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 Let us begin by reciting the quote from a huge Willard Mitt Fan and follower who used it to open his blog concerning the new job numbers (as "lies") but which REALLY are foursquare applicable to the LIAR who turned up for the debate on Wednesday night: AKA Mitt Romney!

Anyway, the quote of the moment is:

"John 8:44, "ye are of your father the devil,...and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Yes, yes oh yea and BINGO a million times over! Thy FATHER is the DEVIL!  Mitt Romney! How thou hast LIED and LIED and deceived the people in thy performance Wednesday night. All the lies I documented in a previous blog:

SO WHY would sane Americans elect to the highest office of the land a primary disciple of the DEVIL – to employ the meme of the Reichy blogger, since “when he speaketh a lie (e.g. denying his $5 trillion tax cut) he is a liar and “there is no truth in him”. Of course, one must ponder why a claimed “religious person” would opt to willingly follow a LIAR in the first place – and by extension, the FATHER of LIES, the Devil himself. Maybe, because as Alan Watts once noted, in ‘Behold the Spirit’, those who pass themselves off as righteous are often the ultimate protectors of evil and lies. Hence, "wolves in sheep's clothing".

But I get ahead of myself. The issue is the recent Jobs report numbers by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics showing unemployment rate has now gone down below 8% to 7.8%. The immediate release of the news, by a non-partisan statistical bureau – which has no skin in the game for either Reeps or Dems, had assorted Conservo brains popping open like ripe melons.

Hearing bombastic bullshit attacks from Rushbo Limbaugh, is of course, expected. I mean what would his dittohead followers do if he didn't rip anything positive coming from Jobs stats? They depend on it, especially since they're all suffering from 'Obama Derangement Syndrome', and they'd stop listening to the swine if he didn't meet their delusionary expectations - whether on global warming, Obama's background, or jobs -unemployment stats.

But then we also beheld snarky senility in full bloom with former GE CEO Jack Welch who blabbed about his distrust of those “Chicago guys” and that the numbers “smelled cooked”. This fossilized job destroyer needs to get a fuckin’ grip. Obama’s team had nada to do with the preparation of those stats, and indeed, the conspiracy blabbers were shot down last night when on the ABC News Report the investigation team actually visited the offices of the BLS.

Did they find Obama campaign minions or lurkers behind the computers and in the cubicles? Nope! Only statistical wonks and geeks crunching numbers! The ABC reporter actually spoke with the female economist who prepared this month’s report. A raving Obama ‘zombie”? Nope, a steady eyed woman of maybe 40 years old with eye glasses – like many Nerds- and a diligence for statistics. No political axes to grind!

This was confirmed by her BLS boss, who roundly asserted that if any employee so much as remotely attempted to skew the numbers toward one party, s/he would be fired on the spot, also prosecuted. Meanwhile, former BLS commissioner Keith Hall told the AP that any such "manipulation" would be essentially "impossible" given the vast number of civil servants who helped amass the data, the majority of whom aren't political appointees. Even the center-right Denver Post in its op-ed today took Welch down a few notches, as it noted (e.g. )

"We have no quarrel with people who argue that the nation's jobs market is still not good — pointing out the number of people who are underemployed or have stopped looking for work altogether, for example. But those like former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who challenged the new report as somehow politically manipulated without offering a shred of proof, strike us as sore losers."

Welch himself is perhaps the biggest manipulator as blogger Richard Eskow noted on Smirking Chimp today:

"if anyone should know about "cooking the numbers" it's Jack Welch. Manipulating information to influence an election? He should know about that too. There were well documented stories that he pressured staffers in NBC's newsroom - who were also his employees - to declare his friend George W. Bush the winner of on the night of the disputed 2000 election."

Got that, Reepos? (Especially that particular blogger who I happen to know checks in here daily) SORE LOSERS! Deal with it!

But in Reepoland, where reality is always the first casualty - since their denizens all inhabit fantasy bubbles-  this is what we’ve come to expect: endless conspiracies spun to parse their skewed, whacko perspective. From the Obama birthers who insisted Obama was a “Kenyan” – despite being born in Hawaii and proving it over and over with full birth certificates validated by the state, to the ‘deather’ nuts who didn’t accept Osama bin Ladin was really offed, to the current  ‘Jobbers’ now who say the BLS “cooked” the job number to make Obama’s path to re-election easier.

Willard’s lie –loving followers insist a 0.3%  uptick isn’t that “big” a deal – well true, except that 8% has always been a prime psychological threshold which has now been crossed- and along with rising stock prices and 401k balances and rising home prices shows an economy definitely in improvement mode. But these jackasses aren't prepared to accept anything positive, because to do that means they may not see the end of the man (first African-American President) they hate....yes, for the color of his skin, his intellect, and qualities which these Neandertals lack.

They also bitch about a declining number of new jobs each month, but this is for two reasons that escape them in their officious blogs: 1) An increasing number of baby boomers have retired and hence are no longer counted in the work force, and (2),  more of the formerly unemployed - as even Peter Morici on 'The Cycle' admitted yesterday – have now begun home based businesses! Hence, by definition, they’re also no longer unemployed. In other words, the BLS would be doing us all an injustice and truly skewing the stats if it left them on the rolls. I also invite these naysayers to please consult my earlier blog to do with statistics and how significance is determined:

Note in this respect that the BLS statisticians are not 'computing significance' so much as compiling data by conducting actual interviews then inputing the data into their computers. They do it monthly, and must take note of those who say they're now retired, no longer have full time jobs, or who have started their own businesses. An especially crazy meme that's also erupted in this jobber frenzy is that Democrats were called who deliberately lied to the BLS interviewers in order to deliberately bring down the stats. No, you can't make this shit up, seriously!

But these nimrods can't have it BOTH ways! If they assert on the one hand the numbers "aren't all that great" it means they tacitly accept them at some level. Then, they are not allowed to appeal to "lies" to try to dismiss them. Either you dismiss them as part of some nutball conspiracy, OR you accept them but ok....say they're not all that great. You aren't allowed to play both cards at the same time!

At some point the Reepos will have to join the world of realists, which will mean finally accepting global warming, as well as the fact that their standard bearer Mormon candidate is a congenital LIAR who can't be trusted - especially with the leadership of this nation.

What these bloggers need to do is follow their own advice and also see who the real DEVIL’s disciple and spewer of lies is, and hint: It ain’t the BLS!

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