark Kiszla:

“It’s high time to send Ray Lewis into retirement as a loser!” -  Mark Kiszla, Denver Post, p. 1C, 1/6/13

“The Baltimore Ravens are about as terrifying as parakeets.” -          Mark Kiszla, Denver Post, 1/10/13

“Advice to Broncos: Take the football, give it to Peyton Manning and let Manning shove it down the throat of linebacker Ray Lewis and that over-the-hill Baltimore Defense.”- Kiszla, Denver Post, Jan. 13 column

Despite all that bravado and fulsome bloviating, the Ravens took the game, then went on to beat the Patriots and Niners - showing they are perhaps the toughest team in the NFL. Their smackdown, smack talk, edgy attitude is part of that because they aren't choir boys and take no shit. And they aren't awed or overrun by any QB - whether Manning, Brady or Kaepernick! That said, it's the NFL and its marketing arm sponsored by the league and Pepsi that put up the banners.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy noted on Twitter via this photo, there are huge banners of both Flacco and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning up at Sports Authority Field at Mile High
And there are more signs promoting the rematch at Times Square in New York, via this photo.

It's not as if the Ravens or Flacco have invaded the Broncos' turf and posted these banners independently. It's part of the NFL's marketing plan.

Let's get one other thing straight here, for the benefit of the exercised Ponies' fans: The NFL owes Baltimore and the Ravens LOTS of promotion, even on enemy territory!  How so? Because traditionally the NFL seasonal kickoff game is played on the turf of the Super Bowl winning team.

The problem is that the Sunday opener was in "collision mode" with a home game of the city's baseball team,  the Baltimore Orioles. Despite the fact the Ravens play at a different stadium (M & T Bank Stadium) the traffic congestion in the city would have been a nightmare with over 120,000 people piling out of two stadiums. The Ravens appealed to the NFL to have the game moved to Wednesday, Sept. 4th - to preserve the home opener advantage - but the NFL denied this request on the excuse that the date was a "Jewish holiday". (Never mind that they have absolutely NO problem playing games on Christmas Day!)

This left only the Thursday, the 5th but this also was an Orioles' game date so the NFL shifted (for the first time) the opener to enemy territory: Denver!  Having done that, the NFL owes it to Ravens' fans to make the accommodations as Raven-fan friendly as possible. Hell, as wifey suggested, they damned well ought to be selling Ravens' gear in the Broncos' stadium too, as well as Baltimore style pit beef sandwiches.

What do WE plan to do? Watch it from home fortified with plenty of brats and chicken wings! You need lots of great food when gearing up to see the Ponies bite the dust again!

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