Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WHY Do Goofy Young Americans (And Aussies, Brits) Want To Join ISIS?

As air strikes on ISIS targets have commenced in Syria, a question the U.S. government wants answered is why up to 100 young Americans have joined (or tried to)  the ISIS bugs - and want to take a "jihad" to their countrymen. Why have these goofy Americans been radicalized and why do they want to join these vermin as they assault human civilization and create ever more humanitarian catastrophes - including the latest-  forcing 100,000 Syrian refugees streaming across the Turkish border?

Of course, the Brits and Australian government are also seeking answers. An Australian from Canberra - and head of the Australian WWII Memorial I spoke to in Schynige Platte, Switzerland, said most of the Aussie ISIS groupies are "plain losers, your dregs". He assessed they never succeeded in anything they attempted, and never picked themselves up to move on and try to get ahead. They saw ISIS as "an out" a way to attain fame and glory on the cheap - by joining a similar band of n'er do wells. We discussed these maggots for maybe ten minutes, then the conversation turned to the Battle of Buna, New Guinea - which my dad fought in. (He remarked that "Tojo's greatest ally at Buna was the malaria mosquito".)

Back to the dumbass, misguided Americans.

Who are these little dopes? It appears the main thread connecting all of them is that they are dreadful losers, psychologically and otherwise. In a Denver Post report from three days ago, about the U.S. interest in learning their motives, three of these twerps were identified, including: a nurse's aid, a pizza delivery guy and a Florida college dropout. The last one is the hardest to figure because this punk actually had the immediate opportunity to get a degree and try to make something of his life. Even if no jobs to his liking were available on graduation, he could have channeled his energies into joining the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps, to do something useful.

But oh no! On a Youtube video all the guy did is whine about how "I just don't fit in" and that he needed to find a place to "be himself". Are you kidding me? Evidently killing fellow Americans in a trumped up "jihad" more suited his tastes in "finding his place" in the world. The good thing is this maggot couldn't kill Americans, the bad aspect is he took live in Syria by blowing himself up with a suicide vest in a marketplace.

The nurse's aid is also difficult to figure. How do you mutate from being someone involved in a job helping others  to a  bloodthirsty jihadist who wants to kill every "infidel"? One answer put forward was that she had reached a dead end in her job and saw no opportunities to advance. This is a copout, of course. Because you (for the time) see no economic opportunity doesn't mean they will never appear - but it may mean you have to change your approach to life.  It doesn't mean throwing your life down the drain to join an army of vile Islamic extremists.

Thankfully, the numbers of youthful Americans driven to join the ISIS maggots is relatively low compared to the millions who do their best to live their lives according to a code of civility and really helping others. We have to hope that it stays that way and no matter what nutty videos ISIS puts out, more young people will laugh at them as high camp - rather than seeing them as a call to arms to wage a "jihad".

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