Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to "Win" A Debate: Lie and Lie Again with VERVE!

The first presidential debate is now in the history books, but the talking heads even on MSNBC concede Willard Mitt "won" - by dominating the debate with an aggressive stance, including rolling and mugging the moderator (Jim Lehrer) over and over again, bullying him into giving Mittso the last word. The energy of Romney was in stark contrast to the laid back, professorial air and dignity of Obama - and the content of his responses ought to have cost him ....but alas, most 'Muricans are more impressed by image than substance.

IN the image dept. Romney came over as the dominant voice, the one with passion,......never mind he repeated LIES over and over and over again. Astonishingly, Obama could have pulled him up on each lie but only to chose to do so on some.

Let's start with the $5 trillion tax cut that Willard Mitt now denies was ever a part of his plan. (One wonders which Romney pod plant took the place of the original Mitt that's been proposing that $5 trillion tax cut including keeping $1 trillion worth of the Bush cuts).  Does Willard not know people can fact check in the post debate scenario?

Doesn't matter! Mitt and his renegade prepare team obviously calculated that all he had to do was lie his miserable ass off tonight, become a "moderate" tax cut changeling and vow to deny the plutocrats their high end cuts....and it would be too late. After all, didn't Winston Churchill once say, "A lie can travel half way round the world before the truth can get its pants on."

Yes indeedy! So now, after Romney has laid a load of ten piles of horse crap on the stage, the buzz will be already halfway round the world before the pundits and fact check wunderkinds clean it up!

Don't take my word! The Economist (Jan. 14, 2012, p. 25) gave the full list of what Romney intends to do in his first term, arriving from his own lips! (From "Romney's lips to God's ears", or at least The Economist's). These included:

- A 20% across the board TAX CUT which translates into a $5 trillion deficit.

- Dismantling ALL of OBAMACARE (including all current provisions, such as for pre-existing conditions)

- Passing off Medicaid to the states via localized "grants"

So how the hell could he get away with stating on stage that pre-existing conditions will be covered in "his" plan, especially if he intends to dispense with the mandate? Without that mandate - the centerpiece of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, i.e. "Obamacare", the insurance companies will refuse to cover ANY pre-existing condition!

How did Obama let this piece of slime get away with saying that Obama plans to cut $716 billion from Medicare, without noting that Willard Mitt plans to do the very same. THAT is a central core of the Ryan plan and without it there' s no way they can come close to not blowing out the budget! How did this lying piece of filth manage to get away with it, with stating it, not once but at least eight times?

Then there was Social Security! Where was Obama on this? Why did he apparently side with Romney instead of making a full throated defense of the program as it is, and the need for just minor changes?

At least Obama did note at least three times that Romney planned to add $2 trillion to the Pentagon budget which Romney didn't respond to, but which will mean a total of EIGHT trillion in deficits over Mitt's first term!

Finally, why didn't Obama challenge the twice-repeated lie of Romney that Obama "doubled" the deficits during his first term, and added more than any president before him? This was pure, unadulterated horse shit! The fact is, under Obama's tenure some $4 trillion has been added to what was already a $12 TRILLION deficit. In other words, Obama's contribution was barely one fourth of the current $16 trillion total. Meanwhile, Bush Jr. added nearly $6.4 trillion, $2.7 trillion from the unpaid for "wars",  nearly $800b from the Medicare Modernization Act (2003) - which was largely a corporate welfare program for the insurance companies, and the balance from his tax cuts.

Beyond all the above is the previously documented fact: i.e.

That Mitt Romney is a congenital liar. See the above video on the extent to which this turd lies, then ask yourself if you really want a president who will be less than forthcoming about everything from what poisons are in your food, to how many extra troops he's sending to the Middle East without telling you, to how many additional fracking wells he's ordered.

In the end, what tonight's debate showed, and what Obama's debate team and David Plouffe need to process, is that energized BULLSHIT barked over and over by a wide -eyed feral RAT beat dignity and truth every time.

Don't believe me? Wait til the polls come out in 3-4 days! Look for: Romney 51%, Obama 44%.

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