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WAAAAH! Snowden-Chasing Journalists Get to Spend the Day in Cuba

Snowden's real crime: Humiliating the state"“The state of surveillance and perpetual war are one and the same. The U.S. government’s rationale for pervasive snooping is the “war on terror,” the warfare state under whatever name…….Those at the top of the U.S. government insist that Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning have betrayed it. But that’s backward. Putting its money on vast secrecy and military violence instead of democracy, the government has betrayed Snowden and Manning and the rest of us. “ – Normon Solomon

We learned this morning that over 30 journalists, raving bloodhounds of the Neoliberal Corporate Empire (who make even the paparazzi look like gentlemen,) crowded onto an Aeroflot A330 Airbus at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, hoping to buttonhole Edward Snowden. And undoubtedly harass him with a blizzard of dumbass, predatory, Neoliberal corporate punk questions for the 15 -hour duration of a flight to Havana, Cuba. Didn’t work out that way, as Snowden, who is definitely smarter than these yellow muckrakers (who’ve been piling bile on him the past week or more) clearly set them all up.

As one Brit put it in ditty form (based on ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’) in a comment on the UK Guardian this morning:

“They seek him here, they seek him there,
The journos seek him everywhere.
Is he in Hell, is he in Heaven?
That damned, elusive Eddie Snowden.”

Meanwhile another commentator pointedly wrote:

“Stupidity of modern journalism - ambulance chasing instead of investigating”

While another tweeted:

“Thank heavens that most of the corporate hacks are on their way to Havana via Aeroflot airlines -- and without the customary pampering they are so used to. That leaves far fewer eyes searching for Snowden”

Ah yes, a 15 -odd hour flight to Cuba! What better punishment for ambulance chasing pseudo-journalists and state propagandists who aren’t interested in the real story: how the country has ceased to adhere to the rule of law since the Bushie illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the subsequent illegal renditions and tortures violating all international laws and the Geneva Conventions. In truth, all the Bushites ought to have been tried for treason, put on trial and hung. But what happened? All were allowed to escape any accountability! Even some of the worst, most egregious lawbreaking in the form of Bushie illegal wiretaps (violating the 1978 FISA laws) was ultimately re-written to give it the patina of “legal” benediction in 2008 by a pack of traitors in congress. And now these hollow, howling douchebags have the audacity to call Snowden a traitor?

Meanwhile, the usual parade of blow-dried hack punditry calumniated UK Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald on the Sunday talk shows. Of course, anyone who watches this weekly bullshit even occasionally knows they’re usually just PR platforms for the usual corporate, political and media whore rats. Sadly, Bob Schieffer, who used to have some gravitas, has fallen into the same Neoliberal hack mold as the likes of David Gregory and Georgie Stephanopoulis.

When you sweep away all the crappola, corporo-buzzshit etc. what is Snowden’s real crime? Humiliating the Corporate-War-Bankster- System entrenched in this country. Read more at:


“Snowden’s crime, if you will, was that he disrupted the state’s ability to protect its monopoly of violence by exposing its widespread surveillance activities. He did this despite the widely claimed fears of interested parties that doing so would “undermine national security,” and in the face of the state’s insistence that these activities are justified and justifiably secret. In this sense, the fact that he challenged the prerogatives of the state itself makes his alleged crime so much more transgressive than, for example, merely lying to Congress about weapons of mass destruction, starting a war with a random nation in which tens of thousands die, or torturing rendered persons. None of these latter crimes are a threat to the state itself, and for that reason may be readily forgiven and forgotten. Manning and Snowden are, however, “great criminals” in that their actions embarrassed and undermined state power. They can never be forgiven or forgotten.

So, for a significant portion of the public, there seems to be an — open or perhaps grudging — admiration of Snowden because he has dared to challenge the state’s monopoly on violence.”

The last part is critical: Because if the entrenched perma-war spy enclave (in this case, more technically, the corrupt, corporate—warmonger-security SYSTEM) has such a monopoly on violence, say that it can exercise the prerogative to assassinate courageous leaders like JFK who challenge it-  then what we have is endemic tyranny and not any liberty.

See also:

Stay tuned as the Snowden saga continues. In the meantime, global citizens embodying true patriotism who value liberty over a specious security, and are steadfastly opposed to the corrupt U.S. SYSTEM (not the country - see e.g.  and aren’t brainwashed by the State's propagandists. are hoping Snowden ultimately finds a refuge out of the grasp of "the Empire"!

P.S. I will join the ranks of those calling for Snowden's head on the very day when the rat bastards who blew up Cubana Airlines 455 over Barbados on Oct. 6, 1976 - killing all  73 innocents on board - are brought to justice,  including Luis Posada Carriles and the CIA whelps who planned it.  Until then the U.S. media hypocrites and their political allies can go fuck themselves.

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