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After Puerto Rico Can We NOW Agree That Dotard Is A Degenerate Narcissist?

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"Them Puerto Ricans are lazy bums! They need to help themselves!"

On Sunday this loathsome lunatic continued his Twitter rants on "politically motivated ingrates:" when this sickening turd was lollygagging at his golf course with billionaire pals. This as the people of Puerto Rico fought for their survival, something the entitled Dotard has never done in his silver spoon life.

Anyone who's seen the scenes of devastation on the island - a territory of the U.S. with 3.5 million  American CITIZENs, would know the level of need:  95 percent with no electricity, 50 percent without potable water, hospitals having to shut doors because life -sustaining resources are no longer available including ice to preserve critical meds.  And Dotard believes a thousand or so federal troops are enough?  He's insane.

Out of Dotard's own tweety "mouth" we beheld:

"The Mayor was complimentary to me a few days ago but now the Democrats told her she must be nasty to Trump"

No, asshole, this is not about "Trump" or being "nasty" to your miserable ass, this is about accepting your responsibility as the president of the Puerto Rican commonwealth too  - like you did for white  people of Houston, TX. It is not about abandoning them to their own hours and days of need because there are too many brown, Spanish speakers.

Dotard, degenerate narcissist that he is,  makes this about himself when it's about getting critical resources to the people of this island. That means at least 50,000 soldiers (according to Gen. Russell Honore(Ret.)) to get all the needed supplies to the people scattered across the   square miles - including using chopper drops as was done (finally) after Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005

Asked on Meet the Press on NBC whether she felt personally attacked by Trump, mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. said: “I don’t care. He can attack me all he wants, you know, bring it on, I’m here, if it saves lives. If it gets the message in the right place, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

This, spoken like a true leader of steel and grit and understands what's on the line for her 400,000 people as well as the population of the island. She knows Trump's tweets don't mean diddly or squat and exposing him as the clown prince of ego he is may be her only play left to get the attention the island needs - and the resources. It if means shaming Do-turd, so be it.

Trump and senior administration figures are set to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday, at which point they will come face to face with the ongoing hardship on an island that is home to 3.5 million American citizens. There have been some signs of tentative progress made but it simply isn't enough, not in terms of the sheer magnitude of the catastrophe..

As of Sunday morning, nearly 65% of gas stations, 11% of cell phone towers and 49% of supermarkets were open, according to the Puerto Rican government. But on Saturday the governor’s office said 53% of the country still did not have water service, and although large quantities of supplies have started to arrive at the ports the distribution of the goods to outlying regions continues to prove difficult as a result of damage to roads and bridges.

The Trump administration has clearly been rattled by the searing criticism from the San Juan mayor, and by a growing theme on social media and cable news comparing the apparently sluggish response to the Puerto Rican disaster to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005.
Chief economics adviser Gary Cohn interrupted an interview on the new tax plan with Fox News Sunday to make a statement on Puerto Rico. He insisted the US had gone through “extraordinary efforts to deliver goods to the island”.

We are working full steam ahead,” he said. To which I call 'Bullshit!' You're not even working at quarter speed. On the other hand,  Puerto Ricans  themselves have risked life and limb to get fuel, food, water and ice to their fellows. Yet Donald Dotard has the nerve to say  they are "too lazy" to help themselves. No, Dotard, YOU are the laziest guy to ever become president - racking up more golf and vacay days than any other in history.

Meanwhile Trump's budget cutting sidekick Mick Mulvaney, director of the federal Office of Management and Budget, told CNN’s State of the Union blabbed :  "It’s unfair to say we haven’t done everything we can, because we have. It’s unfortunate that the San Juan mayor wants to go against the grain – we’d love to have her on the team.”

How can she be on your useless "team" when she's trying her best to triage the situation in San Juan?

Mulvaney added: “Judge us by the actions please. Judge us by what’s happening on the island, judge us by the men and the women who have worked tirelessly.”

A nice patter full of PR but all phony because you nitwits underestimated the severity and the need. If you hadn't you'd have had hospital ships off the island and ferrying the most compromised patients on board. You didn't, so STFU.

Trump, who was spending the weekend at his property in Bedminster, New Jersey, also faced a barrage of outrage over his assault of Cruz by Twitter. Bernie Sanders put it most caustically on CNN.
                 In an update to his schedule on Sunday, Trump was due to attend the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Liberty National in Jersey City. The White House said he would participate in the trophy presentation.  As  for the millions of brown skinned Puerto Ricans, they were left to their own devices to fish or cut bait while the pompous one gratified his  enormous egomania.
Trump also faced criticism from within his own party. John Kasich, the governor of Ohio who ran against Trump in the Republican presidential primaries, accused him of acting inappropriately in a
 disaster situation.

“It’s just not the way that I think it ought to be handled,” Kasich said of Trump’s attack on the mayor. “No matter what they say you have to be bigger than the nonsense.”

Correction, the only "nonsense" is emanating from Dotard Trump.  That means those like the people of Puerto Rico, the. Governor and San Juan Mayor Cruz are the ones who are having to be bigger than HIM, attending to the needs of the people there. Sen. Chuck Schumer on 'Face the Nation' castigated Trump the Dotard for the "slow footed,  disorganized and inadequate " response,  which is exactly true.  It was too slow to help millions -  putting resources in the wrong areas and in the most inefficient ways.  It was also too feeble, requiring five times as many federal officials and deployed vastly more widely than in Houston or New Orleans after Katrina.   Massive military support was needed from the outset which this turkey, errrr "commander -in-chief" didn't process.

Yale professor Timothy Snyder in his book, 'On Tyranny', has written (p. 113):

"The president is a nationalist which is not at all the same thing as being a patriot. A nationalist encourages us to be our worst, and then tells us that we are the best.  A nationalist "though endlessly brooding on power, victory, defeat, revenge" wrote Orwell "tends to be uninterested  in what happens in the real world".

This is exactly what defines Dotard.  Every waking breath or rudimentary thought is contingent on who has power and who doesn't or who is victor and who is vanquished. Who merits revenge and who deserves reward.  Within his closed bubble of narcissism all Dotard could see in the wake of Maria's devastation is who would adulate him and who wouldn't.  San Juan's mayor Cruz merely called for needed assistance and she was seen as an enemy who needed to be defeated - as opposed to a leader of a U.S. territory with people every bit as much citizens as the white folk of Houston.

God forbid any major U.S. city with a majority black or brown population experience another natural disaster - or even man-made one.

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