Thursday, June 8, 2017

If Trump Fires Tweets At Comey Today He Will Regret It

Twitter Troll Trump plans to try to neutralize Comey's testimony using tweets. As per a recent WSJ editorial he'd do well to think twice about it - lest his administration totally goes into the crapper.

After yesterday's debacle, when we beheld DNI Dan Coates and NSA head Mike Rogers mutate into Trump bootlicker lackeys-  refusing to address Senators' questions-  we look forward to James Comey's testimony today.   As for yesterday's events, all I can say is I've never seen anything like them in following over 40 years of hearings since Watergate. Here sat these two guys, ultimately accountable to the People and the Constitution, basically saying they couldn't give a damn and refusing to answer whether Trump had tried to get them to tamp down the FBI investigation. The two Trump punk puppets - which is what we now know they are (and who ought to have been charged with contempt) - even admitted the information was not classified, and indeed had already been published in a banner WaPo article.

They just felt it was "inappropriate" to comment on conversations they had with the orange tinted buffoon in the White House, never mind that they likely pointed to obstruction of justice. So the question arises, who are these two serving? Trump  the "walking Outhouse" (Bill Maher's term) , or the People and Constitution? Sens. Angus King and Ron Wyden were spot on correct in asserting they'd get to the bottom of it. Indeed, they must, because no two officials - no matter how high and mighty they think they are - can be allowed to be unaccountable.

But this paves the way for the light years more honorable and independent James Comey today, who yesterday allowed release of his opening statement which essentially reads like a prosecutors' brief for obstruction of justice by Trump.

Meanwhile, according to a WaPo piece yesterday Trump is chomping at the bit to show he's the "man" and is prepared to go mano-a-mano using tweets to challenge Comey in real time as he testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee today.

Trump has determined that he alone will be able to challenge the former FBI Director that Trump fired, after he refused to back down from Trump's implicit threats to back off the Russia investigation. Then to see the latest releases that Trump told Comey he felt a "cloud was over him" and could he help, sounded the proverbial Mafiosi Don telling his counsel: "I got a stone in my shoe. Can you, uh, help me remove it?"
On Tuesday Trump acknowledged in a tweet that critics have called on him to put down his phone and step away from social media.

Don't believe Comey! I am the sole voice of truth!

But despite Trump getting spanked by the WSJ two days ago in an editorial on his Twitter use, Trump appears determined to go ahead and try to neutralize Comey's testimony.  Alas, Trump does not see Twitter as a self-destructive tool. He sees it as a platform to get his “unfiltered message out.” Two senior White House officials confirmed to The Washington Post that Trump will possibly provide commentary on the hearing on Twitter.

The WSJ editorial ('The Buck Stops Everywhere Else', p. A16, June 6) didn't mince words on the effect of Trump's deranged and misplaced tweets, noting:

"Some people with a propensity for self-destructive behavior can't seem to help themselves. President Trump among them. Over the weekend and into Monday he indulged in another cycle of Twitter outbursts and pointless personal feuding that may damage his agenda and the powers of his presidency."

Well, newsflash, they already have! HIs buffoonery and out of control tweeting has already alienated most of his staff and his efforts at obstruction have essentially ground his Repuke agenda to a halt - all the oxygen being sucked out by the Russia probe. Putin, of course, can laugh and mock it all he wants - as he did with Megan Kelly Sunday night - but Robert Mueller isn't laughing and has just hired a staff member with decades of Mob boss prosecutions behind him.   And as the WSJ also pointed out:

"Mr. Trump popping off undermines his lawyers."

If Trump had any sense at all, which of course he doesn't, he'd follow the Journal editor's advice to lay off his Twitter account. But again, this is a man-child with the mental development of a 5- year old, and zero impulse control. So we know he won't, not in the immediacy of real time, then later. A compulsive tweeter troll must tweet.....rubbish.. Oh, it's possible his handlers will find some baubles to occupy his 5 minute attention span this morning, but watch out once he awakens at midnight and starts thinking how he got blown away.

As the WSJ editorial concluded:

"Mark it all down as further evidence that the most effective opponent of the Trump Presidency is Donald J. Trump himself."

Noting earlier that if this idiot's reckless tweeting continues unchecked "Trump may find himself running an administration with no one but his family and Breitbart staff." 

Look for a new installment of that reckless tweeting today. Or in the wee hours of the a.m. 

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