Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Newsflash For Hillary: Sanders' Supporters Aren't Ready To Make Nice Yet

Okay, so Hillary scored a huge win in New York with 57.3% for her to 42.7% for Bernie with 94 percent of precincts reporting. So, she felt it quite justified to chirp "the road to victory is in sight" which it may well be. But that doesn't mean Bernie's ardent supporters are ready to throw their lot behind her yet. Nor are they totally willing to bite on her line that "there's more that unites us than divides us".

In fact, to many, there is as much division or more in the Democratic Party as there is in the Republican, there just isn't the same level of rancor. But don't let the reduced rancor be interpreted as absence of serious divisions. Some of them named below:

- Her stance on the banks, keeping a weakened Dodd-Frank in place which stands to be further emasculated as banking lobbyists continue to chip away at its regulatory provisions.'

- Her warhawk posture, including siding with Netanyahu and Israel, and kowtowing to Zionists at the AIPAC side show. (Not to mention getting side kick Victoria Nuland to orchestrate the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich in Ukraine 3 years ago.)

- Her Wall Street money and especially what those transcripts of her Goldman-Sachs speeches reveal.

- Her pro-fracking environmental stance, with global fracking largely erupting during her time as Secretary of State. This conforms to her view that natural gas fracking is a "bridge energy source" to alternatives.

- Her refusal to clearly assert she will protect Social Security from future cuts.

The bottom line is that there is no good reason for Bernie Sanders to make life easier for Clinton just yet, no matter what her surrogates (like Jennifer Granholm) say. The math is neither here nor there, since it is true that the odds are long for Bernie to become the D-nominee. The issue now is twofold: 1) giving millions more supporters the chance to participate and cast their votes with a sense of aspirational hope -which they wouldn't have if Bernie bows out, and 2) Having leverage going into the Convention in July.

The last is critically important, because the sooner Bernie leaves the sooner Hillary will pivot to the center which is what his supporters don't want. We don't want to see her at the Convention in Philadelphia suddenly changing her tune on the issues (like TPP, Keystone) she already seemingly moved left on.

So no, his remaining in to the bitter end - despite the "math", and even getting interviews and more debates -  is essential to holding her feet to the fire on those core issues. (Which is in her interest to do to get Sanders's' supporter in her column anyway.)

We know the corporate media and Hillary are literally salivating for her to focus her fire entirely on Donald Trump (aka Drumpf), but that will have to wait a bit longer. Hillary has a task, an unenviable one, to pull her party together and get the Left on board first.

And that job won't be easy!

Watch this space!

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Richard Charnin said...

The actor Tim Robbins may have just changed the Democratic primaries with his tweet of my chart showing deviations between Sanders' exit poll and recorded vote. It all started when the Washington Post ran a column "Chll out, Tim Robbins".

Joshua Holland writing in Raw Story ignores the overwhelming evidence provided by election analysts (including myself) of election fraud in virtually all primaries favoring Clinton. Holland calls me a "JFK Conspiracy Theorist".

This has gone viral.

Copernicus said...

Thanks for this. I plan another blog post on this issue, after seeing Greg Palast and Lee Camp show convincingly (on RT TV) how the exit polls differed by more than 4 percent (the maximum tolerable deviation, according to Palast) in 12 Dem primaries. (It was as much as 16% difference from exit polls in NY). I will use the above and any other links to point readers to when I do that post - probably in a few days.