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Of Course Iowa's Farmers Will Remain Loyal To Trump - So Long As He Doles Out Welfare From OUR Taxes!

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As top graph shows, soybeans are not being sold but rather stored as inventories accumulate, costing Iowa's farmers millions. Soybeans stored on Iowa farms have nearly doubled between June, 2018 and June, 2019.  Take Trump's welfare subsidies away and these farmers will be in a world of hurt.

"If history teaches us anything, it’s that there are no turning points with Trump. It’s possible he took a brief hit in the polls, but even if it happened, it won’t last for very long. As many as 40-some percent of Americans are true believers, and there seems to be no way to change that.

Trumpism is a disease, and a bad week, when there have been so many bad weeks, is hardly the cure. Trump said he just got another
“beautiful” letter from the murderous Kim Jong-un, who has been busily tossing missiles into the sky and mud onto Trump’s face. And yet Trump brags about it, and Republicans say not a word."- Mike Littwin, 'Trumpism Is A Disease', Colorado Springs Independent
It wasn't really a huge surprise to read in The Wall Street Journal five days ago (p. A3) the headline:

'Iowa's Farmers Remain Loyal To Trump Despite Trade War's Toll'

Given we knew these hard core yokels were all in for the Dotard - as they are convinced he's their best ally and friend. Never mind that he's costing them the biggest markets for their  soybeans and pork that they may never get back.  For some reason these losers can't process that once markets - developed over decades  are lost, they seldom return.

The ongoing problem is that Trump's escalating tariffs on Chinese goods are destroying the livelihood and  financial stability of the nation's ordinary (non-corporate) farmers- especially in states like Iowa. See e.g.

Key takeaways from the piece:

U.S. farmers lost their fourth largest customer this week after China officially cancelled all purchases of U.S. agricultural products, a retaliatory move following President Donald Trump’s pledge to slap 10% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese imports.

  • China’s exit piles on to a devastating year for farmers, who’ve struggled through record flooding and droughts that destroyed crop yields, and trade war escalations that have lowered prices and profits this year.
And yet they are prepared to stick it out with Trump. As we read m the cited WSJ piece:

"That (negative) message doesn't seem to be landing with farmers, even as industry associations ratchet up statements expressing concern about the trade dispute.  The Wall Street Journal interviewed more than a dozen farmers on the Iowa fairgrounds.

'He's doing the right thing', said Leo Balk a fifth generation farmer who raises corn, soybeans, oats, beef and dairy cows near New Hampton, Iowa.  Adding, 'It hurts but the concept is definitely right'"

Are you kidding me? Seriously?  The concept is "right"? What concept? That tariffs are a hit on China when they're instead a tax on U.S. business and consumers? That China is getting away with violating property-copyright laws but we'll clobber Americans to punish them?  This farmer like the others supporting Trump's nonsense give full throat evidence for a "reverse' Flynn Effect", i.e. that IQs are getting lower by the year.

The piece goes on, getting to the core of why these farmers feel like they do about Trump, i.e. OUR tax money is supporting them (ibid.):

:"One of the reasons farmers are showing so much patience with Mr. Trump, even as commodity prices have suffered, is because his administration has provided tariff-related aid."

In other words, welfare. Let's call a spade, a spade. We know damned well in other circumstance, say helping out students with excessive interest on their loans, that's the term they'd use.  As to how much farmer welfare we're talking about, well we read in the next sentence:

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture this month started signing up  farmers for a program that will disburse about $14.5 billion, following a roughly $10 billion program last year."

So lest anyone blink, that's real money we're talking about.  And it's not coming from Dotard's Deutsche Bank hidden accounts but out of U.S.  taxpayers' pockets. In other words WE are paying for these forlorn fools to maintain their loyalty to the pissant occupying the White House.

So, of course, they have the luxury right now to ride this slimy pig as far as they can, devil take the hindmost.

Further (ibid.)

"Dan Taylor - who farms about 900 acres of corn, soybeans and livestock near Bouton, Iowa, called the checks the 'Trump payment' and said last year's assistance came close to making up for losses incurred as a result of the trade war."

Of course, what farmer Taylor calls the "Trump payment" is in reality the gratis payment from U.S. taxpayers.  Trump had nada to do with it other than using misplaced executive authority to steal our tax money to buy off the votes and support of farmers and ...oh yeah...their continued loyalty. And we know what would happen if the welfare payments stopped - say if a recession hit,
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One thing Mr. Taylor did nail was in comparing the farmers backing Trump (he doesn't - he just needs the handout money)  with the evangelical Christians who strongly support him, no matter how many pussies he grabs, women he assaults.   According to Mr. Taylor (out of the mouths of truthful farmers, ibid.):

"The Ag sector is the same way. They'll still give him their loyalty even though the trade war isn't doing agriculture any good."

Which may explain why Colorado Springs Independent columnist Mike Littwin now believes the mental disease of Trumpism is with us to stay, e.g.

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