Friday, April 5, 2019

Blog Hiatus To Complete Mathematical Physics Book

 My forthcoming book, provisionally entitled:  'Explorations In Mathematical Physics',

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is already nearly two -thirds complete but needs the final touches, last parts written and inserted, including: solutions to select problems, indices, bibliography, assorted images, appendices and table of contents.  To that end there will be a blog hiatus from today.  This will be until roughly the first week of May.

Readers will still have available an assortment of  different posts to occupy them,  most related to Earth Day - April 22 this year. Those  links I am providing below:

Climate report understates threat

We Have 12 Years to Save—or Lose—Our Only Home

I will still write  the occasional blog post if something timely and of major news value occurs.  In the meantime, enjoy the posts in the links above which certainly deserve more attention. Also, feel free to go back to the archives from much earlier years and explore the topics there.

I've also provided  a number of links  below to recent political articles from other sources, blogs.

  • Robert Mueller's investigators stayed silent for two years, but they're speaking up now

  • Here come the leaks: NYT reporting 'Mueller team, report more damaging' than AG's letter let on

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