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Germans: Tom Hanks Wasting His Time With His HBO Kennedy Assassination Propaganda Series

One of thousands of 'Wanted for Treason' posters retrieved from Dallas streets on the day of John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Another topic of conversation at the Gipfel Restaurant on the Zugspitze was the Kennedy Assassination- given this November 22 is the 50th anniversary of the event. All the Germans, when I introduced the topic, summarily rejected the notion that Lee Harvey Oswald had anything to do with it. As Heinrich and Maria put it (almost in unison): "Er war eine Marionette!"  Since there is no explicit term for 'patsy' in German they used the term 'Marionette' for a puppet on a string or manipulated by (unseen) strings.

In fact, they were spot on, since as Military Science Professor John Newman observed in his book, 'Oswald and the CIA', Oswald had been "sheepdipped" - which is the code word for being manipulated. He also provides other documents to show how the CIA used this ploy on others, including Eldon Henson. According to Newman (pp. 362-63):

"What the CIA Station in Mexico City did to Eldon Hensen in July, 1963 was to 'step into' his reality and direct it in a way designed to achieve the Agency's objectives- in this instance to see what he was up to. This CIA capability, to surreptitiously enter into someone's life to control or manipulate it, was made possible in this case by the use of  telephone taps."

Henson isn’t the only example, and author James Douglass ('JFK and the Unspeakable')  also shows that Thomas Arthur Vallee, who was to have been the Chicago assassin for Kennedy’s proposed visit on Nov. 2, 1963,  was also sheep-dipped, and likely selected for patsy-hood using a false defector program that the ONI  (Office of Naval Intelligence) set up in 1959.  Had JFK traveled to Chicago, we’d likely only have heard of  Vallee and never known a Lee Harvey Oswald. Vallee and Oswald were simply interchangeable pawns on the CIA’s chess board for executive action, yet a self-proclaimed expert like Vince Bugliosi professes to not have a single clue about it in his  'Reclaiming History'!

Reinhart chimed in that most Germans didn't buy the Warren Commission Report and were astounded that so many Americans still accepted it. When I mentioned that actor Tom Hanks planned to do a 13-part series based on the massive pro-Warrenite book ('Reclaiming History')  by Vince Bugliosi, he laughed then rolled his eyes. Translated from the German his response was roughly:

'Shade! (Shame!) So this fool will waste people's time and money putting out even more lies? That is an indictment of the American media if that happens!"

All the Germans, when asked about the plausibility of Hanks' HBO extravaganza coming out with the real truth of the assassination, responded:

“Unm√∂glich !”


What flabbergasted me was how much knowledge they already had of the particulars, vastly more than the average American. (Which is insightful, given some recent polls now show 59% of Americans reject the Warren Commission's fiction, compared to 73% barely 10 years ago. It appears the revisionists may actually be succeeding, along with the National Archives' refusal to release all salient documents this year - see e.g. http://www.brane-space.blogspot.com/2012/06/national-archives-to-jfk-file-seekers.html

But, incredibly, Reinhart, Heinrich, Maria and Elli all knew about the bullet-marked limo whisked away to be taken apart, as well as the destruction of JFK's suit coat (with bullet holes in it) and the disappearance of the brain. They also had seen the actual autopsy photos and Reinhart repeatedly said "Shade!" on recalling their horror. 

Heinrich put it clearly: "How could a man like Oswald have removed the brain? How could he himself have taken the suit coat and had it destroyed? How could he have ordered the limousine taken apart? None of that makes any sense which is why no German believes he did it!"

When I noted that Tom Hanks' mission was to prevent the American people from being "snookered" they all laughed. "Was bedeutet das 'snookered'?" they asked  (What does snookered mean?) And I had to use terms like  “t√§uschen”   for deceive. At this Heinrich howled with laughter. "Ach, but he ...Hanks ...is the one who deceives! So how can they show this?"

I then had to explain how Hanks had formidable connections in the media and especially with HBO, having done previous series such as 'The Pacific' and 'Band of Brothers'  so he gained a certain prestige. Also, from having won multiple Academy Awards. At which point Elli interjected: "Ah, Ja! Forrest Gump!"

And we all laughed. But on the serious side they wondered how such deception could be displayed as truth and I then went into the fact Hanks planned to use Bugliosi's monstrosity original  (2,646 page) book  -  now interestingly pared down to 634 pages and renamed: 'Four Days In November: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy".  Bugliosi evidently doesn't grasp that 5 pounds of bullshit distilled to 1 pound still equals bullshit!

Reinhart - following this revelation- fairly yelled: "But if this is also based on deceptions it is still all deception! Schlimm!"

Near the end the Germans all agreed that they hoped Americans wouldn't fall for Hanks' propaganda or any films that sought to portray Oswald as the JFK killer.

At the end, Heinrich perhaps put it best:

"We may never find the actual killers, but sensible people can agree it wasn't Oswald."

As to whether any would view Hanks' effort, all heads indicated a strong 'No'. It wasn't worth any investment of time, mental energy or credulity.

To which I heartily agreed.

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