Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trump Calls Bernie A "Maniac" - Maybe He's Now Terrified of "the Bern"

In his Richmond, VA rally on Wednesday night, the brash, loudmouthed billionaire Trump,  went off on Bernie Sanders, obviously now petrified that he might actually win the nomination. Or at least push Hillary so far left she will have to keep her words after the election - or forever be deemed a craven politico. What drives him to now designate Bernie the new target? Was it the fact he was deemed the winner of the Dem debate on social media and in most of the blogosphere?

Or was it the  fact "the (prima)Donna" is terrified of having this Vermont Socialist upstart rip some of the billions away and use it for worthy causes - as opposed to buying casinos then filing for bankruptcy? We don't know but definitely something about Bernie has spooked this outlandish fool - who Bill Maher jokingly refers to being "fathered by a red-haired Orangutan" into belching this balderdash:

"I watched Hillary last night, 'we're gonna give this, we're gonna give that'. The poor woman she's gonna give everything away because this maniac standing on her right is giving everything away so she's following. That's what's happening. This socialist/ communist one wants to say it."

To which the gathered low I.Q. audience roared with approval, showing again why esteemed journals like The Economist consider them all halfwits, or at least ignorant buffoons. Because anyone who'd take "the Donna" at his words would have to be that  -failing to even  distinguish a democratic socialist from a Marxist-Leninist communist.

Also, Bernie never said he "wants to give everything away", not at all. He merely wants all - especially the richest - to pay their fair share in the nation in which they've reaped enormous wealth, often by exploiting its labor.

But never mind, those nuanced distinctions are missed for an applauding crowd featuring an average I.Q. of 90.

The sickening aspect? According to new polls Trump is leading in 4 states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

As focus group guy Frank Luntz pointed out this morning, "no one has ever won those four states and not won the nomination".   (Luntz also noted how the Republican- based social media is absolutely "vicious" - and "every hour they are coming after each other". Worse, "eighty percent of Trump's follower will stay with him no matter what they learn."  In other words, even if they learn he is into child porn, a la Jared Fogle -  they'd stick with this fool. Incredible!)

This means there is a good chance Trump - the REAL Maniac - could actually win the Reep nomination. In which case we'd would see the rise of another demagogue just like the Germans 83 years ago when Adolf Hitler ascended to the Chancellorship. Oh....fuck no! I've gone "full Godwin" on this stupid shit! Sorry! My bad!

But stay tuned for a future post in which I show that in today's polarized political -cultural environment the manifestation of Godwin's law at some point is inevitable. Why? Because the past has this nasty tendency to repeat, but few of us - most historically deficient - fail to see it.

(Those who need a refresher course, get any documentaries of Hitler's speeches before he ascended to the Chancellorship, e.gLeni Reifenstahl's 'Triumph of the Will', or  'The Nazis- A Warning From History'. Study the faces of the manic crowds in those black and white films and compare them to the faces of those at Trump rallies. If you are not able to see the similarities, and aren't scared shitless, you really need to double as a zombie on 'The Walking Dead' !)

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