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Dallas Shooting: A False Flag Operation To Destroy The Racial Justice Movement?

Micah Johnson: Really an angry lone black militant gunman who killed five Dallas police?  OR - a dupe used by others in a false flag op to destroy the racial justice movement?

"This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you," - Fmr. Reep Rep Joe Walsh, Thursday night as Dallas shootings had already left 3 police dead, 7 injured.

"The worst attack on law enforcement since 9/11" so the media has repeated many times in the wake of the Dallas shootings. Less mentioned were the tweets dispensed by right wing radio shock jock Joe Walsh asserting 'This is now War!" and "Watch out Black Lives Matter Punks!"  Was this merely a cockeyed nut blowing off his vile opinions, or was he echoing a much larger contingent of the populace - just itching for a race war- but in any case the destruction of the black social justice movement?

Inquiring minds really want to know, especially after the carnage wrought on 12 Dallas police:  5 dead by a LONE BLACK KILLER.  The same inquiring minds considering the events as they unfolded must - in the context of Walsh's remarks - must also be thinking:  'What better way to destroy any impetus for black social justice than to have one angry black man take out his pent up rage on an urban police force?'

Which elicits the question: Did 25- year old Micah Johnson really and truly do all that killing (as a "mobile shooter" - the latest incarnation of the lone gunman meme)- or did he have assistance and advice (even extra shooters)  in a false flag operation to tear down BLM and the black racial justice movement? (Note: Other 'false flag' conjectures have appeared to do with the Dallas events, as on the 'Drudge Report'. However, my take is 180 degrees opposite: I do not postulate that government- supported military "assassins" were deployed in order to 'impose martial law' as an excuse to seize guns. But rather that radical right elements, possibly in the Dallas Police,  instigated the events to undermine the BLM and the authority of Police Chief David Brown. See more below!)

We heard Dallas Police Chief David Brown somberly addressing the media yesterday, stating in a matter of fact mode:

"The suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone."

And uh, pardon me, but why should we believe a stone killer's words, take them at face value? Federal officials reported, (Denver Post, p. 1A today) he had been "bantering" with the Dallas PD. Chief David Brown and the Dallas Mayor described Johnson laughing maniacally, "singing"  and "taunting officers over a two hour negotiation".  Does this really sound like any kind of mentally stable person whose words, accounts ought to be taken literally to close a case, after he's killed by a bomb robot? I don't believe so!

Going back over various police reports from the night one heard an officer referencing "rifles seen in windows on Lamar Street". What happened to those rifles, plural? Or did the cop suffer from a sporadic case of double vision?  Did Johnson really move rapidly to different floors in different locations and rapidly aim from each, taking a police officer down each time (with sniping skills that would have rivaled Chris Kyle's?)

Inquiring minds want to know.  Also, if the Dallas PD and media are to enlist me as a believer in Micah Johnson's admissions, I want to see a map showing all the presumed locations with line of sight distances indicated and the targets hit from those positions. I really want to be a believer to just close the book on another lone gunman case, but some residual inkling inside keeps resonating - like there's something smelling really rotten here. And neither the Dallas PD or the corporate media has gotten to the bottom of it yet.

Interestingly, as The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday, Joe Walsh quickly removed his offensive pro-race war tweets as the next day dawned and the "lone gunman" narrative was beginning to take hold. Did Walsh recognize he might let the 'cat' out of the bag if the tweets remained - and thus expose the false flag operation that he and others hoped to emerge from the killings in Big D?  Or, did he just suddenly become seized with pangs of conscience and remove them?

Let's consider the hypothesis of a false flag operation in Dallas, carried out with the intent  to destroy racial justice in this country.. First, what better way to do so than to forge a plot to kill police involving a single angry black man, in this case a former Army reservist named Micah Johnson?  I mean, the guy had racial grievances out the wazoo apart from being  enamored with black militancy. It makes him the perfect poster guy for hate, as expressed by Joe Walsh and doubtless many others - but who preferred to keep their hateful opinions to themselves.

Who would be behind it?  And who would benefit? Cui bono? Well, first of all, anyone with a hate grudge against Obama as the first black President - who have been stewing in their hate the past 7 1/2 years. Then, anyone who is totally all in with every cop - even the bad eggs that shoot blacks on the slightest pretenses as we've witnessed recently in St. Paul, MN and Baton Rouge, LA.

