Friday, July 22, 2016

Janice Gives Robust Defense Of Colorado Care Single Payer Plan

As I wrote in a previous post, Colorado Care represents the next iteration in a state providing single payer health care after Vermont's efforts failed. Never mind, the backers of Colorado Care learned from Vermont's mistakes as I indicated in my   post, e.g.

I also noted that my wife Janice is one of the activists contributing to the overall effort. She has helped in crafting letters to be published in several Colorado newspapers as well as websites, and Facebook forums. Most of this is beating back the extreme misrepresentations of the plan, mainly from libertarians and right wingers - most of whom don't even know the details.

In her most recent letter, Janice delivers a robust comment in support of Colorado Care to a Northern Colorado online paper. The full content is given below, reproduced with Janice's permission:

One Response to “Noam Chomsky endorses ColoradoCare Amendment 69”

Janice Stahl says:
That is indeed good news! The current system is truly broken, not only here in Colorado, but in the U.S as a whole. As Professor Chomsky mentioned, we pay twice as much for a health system in which the health outcomes for people have not been great. Every effort to introduce universal healthcare has come up against the power of the huge and immensely deep-pocketed health insurance industry, which is determined to maintain its dominance and protect its considerable bottom line. Previous efforts have failed in part because too many political concessions were made to the insurance industry, resulting in a diluted hybrid system which doesn’t do anything very well.
Colorado citizens have the opportunity here to change that.

We can say no to deductibles (which often force people to pay for their treatment while still paying premiums), no to narrow networks, annual enrollment, unpredictable premiums and denial of service. In contrast to the insurance industry, whose primary interest is to earn maximum profits for its shareholders, ColoradoCare will be run like a cooperative business owned by Colorado residents – patients and providers- whose primary purpose is to provide quality healthcare for Coloradans.

We can say yes to continuous lifetime coverage for all residents when we vote YES on Amendment 69 in November.

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