Monday, September 15, 2014

NFL Digs Itself Into A Hole Over Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson

By 'dig itself into a hole' I mean the NFL has been flat out caught in total hypocrisy. This after the jarring images were released of Minnesota Vikings' RB  Adrian Peterson's 4-year old son after being thrashed with a tree branch by his pop. The cuts and wounds so bad that they disclosed an insane fury of a guy totally unhinged taking it all out on his kid (Peterson said he did it because the boy took a video game away from his brother).   Took a video game away? And you thrashed him like the old slave Massahs used to beat their slaves? Give me a break!

Thankfully, Peterson is under indictment for felony assault in Texas as he should be, but meanwhile the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, are perfectly fine with letting this reprobate suit up and play on Sunday. But what about Ray Rice - caught in a video popping his wife and knocking her out? Well.he has been suspended indefinitely.

No one is saying that either of these guys ought to get away with their deeds, but to let Peterson play after he inflicted horrific cuts and welts on a FOUR year old, and not Rice after swatting an adult woman, is beyond the pale. In fact, both need to be suspended and if it's "indefinitely" for Rice, it needs to be in perpetuity for Peterson - with NO chance of reinstatement. The reason is that inflicting massive, deep cuts on a 4 year old (all over) with a sawed off tree branch  is worse than Rice's assault, in my book.

Goodell and his brain trust need to rethink their decisions in each case, and also bear in mind that Peterson faces an actual sentence in TX for his misdeeds, which he's tried to defend using the "spare the rod, spoil the child" bunkum and "my daddy did it to me" crap.

Peterson then, has no business playing this weekend.


As to the question of all those Baltimore fans that showed up with Ray Rice Jerseys on Thursday night, and displaying "unfeeling attitudes",  as many in the media have portrayed it, not so. As wifey- a Ravens' fan - has pointed out: "Those jerseys are damned expensive! They're not going to just toss them at 75 bucks apiece!"

Indeed, and that is a rational reason to wear them though yes, many fans were showing a support for the guy (who as I noted in an earlier post has been a stalwart over the years in the anti-bullying campaigns) and for the team. Also, many of those jerseys (No., 27) were altered to read 'Be NICE' , if any of the assorted critics had paid any attention.

It's time in any case for the NFL to adopt one rule, not several, for any kind of abuse - and not let one miscreant play ball while the other is put in limbo.

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