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ZunZuneo - Another Bald-Faced NeoCon Attempt to Interfere in Another Country

The neocons and their predecessors (mainly embedded in the military and CIA from the era of 'Operation Mongoose' and ZR/Rifle) have had a boner to overthrow Fidel Castro since the 1960s. From trying to use exploding cigars to poisons, these miscreants have never given up and continued to try to knock out Castro - even planning a false flag operation called "Operation Northwoods" that would have instigated terror attacks on U.S. cities and citizens - then blame Castro  - in order to start a war and invade Cuba. See e.g. this FOIA -obtained document below:

Note the plan also entailed blowing up ammunition inside Cuban air bases, sabotaging aircraft therein, lobbing mortar shells into air bases,  sabotaging ships in harbor and sinking them as well as other criminal deeds. James Bamford, in his book, Body of Secrets (pp. 82-83) also noted the plan included killing Americans using bombing attacks,  on the streets of New York, Miami and D.C.,  in order to foment the tale the Cubans were behind it. All this to trigger a justification for invasion of Cuba and overthrowing the Castro government. (It's always stuck in the craw of the U.S. that it wasn't able to overthrow the lone surviving communist nation in the hemisphere - in the same way it did to Guatemala and Chile).

The plan went dead in 1962 after JFK learned of it, and he handed assorted conspirators their heads- and dumped them into lower grade positions, or harmless ones.  One more point - given such a plan actually existed and was well documented, let no one believe for a minute it couldn't also have metastasized into killing Kennedy!

Anyway, the latest scheme just disclosed, is a Twitter-like  "social communications network" app released in Cuba back in 2010 called "Zun Zuneo" and by which the neocons ensconced at State hoped to get rid of Raul Castro and his government. The 'cons never got their wish, and the idiotic program terminated in 2012.  The topic came up on the CBS Early Show this morning, where the following were noted:

- The network was designed to spark a "political uprising" - emulating e.g. the "Arab Spring" erupting in Egypt, Libya etc.

-  Cuba has condemned it as a "subversive plan to destabilize the country" - which is exactly what it is and again, using symmetrical perception (which too many of our fellow citizens lack) one can understand what OUR gov't would do if a foreign nation had facilitated an analogous scheme here - or tried to.

- The State Dept., however, claimed it was "just a developing program to help the Cuban people". RIIIIIGHT.!...and "there were no neo-Nazi ultra-nationalists"  behind the Maidan uprising in Kiev. It all just kinda happened of its own steam.

- The social network itself could be hidden from the Cuban government (imagine, again by symmetric perception, a hidden terrorist social network  established in the U.S. to entice Americans to terror acts.)

- The program took Sen. Patrick Leahy - who oversees foreign operations funding - by surprise.  Leahy this morning commented and said:

"If I had known, I would have said, are you out of your mind?"

- The program known as ZunZuneo functioned as a "bare bones" Twitter and allowed users to exchange information by text without the government knowing anything. In this way it was hoped mostly young Cubans would use it to organize as protestors - like those involved in the Arab Spring.

- The users didn't know it was run by the U.S. Agency for International Development - a CIA front organization, known since the 1960s (as AID), when as author James Douglass ('JFK and the Unspeakable ) notes,  a David Bell of "AID",  informed JFK that the funds from the Commodity Import Aid Program had “already been cut off”,  essentially assuring a coup would ensue with the Diem government in South Vietnam. The Diems were killed on Nov. 2, 1963, and Kennedy had effectively been omitted from the loop.  Kennedy was evidently livid and directly asked Bell who had told him to do that, to which Bell replied, “No one(ibid.). The will to power disclosed here indicates the CIA felt it more powerful than Kennedy himself or his decision-making authority. 

- USAID paid contractors to collect users' cell phone data and send them text messages. Those texts were "meant to inspire dissent that would ultimately bring down the Castro government".  (According to documents obtained by the Associated Press)

In the aftermath of the revelations, a State Dept. tool and spokesperson appeared at a brief press conference, and with a big stupid smile on her pasty face, blurted:

"We did not supply political content. We did not drive the political content. We are just soooo perfect open the space so they could supply their own content".

RIIIIIIGHHT! Like the Ukrainians supplied their own fuel for a revolution, with no Nazis or Amerikkan Neocons involved at all.

What the dope doesn't get, or doesn't want us to - is that by supplying a tool whereby Cubans could conduct activities under the radar, in an objective to arouse dissent, they were indeed engaged in subversive activity and the State Dept. was helping them by providing the device- wherewithal to carry it out. Again, if you're having trouble understanding the kerfuffle examine it from a mirrored perspective.

The Associated Press also noted that funding for the program, about $1.2 million was "routed through overseas bank accounts and front companies in order  to keep it under the radar".   Again, IF the program was so innocuous, why the need to go this underhanded route? Clearly the architects of it knew damned well it wasn't legal and instead a device to incite insurrection.

The State Dept. also claimed that Congress was notified, however Sen. Leahy contested that claim, asserting he was not, and called the program "dangerously misguided" adding:

"We've had every administration since Dwight Eisenhower - who said 'If we just try one more thing, we can get rid of those Castros. It hasn't worked for 60 years and it won't work."

Sadly, that money wasted on the stupid  ZunZuneo program could have been more constructively used paying reparations to the victims of Cubana Airlines Flight 455,  blown out of the sky  off Barbados on October 6, 1976. This was at the instigation of the CIA (which deployed two Venuzuelans, Freddy Lugo and Hernan Ricardo) to plant 2 bombs  -   with the plan masterminded by Luis Carriles Posada - a former CIA contract operative.

Will this country ever learn? Likely not until we get rid of every last neocon burrowed like parasites into the fabric of our State Department. Oh, and we cease being such god-damned hypocrites on the world stage - holding other nations to moral and legal standards we don't subscribe to ourselves! As blogger Patrick Smith has observed, at least Vladimir Putin understands and recalls history, which our clowns.....errrr ...leaders, seem to conveniently forget.

Obama, you reading this? NSA pass it to you? Maybe? Then act! Dump those neocons!

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