A likely candidate for carrying out the Dallas shooting attack would be a national group that hates the entire racial justice movement ('Black Lives Matter')  and believes it threatens white hegemony - or what is perceived as such.  Maybe Joe Walsh was echoing their sentiments in his ranting tweets.

Finally, we also can't rule out a local group which may have a particular axe to grind in Big D and against  Chief  David Brown, personally. This is especially given - as reported last night on MSNBC - "excessive force complaints have gone down 83 percent since 2010".  This did not happen, btw, because all Dallas cops suddenly mellowed.. Chief Brown's policies had a lot to do with it.

Let's  register, as reported in today's NY Times (p. A13),  Chief Brown "has fought with the police union over  his emphasis on so-called community policing - the use of less confrontational enforcement strategies and his willingness to fire officers- dozens of them - often publicly". 

Hmmmm....sounds to me like some residual denizens in the DPD wouldn't be too enchanted about that!  Maybe whatever bunch recruited Johnson also recognized that Brown's authority had grown way too much and hence had become a sticking point with the police union and supporters. What better way to address it than by using a false flag with an angry black  "loner" sniper?  Such a tactic would certainly be likely to propel the Dallas cops to demand more use of force, maybe even wearing body armor at protests from now on  - not to mention keeping bomb robots handy.

Are there any groups like that still around in Big D? Plenty, despite the city's changing demographic, and most harken back to the John Birch Society, and the White Citizens' Councils of the 60s, but which today go by different names. For example, the latter has now mutated and been renamed to 'Council of Conservative Citizens.(CCC)'.  All these groups would have reason to exploit an event featuring multiple cop killings in an urban setting to try to destroy (or at least set back)  racial justice in this country. And yes, maybe even start a race war as Joe Walsh appeared to be hankering for.

Who would have enlisted Johnson, and under what manner of pretense? Well, the permutations are staggering to consider, starting with extremist right wingers masquerading as a group supporting Black Lives Matter and wanting to "teach those cops a lesson". Think back to when you were 25 years of age and the extent to which ideals shaped your beliefs, thinking. Clearly, an adept group or person knowing Johnson's psychological weak points could exploit them to the max. Tell him anything then remind him, "Remember, if they catch you just say you did it all yourself!"

We may never know all salient details, because Johnson was killed by a robot bearing a bomb - generally such devices have only been used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, this marked the first time a law enforcement body ever deployed such a device - and now, to kill the only (presumed) perpetrator. Does it sound fishy to you?  It does to me.

As TIME correspondent Haley Edwards asked this morning, appearing on MSNBC: Why could the cops not have used a disabling agent - say like tear gas or something similar - to incapacitate Johnson?  They then could have dragged his ass off to face justice in a trial, and we might have gotten more answers. But no, the guy was terminated almost as if he had become a loose end that needed to be tied up. On whose orders?  Are the White Citizens Councils or their successors still operating in Big D as they were in 1963?

A brief foray into history is worthwhile. In 'The Enemies He Made’,  Newsweek, Dec. 2, 1963, p. 35, Kenneth Crawford  singles out the degenerate Southern bigots, racists as well as other extremist groups that had it in for Kennedy and racial integration in 1963 Dallas.  He also referenced by name   a number of far right extremist groups in Dallas, including: The American Political Forum, The Ku Klux Klan, The John Birch Society, The Dallas Committee for Full Citizenship, The Texas White Citizens’ Council, The National States Rights Party and The Dallas White Citizens’ Council.

Might any of these still be operating, but under different names? If so, might they or their leaders have had a hand in recruiting this young black idealist and militant to carry out his foul deed - possibly in concert with one or more of their own members? We may never know, because of course, Johnson is dead.

In an article Friday morning, The Dallas Morning News carried a story referring to the "sniper's perch again", as if it is a recurring theme in Dallas. I don't buy that, I mean every city can have its violent events.  That doesn't translate to a recurring motif. But given Dallas was so rife with anti-integration  extremists in Kennedy's era can we be sure they've all cleared out now? Or are there some remaining who retain a hate and disdain for social justice? To the extent they'd run a false flag operation using a black idealistic dupe to carry out their wishes?

Again, the secrets - if any - died with Micah Johnson when he was blown up by that bomber robot.\

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