Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alan Grayson's Amendment is Worth Enacting

GRAYSO_13461113220425425_smallAmidst all the hullaballoo concerning NSA PRISM overreach, which I've delved into in great detail - to the point no sentient American ought to be passive-  except maybe Miss Alabama in a recent beauty contest, who said (in response to a judge's query about NSA spying)  she's ok with it as long as she's safe when she goes shopping. Can anyone say 'bimbo'?  Rep. Alan Grayson of FLA has a solution for real citizens and has offered the “Mind Your Own Business” Act . It's currently in petition form at the latter highlighted,  linked site. But it's also intended to be a bill before the House. (Not that it will pass, since we know most Repups are in league with the terrorists and want to take away all our freedoms, else they'd fight much harder to preserve them, other than the 2nd amendment ones!)

It's intended not only to rectify a bogus law, but also to raise awareness - which is evidently needed given how many 'Muricans' are still sleep walking. Or act as if it's no biggie. (But tied to the COG program that I blogged on June 19th, it certainly is.)

Many true patriots - as opposed to the fictious paper variety - are trying mightily to shed light on the issues to rouse Americans from their Twitter-Xbox-Facebook-TV stupors. We already know of the yeoman work of Glenn Greenwald of the UK Guardian. Chris Hayes on MSNBC ('All In With Chris Hayes')  has already  done excellent segments on it; Marcy Wheeler is also doing a wonderful analysis; and Myrddin has his own good piece. There's basically no excuse, not one - other than indolence or indifference - for an American not being up to speed on the NSA spying excesses.

The bottom line here is clear and impinges on us all. The NSA believes that in order to do its job, it has to have access to all data. Period. All data, no discrimination.  It got stopped  from analogous totalitarian excesses in the 1970s  by the Church Committee and the 1978 FISA law.  But after 9/11 it got permission to restart under the bogusly named "Patriot Act", and too many mock citizens squallering for Big Daddy Government to protect them - so they could go shopping. Well, now the chickens have come home to roost, especially with the congressional benediction of tyranny by way of formally legalizing the Bush wiretapping lawbreaking in 2008.(Congress in 2008 rewrote the FISA law to make the illegal wiretapping carried out by the Bushites legal. Hence, the "law" currently on the books and used to justify NSA snooping is patently illegal.)

This ought to get everyone's attention especially in regards to the tie in to COG I noted (June 19), and the recent discovery that a representative for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation told a group of concerned citizens that "complaining about water quality could be considered an “act of terrorism,”.  (See: Make no mistake the same rubric was adopted to harass and persecute OWS protestors two years ago. Idealistic kids merely trying to exercise their supposed 1st amendment rights! Now, all domestic protests are to be considered "terror", under the Bushies' expanded adaptations to COG  which haven't been altered. And to reinforce that, you might also wish to read William Rivers Pitt's recent blog:

It's high time that Americans wake the hell up, or they will soon find they won't have a country they recognize any more! Ask the Germans who waited too long to do something before the Enabling Act went into effect in 1933.

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