Wednesday, October 4, 2017

DOH! Of Course Trump - aka "Dotard" - Is A MORON! (It's Not A State Secret, Folks)

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"Rex is right! I am a moron! And know what? I don't care!"
The news item out of NBC today that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a "moron" back in July seems to have taken many people by surprise. One wonders why given it's not exactly a state secret -  including that Tillerson has been pissed at the Moron-in-chief for a while now, and even threatened to resign back in July.

This took place after Dotard appeared at the Boy Scout Jamboree and totally went off from his prepared script to castigate Barack Obama for not appearing at the same venue, and then blabbering about fake news. Also, turning the event into a tawdry, self-promotion political spectacle. Tillerson, who once headed the Boy Scouts was appalled as well as livid.  At that juncture he finally realized he was totally working on behalf of a half-assed moron who lacked any self-discipline. Rex, to put it bluntly, had seen enough and was prepared to resign.

According to reports appearing in The UK Independent and Guardian, VP Mike Pence had to intervene to deliver a "pep talk" to Tillerson, emphasizing how in the age of this egomaniacal "dear leader" one was expected to only say nice things if not kowtow with outright adulation. The word was Tillerson still wasn't buying it so Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Gen, John Kelly had to be recruited  to add their voices and plead with  Tillerson to remain "for stability".

That pretty well sums it up as even Sen. Bob Corker in so many words today (on CNN) asserted that without "the adults in the room"  (Tillerson, Mattis, Kelly) this White House would soon descend into abject chaos. Why this should prompt so much second guessing is beyond me, I mean it isn't rocket science, nor is it a state secret (that Trump is mentally feeble)  - as one commenter on the UK Telegraph site put it.

Trump, or Dotard, has the temperament of a three year old. From the viewpoint of that mental age he isn't even a moron, but an idiot.  He has to be "handled" daily, i.e. fed pabulum for his monstrous ego, which was Pence's point to Rex Tillerson: you have to tread nicely and be kind and praising to this giant baby in a man's body.

In an MSNBC discussion earlier today, the host (Nicole Wallace) appeared flabbergasted that this could be the case in the U.S. of A. that we have ended up with a "leader" whose ego needs to be stroked and stoked at every turn, lest he mutate into a rabid ferret. "Please tell me this isn't so!" she bawled. "Please!"

But almost immediately WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson, then Wisconsin conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes, had to assure her that it was.

"Sorry, but it's all too real!" said Eugene.

We in this country were - are saddled with a big baby whose every tantrum must be appeased and gratified as well as his malignant ego.

Of course, Trump-Dotard's base loves the spectacle and the chaos. According to one talking head on CNN, "this is what they voted for".  Well, the rest of us - the sane majority - didn't. We wanted a stable and sane person who had the capacity to work  with his Secretary of State during a possible nuclear crisis with N. Korea - not tell him he "is wasting his time with little Rocket Man".

My own prediction is despite Tillerson walking back comments on leaving (he never denied he called Dotard a moron) he will be gone by the end of the year if not sooner. There is no way any sane person who values his position could remain with a lunatic asshole simpleton like Trump undermining his every step.  It's actually amazing Tillerson has lasted this long. I would have thought the interference in the North Korean nuke talks would have been the last straw..

As for Trump's moron base I am sure they are waiting with bated breath for him to really perform an act of unrepentant rebellion against the "establishment" and toss his soiled Pampers on the floor of the Oval Office for Kelly to clean up.

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