Friday, October 19, 2012

Tagg, Admit Your Pop is an Effin’ LIAR!

The deformed seed of the white privileged elite 'bully boy' never falls far from the ‘tree’, it appears. Evidently, after the debate, some yahoo talk radio show host interviewing Tagg Romney – elitist scion of rich man Mitt Romney – asked him how he felt as his dad squared off with President Obama and Obama called him a “liar”. (Not really true, because Obama never used that word.) Tagg, smitten by the bully boy syndrome answered he just wanted to climb up on the stage and “take a swing” at Obama, but “there were all those Secret Service around”. Yeppers, that would be a problem for a two bit punk out to assault the Commander- in -Chief.

Let’s recall that young Mitt, while attending a private school, waylaid a gay kid- shaving his head and delivering assorted other indignities and outright humiliations. He also told a blind teacher at the same school he’d help him find his class, and promptly directed him into a wall! “Like Father, like son”, eh? This is the fucker that millions of ‘Muricans are actually considering putting in office. WTF?

Personally I cannot believe the recent Gallup tracking polls that show a deformed character like Romney up 52-45% over Obama. But then comedian George Carlin once opined that too many Americans are dumb shits, and vote for assholes every time (perhaps projecting their own character issues, personas?). Trouble is, we the sensible voters who take our charge seriously have to pay for their dereliction when the scumball they voted for gets into office, jacks up deficits with unpaid for wars, tax cuts or other bullshit.. Case in point: Gee Dumbya Bush.  Contrary to Romney's LIE that Obama "doubled the deficit" the numbers show Obama barely added 33%. It was already sky high by the time Bush II's 2nd term ended - thanks to the unpaid for Iraq occupation, $3.3 trillion in tax cuts, and an unpaid for prescription drug benefit that went mainly to Big PHRMA.

Prof. Eric Dyson on Ed Schulz show last night, made no bones about the fact that Tagg’s violent ruminations were way out of bounds, and fully showed a kid with “white privilege” and entitled hostility, especially to a black man. (In this regard, in another past life - assuming the validity of reincarnation- I can imagine Tagg as a ginned up Ku-Kluxer ready and raring to lynch as many black men as he can in rural Arkansas)  Dyson also noted that had any son of Obama’s made a similar remark concerning Romney all hell in the media would have erupted. But this incident merits barely a blip.

But let’s get back to Tagg’s problems with Obama challenging Mitt on the facts. Clearly, though Tagg appears bright, he’s dumbed down on this issue. What I suggest this scion of privilege do is google: “Ben Stein on FOX” or “Ben Stein on Fox and Friends” or “Ben Stein on raising taxes” or words to that effect.

If he does he ought to be able to bring up Stein’s recent appearance on FOX when he was asked by those blithering idiots what needs to really be done, what kind of spending cuts to help the economy. Ben, who's never been known as an enabler of the “libos” said that “taxes will have to be raised on the very rich – those making $3 or $4 trillion or more a year” and up and also eventually those earning only $250k a year. The looks on the faces of the FOX-ers, total disbelief, as if they’d just witnessed an alien performing an anal probe on Bill O’Reilly, was too choice.

But anyone with two grains of sense would understand, as Ben now does, that revenue is needed every bit as much as spending cuts, which is one reason there’s no way Mitt’s $5 trillion tax cut plan can be “revenue neutral” – because it demands NO revenue! Mitt’s kid needs to go back and do basic arithmetic – forget even calculus – and process that there isn’t enough in spending cuts to balance the $5 trillion in tax cuts he wants plus $2 trillion in extra Pentagon spending.

Here’s an option for Tagg if he’s so all fired up with barely concealed aggression: Join the military and go to Afghanistan and put some of those aggressive hormones to good use. Otherwise, STFU!

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