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Holocaust Deniers - Need to Be Force-Read 'Doctors From Hell'

Denver Post columnist Vincent Carroll, this past Sunday, extolled the efforts of his aunt,   Vivien Spitz,  to get the word out about the horrific Nazi medical experiments, as she documented in her book, Doctors from Hell. He noted she especially was energized in 1987, after reading in The Denver Post of a German Language Arts teacher who actually referred to the Holocaust as the "Holo-hoax'.  In addressing her Denver suburb high school class the teacher was actually quoted as saying: "Some say holocaust, some say holo-hoax".

Right! But I say that those who declare  "holo hoax" are ignorant fools (revealing themselves as such), who merit no input into any serious historical discussions. Their opinions aren't worth even an ounce of doggie lickspittle. That includes those like the character Robert Sungenis, responsible for the pseudo-science travesty 'The Principle' (previous blog post), which proposes the Sun revolves around the Earth. Well, anyone who disputes the Holocaust has already lost all credibility in any other venue, including scientific. 

Anyway, as Carroll notes, seeing this baloney - and coming from the mouth of a teacher (who ought to know better) spurred Vivien Spitz to not only go on an educational circuit to show teachers and students what happened, but to write a book about her experience at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.  An expert at manual and machine shorthand, Ms. Spitz was recruited by the War Department in 1946, to provide a record of the trial of the Nazi war criminals. These transcripts would later be put to use providing presentations to groups across the country: schools, churches, veterans organizations, bar associations and civic organizations. Ms. Spitz felt, after her 1987 wake-up call people could not be allowed to forget what happened, lest it happen again.

The book, meticulous in its detail, is not for the squeamish - but then neither are the actual autopsy photos and records of the Kennedy assassination. Historical validity and nicey-nice often don't go together, and those who want their history neat and tidy are usually the ones left out in the cold as to actual history. They are the ones who continue to be gamed and spinned by those who would alter it for their own agendas.

I was already familiar with a lot of the infamous Nazi medical experiments thanks to video documentaries such as detailed in "The Holocaust Testaments".  These narrow in on each major concentration camp- from Auschwitz, to Birkenau, to Dachau, Buchenwald and Ravensbruck, to show what was done to hapless men, women and children.

In the Auschwitz record, for example, one beholds a 12 year old boy who's  been infected with Leprosy and the results after just 6 weeks. In another segment, one watches with heart break as the bandages are removed from a 10 year old girl's foot, showing blackened flesh - after she had been forced to stand ten hours in freezing temperatures. In yet another segment, a 9 year old boy is unable to exercise or move either of his arms - they had been amputated and replaced with the arms of a 9 month old infant.

As Carroll observes:

"The bone, muscle and nerve regeneration experiments - and incredibly, bone transplantation- were among the most savage, sadistic and inhumane."

 He also refers to others including: infecting prisoners with typhus, lathering prisoners' arms with a phosphorus mixture and igniting it, immersing prisoners - including children - in ice water, to see how long they could survive, and forcing them to drink sea water for days on end to see how long they could live off it before their kidneys were destroyed.

Other experiments, summarized in Ms. Spitz' book (pp. 44-46) included:

- High altitude experiments, carried out in a low pressure chamber in which the victims were suddenly exposed to extremely low atmospheric pressures such as would be experienced at Everest, for example, and even higher (up to 68,000 ft.) with the subjects then dying in horrible agony.

- Mustard gas experiments, with wounds directly inflicted on the exposed flesh of men, women and children using a mustard agent, and then the doctors documenting how long each took to die in agony.

- Sulfanilimide experiments: to determine the efficacy of drugs, exposing victims to a range of diseases: tetanus, streptococcus, and gas gangrene - with wood shaving and ground glass later forced into the wounds.

- Nerve regeneration experiments, in which living nerves were actually removed from victims causing intense agony and debility, and often agonizing death.

- Sterilization experiments, with victims subjected to sterilization by x-rays, various surgeries or drugs, causing great mental and physical anguish.

- Poison experiments: Poisons, including strychnine and arsenic, were secretly administered to experimental subjects in their foods leading to death - after which autopsies were performed.

- De-fleshing and skeleton collection: to create skeletons for display by the Nazi doctors over 1200 Jewish men, women and children were selected, killed and de-fleshed for skeleton preparation - with the specimens sent to the Reich University.

Meanwhile, in the Holocaust Testaments (Auschwitz) one also found:

- Removal of skin for chairs, and art 'canvas':   In this case the selected bodies of certain gassed victims had their skin later removed and used to form the fabric for chairs - generally by the particular concentration camp Kommandant - and also for "art" canvas, with the art often pornographic.

- Bodies of fetuses (expelled by their mothers in the gas chambers) designated for autopsies.

Yes, one beholds a true 'House of Horror's created by these Nazi doctors.  All documented, and in meticulous detail. So much that no rational person can counter its truth by confecting any kind of fulsome rejoinder or nonsense,   that it "never happened" or that  it's all a "holo -hoax".

Vivien Spitz wrote:

"I would spend the rest of my life trying to recover from what I had heard and written.. From that point on I would no longer tolerate any bigotry.

Meanwhile, the best prescription for Holocaust deniers like Robert Sungenis would be to have 'Doctors from Hell'  force -read to them while they're tied down. Then, afterwards, show them the Holocaust Testaments on an endless loop with eyelids taped open - like Alex in "Clockwork Orange".

Horrific torture? Too terrible for these fuckers? Hardly!  This conditioning is nowhere near the level of what the Nazi doctors from Hell inflicted on their innocent victims.  And look at it this way, at least the deniers aren't being imprisoned for ten years as they would be in Austria or Germany!

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