Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Repukes Caught in Voter Fraud - in COLO., Two Other States


Those of sane mind have to marvel at the chutzpah of the Repuke denizens for whom the incessant reality inversions of their deplorable party register not one flipped nanobyte on their engrams. So....while they hysterically screech, bleat and yap about the "Dumbocrats" and their massive "voter fraud" (in fact, barely registering on any states' radar as defined by actual prosecutions) they blithely ignore the insidious voter fraud as well as voter suppression perpetrated by their Goopr overseers. Can't these people THINK? Wait...forget it! A 'thinking Repub' is an oxymoron.

Now, as MSNBC reported last night we have evidence of Repuke planned and plotted voter fraud in Colorado, as well as Florida  and Virginia. In Florida, Cheryl Johnson, Lee County’s voter registration director, told the Times/Herald on Tuesday that she noticed some odd applications that came quite a bit earlier, on Aug. 28. It looked like someone had checked Republican for a number of party registration boxes that didn’t match the rest of the applications. Four of the forms appeared to have been filled out by the same person.

Johnson called the person who dropped them off, a Strategic Allied Consulting employee named Danielle Alvarez. On Sept. 6 — 12 days before they learned about the Palm Beach forms — Johnson met with Alvarez and a man who said he was with the Republican Party of Florida.
"They said they were shocked," Johnson said. "They told me that they fired someone and it wouldn’t happen again."

Meanwhile, The Palm Beach Post reported Sept. 25th that a Florida Republican Party contractor turned in at least 106 “questionable” registration firms, with “similar signatures” and wrong addresses, but queries on light press coverage brought the response that it "doesn’t seem like a national news story". Huh? Yet when one black voter in Duval County is unable to supply a photo ID to verify identity he's set upon by all and sundry - every rabid repuke dog within a hundred yards, and it's all over the media? Give me a break!

 Nevertheless the Fla. trickery has exposed a somewhat concealed effort by Republicans in several states to deploy a firm ("Strategic Allied Consultants" - which MSNBC's Ed Schulz blew the whistle on last night) with an ugly history of allegedly destroying Democratic voter registration forms and other acts of fraud.
Why aren't the Repuke ninnies, stooges and sycophants screeching their fucking heads off about those voter fraud acts? Well, duh!!! Because THEIR side is doing it for the good of the country ...i.e. to get that "Muslim -appeasing, bowing & scraping, 'Socialist-Commie-Hitler" redistributionist out of office! So anything goes! The ends justify the means! So much for "Christian morality"! (And we know these repukes wear their crosses as if the GOP invented them!)

Greg Flynn of BlueNC pointed out earlier this month, Strategic Allied Consulting recently put up a proxy to hide the fact that its website was registered by Sproul (a Tempe AZ consultancy); but not before Flynn took a screen shot. Flynn notes that the firm has been aggressively hiring in Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. He flagged two large payments to the firm from GOP committees in Florida and North Carolina.

Jeebus H. Christ, these fuckers must really be desperate now after their voter suppression tactics have failed in Ohio and Pennsylvania - as reported last night on MSNBC, 'Ed SHOW' and Rachel Maddow. In Pennsylvania a Judge ruled that the Voter ID measure passed was too stringent and most minority groups as well as oldsters, Hispanics would not be able to meet it's demands by election day.

Various little repuke turds on their blogs squeal about 'no big deal' getting a government issued ID, but as I've noted many previous times on this blog it IS a big deal! Many African-Americans were born in an era, for example, where original birth certificates (needed to obtain an ID) either were not given given out, or substitute copies only - and these often contained errors.

As one PA voter commented on last night's 'Ed Show': "If we had a year to obtain the necessary ID it might have been okay, but not with barely a month to go".

Thus, the Judge ruled it's for this election only. One wonders, truly, why all of a sudden the Repuke gasbags and their followers are erupting over this new ID thingie when for years, hell decades, a utility bill was all that was needed, bearing one's name and address. Why the change? Not because of these so-called massive "voter fraud" infractions! Shit, trying to get the average American to vote is like pulling teeth...wisdom teeth. The rate has rarely exceeded 60% in any recent election while in Barbados for example, it's typically 90-93% as it is in most countries! So this is all a demented delusion of the repugs and their minions who have so much time to waste blogging about nonsense when - if they really were serious- they'd be out stumping for their man.

Anyway, this is where it stands now. We have to keep a watchful eye on the GOP scum to see what else they will try to pull to steal this election for the poor widdo victim plutocrats ....

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WiseFather said...

It could be worse than you think. The pretextual "hunt for voter fraud" goes beyond registration purging and poll watchers. In states where poll watchers are more heavily regulated, True the Vote and their affiliates/allies are recruiting and training people to be actual election judges. One organizer went so far as to say "Being an election judge is even better than being a poll watcher as you are actually running the election."

So do you think that driver's license makes your vote safe?

Any liquor store clerk knows how easy it is to get a fake. Do we expect TTV not to be aware of this fact in their training? Does the state provide adequate guidance for election judges in determining whether an ID's picture sufficiently matches the person staning before them? What about the signature matching requirements?

These subjective judgment calls concerning a person's right to vote a regular ballot may end up in the hands of someone trained to be paranoid rather than reasonably vigilant. See for some of the flaws in Ohio's laws protecting voters on election day, and here for Florida which has a horrific defect in its voter challenge law that is not getting enough attention.