Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary's Superdelegates Need To Grow Up And Stop Whining

As Daniel Denvir noted in his column today, it appears Hillary's super delegates are pitching hissy fits about being "bothered night after night" by Bernie's passionate supporters. Many of these Hillary super delegates (giving HRC her mammoth lead) have professed the belief that "this isn't what we signed up for". Well, tough! You should have thoughtfully considered that before signing on to be the de facto 'thumbs on the scales' Dem primaries featuring a corrupt DNC system that trumps the will of primary voters.

I mean, why the hell should a responsible Dem voter go out for hours to caucus for Bernie if some little Schlub behind the curtains is just going to trump his vote by virtue of a political caste privilege? In this case the business and lobby class over the 'hard working Joe' class.  It makes no sense. Of course, the voters - as well as campaign canvassers-  would be livid, since it means all their work translates to zero benefit. Thus, even in states where Bernie stomped Hillary, he's not winning all the delegates he should because of the subversive super delegate system.

So no wonder Bernie supporters are passionate, peevish and more than ready to pour their ire onto these system-anointed tinhorns who believe their bounden duty is to keep the party establishment pure - with no unsightly independents running as Ds in the mix, and winning. (Never mind the Dems will need at least 50 % of the Independent vote which Bernie is carrying by huge margins now.)

As Denvir points out - correctly I might add- these people have NO right to be left alone or unchallenged on their actions. They may have signed on to be behind the screens controllers of the DNC and HRC destiny, but not to have it done in citizens' names without them strongly protesting. They ought to be thankful in fact that they aren't receiving death threats like some Republican honchos have been here in Colorado (after Ted Cruz snatched all Trump's 34 state delegates via a meet and greet system as opposed to the popular vote).

Trump's consiglieri arrived too late to make a dent, and by the time he had, Cruz' team had already snatched 6 delegates. As The Denver Post put it in an editorial from two days ago, it's too late to cry now and the Trump team ought to have known the rules before barging in and making wild statements that the state's system is "rigged". It wasn't, it just wasn't readily transparent to them - just as the D-system of super delegates isn't to Bernie voters.

But our side doesn't make death threats, we just get the names and telephone numbers and pester them. Sorry, but if you're a Hillary SD you're not entitled to live in the rarefied realm of domestic tranquility or no botheration- with people acting the part of sheeple. You can be bothered and you will unless you give a very good account of yourselves in this truly rigged system and why you're going for Hillary instead of Bernie - even in states (like HI, AK) where he clobbered her.

As Denvir made clear in his article, Bernie will bring a host (1,000+) of delegates to Philly, even if he fails to win the nomination. One of the things he ought to use them for - apart from getting more concessions from Hillary before signing on his supporters (such as NO more invasions, wars in the Middle East) - is to finally remove the super delegate system once and for all.

In the meantime, the Dem super delegates need to stop whining and moaning about Sanders' supporters calling them and protesting or demanding explanations. That is the cost of the democracy - the democratic voices - they otherwise believed they could skirt.

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