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Trump As Hitler Wannabe - From The Keyboards Of Trumpies!

No, I have to write them exactly as they were written, and a more perfect assessment of DONALD TRUMP has hitherto never been presented:

"Seriously, this fuckin’ Hitler wannabe needs to be locked away in a dungeon somewhere – preferably away from any free societies!! (a frontal lobotomy wouldn’t hurt, either!)."

Yeppers, a Hitler wannabe!  As Bill Maher's guests put it last night, there is a parallel between Hitler's populist rise in 1930s Germany and also Trump's in the US of A. In each case, know nothings back him, and as Bill himself put it, they are now trying to blame liberals for the tilt to Trumpism. See e.g.

Are U fuckin' kidding me? The Right itself is responsible, because as Maher's guest Jeremy Scahill noted, there is an appeal for fascism in these denizens of the country. And Trump is doing no less than mouthing their own most fervent aspirations to have a Hitler-like master telling them when to sleep, read, burp or poop.

The funniest segment was the opening monologue when Bill cited a WaPo report that Trump had "masqueraded as a spokesman" to brag on his sexual liaisons. (Using the nom-de-plume "John Miller"). As he said: "Imagine if Hillary had used a fake identity to call in and report her sex exploits". Well, she'd have been diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and administered ECT three times a day in a frigging' straight jacket at Bellevue.

 The Economist really put the Trumpies in perspective in a Dec. 5 piece, noting (p. 30):

"The anxiety Trump supporters betray by looking for scapegoats says most, of course, about themselves. Typically members of the white lower middle class, they are at once jealous of the small privileges that distinguish them from the toilers below, and bitterly resentful of the faraway government that provides their Social Security, VA care and Medicare.

Remonstrating in hard times, they are the "radical centre" in academic jargon, who turned out before for George Wallace, a populist southern Democrat who ran for President four times in the 1960s and 70s."

The article then identifies the iconic Trump supporter of this "radical center" with a character  from a John Updike novel named Rabbit Angstrom "from whose flabby mouth dripped endless expressions of impotence, anger and glum humor...having retired to Florida to nurse his disappointment".

Subsequently, The Economist (May 7, p. 21) observed in its article on Donald Trump ('Fear Trumps Hope'):

"He would be a disastrous president. If Mr. Trump's diagnosis of what ails America is bad, his prescriptions for fixing it are catastrophic"

For example, his tax -debt plans are magnitudes more fantastical than Sanders' most extravagant socialist ideas. The Economist again:

"He has pledged to pay down $19 trillion national debt in eight years while at the same time cutting taxes by $10 trillion. Given that he has also pledged to protect Social Security, the Committee for a  Responsible Federal Budget has estimated he would have to cut other areas (e.g. VA, Medicare, military-defense) by 93 percent to meet his objective."

And yet he plans to build up the military! Even the Economist agrees that if Bernie is in fantasy land, the Donald is Donald Duck stuck in "Never Never land".  Hell, the Trumpies don't even seem to recognize Trump is no friend of standard capitalism, he'd rather have corporate or pro-Trump socialism! Prof. David Cay Johnston on Chris Hayes'  May 6 All In tonight reminded one and all that back in 1990, the deadbeat Donald Trump couldn't even pay his damned bills- even though he claimed to be a billionaire. But he got bailed out then because the state of New Jersey Casino Control Division took his side against his bankers - to whom he owed tons of money. In Prof. Johnston's words:

"It was government intervention in the market that saved him."

If you want an example of a pseudo-capitalist invoking socialism there it is. Yet his blind supporters caterwaul day in and day out that it's socialists like Bernie who are the threat. But as Johnston pointed out, it's "Trumponomics" - paying back a deadbeat's cents on the dollar for debt that could truly wreck this country.

It's incredible that demented Trumpies paint Bernie Sanders as a crazed commie loon when their guy is a certified fascist freakazoid (and schizoid with more than one persona) who has also benefited from gov't socialism. What was especially hilarious is how a particular blogger raked Bernie over the coals based on a FOX ('The Five') excerpt of his Maddow interview (dinging the corporate media), dunning him as an idiot for not knowing Maddow's MSNBC was part of the corporate media. Guess this feller never checked the original source (Maddow's actual interview) where Bernie clearly puts Maddow on the spot noting MSNBC is owned by Comcast - "Part of  the corporate media". As I said when bloggers get their sources second hand they can't be trusted. Even when they do they often can't put 2+ 2 together. Sad.

Alas too, they appear they still haven't learned their lesson - that if they keep on brashly bashing Bernie they will lose, as in L-O-S-E whatever Sanders' supporters they may need to overtake "Killary". But hey, maybe they don't care and their "free speech" rights are more important to them than their man having even the chance of a horse turd in a tornado to land in one piece. (Or in Trump's case, winning the presidency).

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