Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Post Office Is Actually Profitable - Surprise!

In an earlier post, I noted the disgusting tactic used by a right wing congress that passed the  “Postal Pension Reform Act of 2006” to try to drive the  U.S. Post Office into insolvency. The bastards from the 2006, GOP-dominated Congress actually used this "law" to  require prepayment of pensions for 75 years - something no other company in the country is required to do. This nefarious, disgusting plan ultimately led to increasing debt and the future projections of Post Office obligations engendering  a need for privatization.  But it's all bogus.

As Jim Hightower has observed in his recent article, the Post Office - despite all the media and comedians blabbering - is actually profitable.  Really? Yes!  As Hightower put it ('USPS Is Actually Profitable') the vermin behind this are the usual suspects: Anti-government right wing ideologues who wouldn't know the Constitution if it was imprinted on their brains, to pseudo-market liberalization fanatics who go nuts just hearing the word "public" and degenerates who've long had a boner to disparage and demonize the U.S. Postal Service - which is just about the most faithful, consistent agency in the entire government.

As Hightower puts it:

"The main line of attack has been to depict it as a bloated, outmoded, inefficient agency that's a hopeless money loser"

This caricature is also fed by clueless comics about Postal workers notifying each other using email about one more branch closed because of "lack of business". In fact, if you go to any Post Office you will see plenty of business, so these morons don't have a clue what they're yapping about.

Most of these idiots trying to bring the Post Office down don't even understand its basis. That's how uneducated and semi-literate they are. They don't know that the Post Office doesn't take a dime of tax money, but is actually a congressionally chartered, for profit corporation (one of the few good ones) that earns its revenue by selling stamps and services.

As a long time stamp collector, I rely on the Post Office to offer unusual or interesting stamps  to regularly add to my collection. Some of my favorites have included their Baseball All stars issue, the famous scientists issue, as well as the Comic Super heroes, Edgar Allan Poe, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn issues with first day covers for each.  Those who want to tear the Post Office down or privatize it have no idea of the outrage that we- long time stamp collectors - perceive.

The most despicable and absurd part of the law rammed through in 2006 is that the reprobate, lame duck Republican congress of assholes actually demanded the Post Office PRE-FUND the retirement benefits of everyone, even those workers  not born yet! Where do these morons and nuts come from? Who knows, but I suspect a large patch of seed pods where they're regularly hatched.

As Hightower goes on:

"To add to Congress' cockle-mamieness, the  Postal service is being forced to put up all that money within ten years, costing it $5 billion a year.  This artificial burden accounts for 100 percent of the 'losses' the media keeps reporting"

The true fact is the USPS earns $1 billion profit a year selling its stamps and services. If they didn't have this ridiculous millstone around their neck- hung by re-puker assholes - they'd be free and clear of any financial obligations or debt.

As Hightower so aptly puts it:

"It's like tying an anvil around someone's neck, throwing the person off a boat and yelling, 'Swim to shore, sucker!'"

When one beholds nutso political chicanery like this - as well as shuttering Social Security Administration Offices (via inadequate budget funding),  one can grasp why the political fabric of this nation is so badly torn.

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