Thursday, October 8, 2015

'The Economist' Skewers Any Notion That Ben Carson Has A Chance

In a blistering takedown of the fulsome, "drowsy" GOOPr candidate clown Ben Carson ('Republicans Are Deluded If They Believe Ben Carson Is Their Savior',  Oct. 3rd, p. 15)  The Economist shows clearly why this former Hopkins neurosurgeon and political history ignoramus has no more chance of winning the general election than.....well, Donald Trump.

From his ridiculous opening statement on why he chose to run, e.g.

"I said to God, 'All the pundits say it is impossible ...but if you open the doors I will walk right through them"

To his more recent idiocy in debates and interviews. Recall the first GOP debate when Megyn Kelly put this sanctimonious buttbrain in her sights, with the cameras catching him in 'deer in the head lights' mode.  Megyn recounted previous basic mistakes Carson made in various forums, including: suggesting the Baltic states are not part of NATO,  not knowing the main political parties in Israel and (no kidding!) believing Alan Greenspan had been Treasury Secretary instead of former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Any one of these bonehead errors would ordinarily disqualify a candidate as surely as Rick Perry (in 2012) failing to recall the DOE as one  of the main federal agencies.

Megyn correctly asked if all his drops weren't "basic mistakes"  and "raise legitimate questions on whether you're ready to be president?"

Ben asserted "I could take issue with all those but we don't have time" then changed the subject and lamely said "we will have an opportunity to explore all those issues". 

Uh no, Ben. See, you were supposed to have a ready answer for your incompetence and you blew it.
Carson's ridiculous answers - even with limited time - showed me the man needs to spend his time another way, perhaps helping out in soup kitchens in Baltimore- especially as penance after his outrageous putdowns of progressives.. In concert they raise serious questions about how well he understands the country not to mention the international scene.

The Economist observed the only "benefit" he likely delivers:

"He offers white conservatives something unique - ferocious criticism of Barack Obama which cannot be called racist"

Well, yeah, because it's emanating from a token GOOPr black's mouth. Just like the Confederates are happy to use that other black stooge (in OK) who carries around Confederate Battle flags having zero clue of their sordid and bloody history against his race.  (Google 'Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest ' if you need a bit of a reminder.)

The Economist also pointed out Carson's visit to NASCAR champion Richard Petty's assorted digs, including a racing car museum and  bowling alley in North Carolina. Praising Petty's "generosity" Carson then blurted:

"If we all took that attitude we could take care of all our people"

Implying that any private sector philanthropy was more effective than government, totally unaware that philanthropy and national charity accounts for barely one eighth of all the needs. (Go back to the 2008 financial crisis when many ordinary folk had to cut their donations because of being dinged - like our friend 'Nan' - and many food banks had to scrimp or close down.

Obviously, Uncle Ben doesn't get it - not one bit. 

One of the biggest atrocities is his proposal of a 15 percent flat tax "a proposal that would offer the richest 1 percent huge tax cuts" which this dope presents as a "tithe".

Then the idiot barked that America "is living in a Gestapo age of government bullying" totally ignorant of what the Gestapo was all about and indeed, if there was such as existed in Nazi Germany ca. 1936 - he'd not be out on the hustings but in a concentration camp as one of the UnterMenschen. Just saying - but this is the tripe you get from assholes who don't even know basic recent history. (Like some fool on the FT site, who posted an actual comment that "the Nazis were the original liberals".)

The Economist's final verdict?

"Dr. Carson ...has spent many years in a cocoon of adulation. Now he is having his moment on a larger, more harshly lit stage. His fans are rallying around....but his appeal is too narrow to win him the nomination. His moment will peak, then pass."

Unless, of course, Americans massively mutate into zombies over the next year!

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