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Did Rafael Cruz Help Lee Oswald Kill JFK? Another Pile Of Bollocks

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In St. Gallen, Switzerland in Sept., 2014, with former Swiss Spezialdienst Rolf, discussing JFK assassination.

It is not without good reason that Barbadian psychologist Pat Bannister carefully distinguished conspiracy culture from the conspiracy research community, and also conspiracy analysts from conspiracy "theorists". The former exercised full rationality and sobriety in the service of an objective investigative pursuit. The latter simply bloviated opinions without any basis in data, statistics or history. In this sense, those who have spawned and peddled the latest crap about Ted Cruz' dad Rafael being in league with Lee Oswald in the Kennedy assassination are engaged in utter codswallop. Worse, these type of juvenile conspiracy conjectures are what give serious conspiracy investigations a bad rap. Especially as the JFK assassination doesn't need any more wacky, half-baked inputs from delirious amateurs.

When I ran the latest tripe past my Swiss friend Rolf, who I referenced in my September 20, 2014 post (noting his insights into the Kennedy assassins in Switzerland) he almost passed out from laughing convulsions over Skype.  "Preposterous! Utterly preposterous!", he roared.

First, the image passed around was clearly during Lee's sojourn in New Orleans as a pseudo-member  for the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" in the summer of 1963, on Canal St. This was to pry open the workings of Guy Banister's operation in a building that had two entrances, one on 544 Camp Street the other from 531 Lafayette. Banister was conducting "Operation Mongoose" operations and maintained his office in conjunction with the CRC or "Cuban Revolutionary Council".  Rolf's best guess is that the character portrayed as Rafael Cruz was actually an innominate CRC member.

Second, there is absolutely no evidence, zero, that Oswald was involved in the assassination in any case and Rolf totally concurred with previous posts I'd made in 2013 that he was framed by David Atlee Phillips and his cohort out of the CIA's Mexico City station, see e.g.


As Rolf put it, "The guy was a patsy just as he claimed".  He also backed up the James Douglass' account ('JFK and the Unspeakable') of an Oswald "double" - observed by  U.S. Air Force Sgt. Robert Vinson while trying to return  to Colorado Springs on Nov. 22, 1963.    This "double" would have explained all the disparate occasions for aberrant behavior reported before the assassination, including the pro-commie rant at a Dallas car dealer's and his actions on a firing range.  Sgt. Vinson reported encountering the Oswald look-alike during a C-54 flight to  Lowry AFB near Denver, but which stopped first at Dallas' Trinity River area. There, Vinson described two men boarding just after 3:30 p.m. central time:  one a "Latino", 6' or 6'1" weighing 180-190 lbs. and wearing a mustache, the other 5'7" to 5'9" and Caucasian, 150-160 lbs.  Only later, i.e. when press photos materialized did Vinson realize the latter guy was the spitting image of Lee Harvey Oswald.  

None of this astonished Rolf who also knew the SD (and its affiliate Projekt 26)  readily exploited what they called “doppelgangers” for assorted tasks. He theorized other clandestine services also did this and a “doppelganger” might have played a role in the April, 18, 1990 assassination of Herbert Alboth.

But that Rafael Cruz (or the real Lee Oswald) was in any way involved in the JFK assassination is total nonsense.

Rolf's theory is that disinformationists tossed this out to be spread by unscrupulous U.S. sources in a heated election cycle. "It happens all the time" he said.

As Rolf noted two years ago, Oswald’s rifle could never have made the shots attributed to him on Nov. 22, 1963.   He agreed that my FAQ post on the rifle tests is the "absolutely correct" one, e.g.

And anything else being circulated is "disinformation", likely "from Warren Commission apologists".

As noted in the link even the WC's own test trials failed.  Hence, Rolf's take that the Warren Commission Report was little more than a “PR joke” mainly done to “cover Johnson’s ass”. Like me, he is convinced LBJ had a hand in orchestrating the hit, clearly to protect himself as he faced certain prosecution in the Bobby Baker scandal. He also offered that it was “sad” that no U.S. investigation had come near to the truth but “How could they if an agency of the government itself was involved?”  
As he put in during the Skype chat: "Americans have a lot more to worry about than  JFK conspiracy fables made up by poseurs. They shouldn't get distracted by carnival fluff but keep their minds on the issues."

I couldn't agree more!

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