Monday, October 8, 2012

Congressman MORON BROUN: "Science is from the Pit of Hell!"


 Yes, another Confederate congress-ass cum yahoo - this time from JOH-JUH. He is Rep. Paul Broun, a Republican (which I can believe) and a "medical doctor" (whose patients I am truly sorry for ...if that is so) who recently yapped at a Sept. 27 Sportsman's Banquet that "Evolution, The Big Bang Theory and Embryology are ALL lies from the Pit of Hell".

And to make it crystal clear, this bozo added:

""And it's lies to try to keep me and all the folks who are taught from understanding that they need a savior" Evidently they like you need something more tangible: COMMON SENSE and intellect!

Incredibly, this jackass sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. No, seriously! And for that, we all ought to be concerned because the fool has essentially tabbed the basic core of modern science has having been gestated within a fantasy bogey land existing only in his febrile mind.

Let's take the Big Bang Theory first! It's been essentially confirmed with the discovery of the 2.7K isotropic microwave radiation (by Penzias and Wilson, in 1965) and for which they won a Physics Nobel Prize.  Is Broun therefore asserting the Nobel Prize Committee was put together in the "pit of Hell" to award a Nobel Prize for the Big Bang's consummate discovery? If so, he needs to resign forthwith from his committee.

The Big Bang is also supported by the recent detection of the Higgs boson. How or WHERE does the Higgs enter the picture? The so-called 'Standard Model' is generally defined as the symmetry:

SU(3) x SU(2) X U(1)

where each of the above represent different matrices

Spontaneous symmetry breaking would therefore resolve this combination into constituent parts, e.g.: SU(3) associated with the 'color force' of quarks, SU(2) x U(1) associated with the electro-weak force. One possible symmetry breaking (quark -boson format) is:

SU(3) x SU(2) X U(1) -> SU(3) + SU(2) x U(1)

which would occur at a particular ambient temperature (T_qb) for the universe at some epoch (E_qb) in the past. WIth the Higgs discovery, this temperature T_qb has been identified and with it the epoch and the mass -conferring mechanism post Big-Bang.

Then again, the observed cosmic expansion and the Hubble constant (H _o ) associated with it allows us to compute the age of the universe itself, from the putative beginning in the Big Bang. Currently, we have  H _o ~ 70 km/ sec/Mpc, where Mpc denotes ‘megaparsec’ – and each parsec has 3.26 light years.

The above is little use, however, without changing a lot of units and ensuring their consistency. The key initial step is to obtain the megaparsec equivalent for kilometers:

MPC(km) = (c) (86400)(365.25)(3.26)x 10^6

where c = 300,000 km/sec, the velocity of light

Then: MPC(km) = 3.08 x 10^19 km/Mpc

Now, what is usually colloquially called the "Hubble constant" is in reality the Hubble scale factor (a = 70 km/ sec/Mpc). The REAL Hubble constant (H_o) is the scale factor divided by MPC(km):

H_o = a/ MPC(km) = 2.26 x 10^-18 s^-1

then, t_o = 1/ H_o = 1/ {2.26 x 10^-18 /s} = 4.4 x 10^17 s

Which,when converted, is about 1.3 x 10^10 yrs. or 13 billion years in age.

Of course, we see here why Broun-Moron wouldn't accept the Big Bang since according to yesterday's AP story on him, he "believes the universe is about 9,000 years old as is the Earth and was made in 6 days."

Again, HOW the fuck can this fool be a member of any Science and Technology committee? Are we now into appointing blithering imbeciles? Well, given the fact that if the repukes take the Senate they intend to appoint Tom Coburn ("Global warming is a HOAX!") I guess we are.

Then there's Evolution which as a theory means it's really confirmed FACT!

For example, the theory of evolution as it applies to the elements of common descent, predicts humans and chimpanzees ought to have very nearly the same cytochrome-c protein sequence. This has been found to be the case. It also predicts that the two ape chromosomes designated 2p and 2q ought to be fused in the human to be one: designated '2'. The theory of evolution has also predicted the full evolutionary development of foraminfera and this is validated.

If Broun doesn't accept evolution, then he's flunked the most basic test for qualification to sit on a congressional Science and Technology committee.

What we need is for this turkey to have the full faith of his stupid convictions and resign immediately. If he believes science has been confected in the 'pit of Hell' he has no business sitting on ANY science -associated committee!

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