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U.S. Warship Buzzed By Russian Jet: So What's the Problem?

The U.S. Neocons and their warmonger rabble never fail to mystify as well as enrage me.  They've merrily pushed their aggression to the Russian border - with the Ukraine- and yet brand Russia as the "aggressor". They invade the Black Sea (a U.S. Destroyer) which is directly within Russia's sphere of influence and then get all perturbed when a Russian SU-24 buzzes their asses, flying within 1000 feet.

Now, my friends, as per my usual approach, kindly mirror the situation and then laugh with me. IF - I say IF - a Russian Destroyer or other warship was sitting some fifty miles off of Key West, Florida, just what the hell do you think the Mighty U.S. (behind its "Monroe Doctrine") would do?  If you can't fathom the answer I will give you a clue:  they'd have every F-22 Raptor and Stealth fighter from MacDill AFB in the air and buzzing the Russians non-stop. As would be their right because the Russian warship would be within the U.S. sphere of influence.

But extend that to the Russians, if WE are intruding in THEIR sphere of influence, under some bogus pretext? Oh no!  The Russkies are only a "second class, regional power" (according to Obama) so they merit no sphere of influence. The Amerikkan sphere governs the whole damned planet, including the Black Sea bordering Russia  And so we behold the Pentagon whining, at least its parrot....errrrr Col. Steve Warren:

"This provocative and unprofessional Russian action is inconsistent with their national protocols and previous agreements on the professional interaction between our militaries,......I have difficulty believing that two Russian pilots on their own would choose to take such an action." "

Well, uh no, you dumb pudsucker!  Obviously the command came from higher up, and why wouldn't it? You invade their space, their sphere of influence and you think they wouldn't do a thing - especially with CIA planted thugs - taking a break from their torture routines - now trying to instigate an entry for NATO forces in eastern Ukraine.   The truth is that it was the U.S.S. Taylor in February and March that  already violated the protocol with the Russians which calls for all NON-Black Sea states to have their war craft depart after 21 days. The Taylor stayed a full ten days past its due exit date.

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has noted, in reference to the Montreux Convention:

"US warships have extended their deployment beyond the set terms a couple of times lately.”

So why should they not also be suspicious of the U.S.S. Donald Cook which entered Black Sea waters on April 11?

Again, it's because the U.S. miscreants, neocons and warmongers never want to see things from the other nation's perspective. It's always 'our way' the way WE see it, and devil take the hindmost. If this doesn't get under the skin of every REAL American, I don't know what the fuck would!  Because if it doesn't it means we're a nation of nationalist zombies prepared to grant our War state an endorsement for endless war. (Anyone raise your hand if you know another nation of zombots that did that: Clue one, it was in the 1930s. Clue Two: Third Reich. Clue Three: Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.)

Interesting side point: As Bill Maher observed on 'Real Time' last Friday, the less Americans knew of where Ukraine was located geographically,  the more they wanted some military action. As Maher put it: "Ignorance goes with the desire for aggression." (Maher displayed a map from a survey that showed at least a dozen idiot Americans placed the Ukraine inside the U.S. while another two dozen dummies put it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!)

Already the saber rattling, and clarion calls are being heard, from the usual neocon assholes like John McCain ('For God's sakes we gotta bomb 'em this time!') to the entrenched neocons at State, to the budding little warmonger (U.S. Ambassador to the UN)  Samantha Power.  Power actually got on her high horse and claimed that it was "obvious" Russia was instigating a new crisis by fomenting separatist discord in eastern Ukraine. Has she got her brain on backwards or what? It was Russia that called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council last night! Oh wait, wait....we are zomboids for believing that because it's all a put-on to justify invasion later! Or so the Neoliberal press and their hangers on would have you believe!

You see, the Neoliberal media and the Neoliberal Political class of poltroons wants you to remain deaf, dumb, blind and stupid so they can manipulate the planet to their own ends - including establishing a permanent global plutocracy. They want to do it via the use of leveraging debt  - say through the IMF and the banking system- or through the force of arms. They also want to intimidate any and all nations that might stand in their way, including Russia.

This is what the Ukraine crisis is all about and if you don't get that, you're not paying attention. It is indeed the last stand to be made for a bipolar world, as opposed to the unipolar one now on offer with the U.S. warmongers and "super power" ruling the roost, and driving all players into a debt -leveraged "free" market system which is anything but.

Recall here the words of author William Greider  ('Who Will Tell The People-The Betrayal of American Democracy', Touchstone, 1991), p. 401:

"It does not require great political imagination to see that the world system is heading toward a further dispersion of governing power so the closet dictator of the marketplace can command things more efficiently, from everywhere and nowhere.....

What is emerging now is a power system that more nearly resembles a kind of global feudalism- a system in which the private economic enterprises function like rival dukes and barons, warring for territories across the world and oblivious to local interests.......In that event, vast throngs of citizens are reduced to a political position resembling that of  the serfs....who followed church or nobility in the feudal system."

Serfs in a feudal system! This is the future the Neoliberal World Order has on offer for most of us  except the one percent.

Even as I write this the U.S. war mongers are pushing their luck and aggression to the hilt. Reuters actually reports US State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon — a senior diplomat and member of Kerry’s inner circle- talking about the possibility of supplying arms to the Ukraine government. Reuters actually quoted Shannon as saying:

"Obviously we are looking at that as an option ... but at this point I can't anticipate whether or not we are going to do that,”

This moron also had the nerve to say, with a straight face:

"From our point of view what we are seeing in a series of cities mimics what we saw in Crimea both in terms of the tactics and in terms of the people involved"

Despite the fact up to 25,000 Russian troops of whatever type, "identified" by uniform or not, were allowed according to a 1997 Treaty. See e.g.,0,4657644.story#axzz2uy8lfu8m

So these dingbats at State can't even get their facts straight.

Not to be outdone, we had perpetual clueless parrot and puppet Jay Carney bloviating this afternoon:

"We're not actively considering lethal aid but we are reviewing the kinds of assistance we can provide,"

Let's hope this jerk's take is correct, and there is no "lethal" force or supply of arms being considered. We may all live to regret that! Let's also hope the inbred jerks at the State Dept. don't push their hands beyond what they have, lest the Russians call them on it!

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