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Newly Released Documents Don't Shed That Much New Light On JFK

As is standard for the Neoliberal media, much hoopla is being made over the newly released documents dating from the Kennedy administration. We are informed - by history researcher Timothy Naftali- that these newly declassified files reveal a "cunning and cagey" President.  But sheesh Louise, why wouldn't he be,  realizing the national security state was tracking his every move - especially his post -1962 efforts at rapprochement with Fidel Castro?

The REAL question for those of us who are serious Kennedy researchers (meaning we have actually written at least one book on the topic of JFK - or his assassination) is: WHERE are the files that really need to be declassified? I am referring to the ones concerning CIA propaganda guy George Joannides. He was a key link to the framing of Lee Oswald in conjunction with David Atlee Phillips and his fake cables painting Oswald as the guy in the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City. This despite the fact he was nowhere around and besides the images taken by the CIA were not of Oswald at all, e.g.

But oh no! We're instead led by the sensationalist media to more jabberwocky, old news and gossip fodder, such as:

- JFK had a "girlfriend system"  (No shit, Sherlock!)

- JFK "had serious doubts about LBJ" (Yawn...we've known this since Evelyn Lincoln, JFK's secretary, wrote her revealing book: Kennedy and Johnson, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1968,  on the Texas bastard's yen for power - even snooping around the Oval Office in the morning before JFK arrived and once asking JFK if he could partake of a "shared presidency".)

- JFK "was planning to drop LBJ from the 1964 ticket" (Again,old news. Anyone not comatose then knew Johnson was up to his rat -fucking eyeballs with the Bobby Baker scandal. JFK would have had to be a certified imbecile to keep him - which is why Johnson was compelled to help plan the assassination. It was either he was going to be new Commander- in -chief, or in the slammer. DOH!)

More scuttlebutt from Tim Naftali - breaker of all this "news"

- From 1961 through the Cuban missile crisis, for instance, Kennedy sent his brother Robert to hold secret talks with Soviet spy Georgi Bolshakov. Recordings also reveal that Kennedy decided to pursue negotiations against the advice of his cabinet, and with his brother’s help. (Again, most of us who are deep politics researchers already knew something along these lines was going on. After all, JFK knew several in his cabinet were really 'gunning' for him, and those included Curtis LeMay of the JCS. This side strategy served him well during the Cuban missile crisis when LeMay actually demanded Kennedy bomb and invade Cuba. When he refused, LeMay compared him to Neville Chamberlain.)

- Naftali said that Kennedy did not want to order the disastrous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, but felt “boxed in” by politics (Again, old news. People only need to get off their asses and read 'The Bay of Pigs Declassified'. They will also see JFK was "boxed in" by none other than his predecessor, Ike, who'd laid the original plans for the invasion in "Operation Zapata", in his last term and expected JFK to carry them out)

- Kennedy “was making re-election decisions”, Naftali said. “He thought Americans didn’t have the political courage” for diplomacy with communist countries.  (Again, not really that much a revelation.)

-A year after he called on Americans to land on the moon, for example, Kennedy asked the Soviets, in private and in public, to join with the US and conquer space together (Ho -hum. Old news! Already have this stated in several NASA documentaries I have on tape)

- That he spoke candidly only with his family, recorded hundreds of hours of conversations with unwitting people, and quickly resorted to intrigue – as with a CIA-backed coup in South Vietnam – “compounded the secrecy in the way he dealt with the world”, Naftali said.

This is the clearest evidence yet that Naftali is a dumbo and lacks clue one about Kennedy, as when he blabbers "resorting to intrigue". It wasn't Kennedy, but the CIA resorting to intrigue, as when JFK managed to get USAID (linked to the CIA) honcho David Bell in a meeting and Bell disclosed the USAID Commodity Import Aid Program  to S. Vietnam had been cut off, essentially telling JFK: "Yeah, we've instigated a coup, now what're you gonna do about it?"  Less than 24 hours later the Diems were dead and the CIA had telegraphed who was "really in charge" of JFK's administration.

The incident was confirmed by New York Times journalist Arthur Krock  in his piece  ‘The Inter-Administration War in Vietnam’, The New York Times, Oct. 3, 1963). wherein he wrote:

"If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the CIA

This followed his observation  that:  "the CIA had flatly refused to carry out instructions from Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge.”

The Diems were killed on Nov. 2, 1963 and the CIA had planned for Kennedy to be taken out the same day in Chicago, except that trip was cancelled. The lone assassin set up for that hit was Thomas Arthur Vallee- as noted by author James Douglass in his JFK and the Unspeakable.

This monumental gaffe would also explain Naftali's dense statement when asked about the assassination:

"I’ve gone through each of the conspiracies one by one, trying to line them up, and could just never make that jump.“I believe it was Lee Harvey Oswald [who killed Kennedy].”

Of course, no 'jump' was needed had he really done his job. More than likely this loser went through all the easily dispatched conspiracies as opposed to the one most glaringly obvious (but demanding the most scut work, file dredging); that the CIA and national security state did Kennedy in.

But see, this probably would have required Naftali either getting hold of the Joannides' files or doing much more in -depth work, such as rigorously vetting Oswald's CIA files (the OS-351-164 (office of security), and the 201-289248 CI/SIG) as well as going through the cables sent from David Atlee Phillips' Mexico City station in October, 1963. As noted by Peter Dale Scott (‘Oswald, Mexico and Deep Politics’, 2013, p. 25) : “at least three show signs of CIA doctoring and the first, which does not, was nevertheless so misleading as to be possibly dishonest.” This was the cable from the Mexico City Station on Oct. 8 that claimed Oswald had appeared at the Soviet Embassy on Oct. 1

Alas, the Jonnnides' CIA files were not among the ones declassified for Naftali's benefit. However, I still maintain the diligent researcher could have come to the same conclusion of a CIA -sponsored hit without them, it just meant more laborious work - which Mr. Naftali was not prepared to do. This "lazy man's path"  is similar to that used by other pretenders, including Scott Aronson, see e.g.

Addendum: MSNBC ought to be ashamed - or at least substitute host Alex Wagner (on Chris Hayes' All In') - for failing to correct her House Dem guest  3 nights ago. This House Dem Rep actually compared the Reeps' House Select Benghazi Committee to the Warren Commission. In fact, the appropriate comparison was to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (1978-79). The Warren Commission was a whole cloth creation of Lyndon Baines Johnson, and had nothing to do with a real congressional investigation.

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