Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOL- Fundie Punts on Evolution Test But Challenges Me to Live Debate

Excuses, excuses….as well as daft rationalizations! What can you expect from dumbass fundies! So, it appears the nuisance fundie blogger who’s created a veritable cottage industry out of attacking evolution and global warming (including selling t-shirts with apes conversing with human descendants and clownish images of Al Gore) looked at my test on evolution and opted to wimp out. Oh, he has loads of excuses for punking out (see below)  including interjecting the red herring that I “only went to a ‘podunk’ university (‘Voodoo U’ in his ignorant parlance) in the West Indies for my graduate work, as if this has anything to do with a biology test I set for my secondary school students while serving in Peace Corps! (Never mind The University of the West Indies is affiliated with the University of London and has featured some of the top scholars, researchers in the world – including Dr. Shirin Haque in the field of astro-archaeology.)  But what does Mr. Knuckle Dragger know when he can't even solve a problem on half-life, radioactive decay that my secondary students could do in five minutes?

Let’s see how he rationalizes his avoidance to prove he’s qualified to comment or critique evolution:

 "I can't speak for any other "Fundies and Creationists," but contrary to what he may believe, I have studied evolution in my formal biblical studies. But...oh wait! I forgot, that won't count with this dimwitted disciple of Satan since my classmates and I were not brainwashed first by 'Planet of the Apes' bad   Of course, even if I did decide to take his "test," it would be akin to flipping a coin with him where he tells me, "Okay, heads I win, tails you lose." In other words, God-given common sense tells me that regardless of what answers I give him - they would be wrong - or at a minimum, he'd accuse me of "cheating" by googling for the answers. In sum, he doesn't really want to give me a test, he just wants me to give him a stick so he can beat me over the head with it!"  

Note he claims he HAS studied evolution, but in his BIBLE studies. Are you kidding me? Is he serious? Can you imagine what kind of slanted, erroneous "study" that would be, at the hands of biblical literalists? I was, of course, not talking about “bible studies”  - which he is evidently taking from some Podunk Southern Florida Bible College via an ONLINE course – but rather a full UNIVERSITY SCIENCE course from an accredited university!  Hence, he’s wise not to speak for other fundies, because his online bible study doesn’t cut it.

Further proof: He didn’t even attempt one of the EASIER questions, though anyone who’d truly taken such a course would have found the ten problems to be a piece of cake. But not for this guy!  He’s not even able to do problems like (1) and (2) for Cripes’ sakes. Either of these being correctly done would at least show his online bible study education is worth a pound of doggie lickspittle, but no….he can’t show it because he doesn’t know what the hell the basis for either question is! And he has the chutzpah to criticize my education!

He blabbers on, windbag that he is, full of bluster and self-righteousness:

"This coming from a guy who, on his blogs, writes about almost anything from the Bible to the military to guns to food to cancer, and just about everything else under the sun - as well as criticizing areas he doesn't agree with.Don't get me wrong here. As a true American, I believe this guy - or anyone - can write and criticize anything or anyone he chooses, regardless of their academic qualifications (or lack thereof), and regardless of how asinine the writings may be. We all have that right under the 1st Amendment. But, in true Socialist Obummer-worshipping form and fashion, this Nazi wants to suppress not only Americans' 2nd Amendment rights, but now our 1st Amendment rights by some sort of litmus test?"

Incredibly,  this Bozo complains I “write about anything”: cancer, the Bible, astronomy, economics, politics, math – in other words, I am a diverse thinker and curious about the world at large, also informed enough to cast a wide net of intellectual scrutiny. Can he even spell E-C-L-E-C-T-I-C blog? Wait, he probably doesn't even know the meaning of the word! I mean, he actually thinks or believes an academic test of aptitude in a field in which he's got lots of yap is a "litmus test"!

But I choose to have a diverse, eclectic blog, unlike being a 'one trick pony' who reads so little (outside his good Book)  that the only thing on his radar are his biblical fairy tales!  But hell, if he is happy being ensconced in such a narrow, 2-dimensional cubby hole (and after all, it appears to suit his narrow mind), who am I to complain?  Methinks though that this is a guy that can't  walk and chew gum  at the same time either. Hey! Maybe he's related to Gerald Ford!

He goes rambling on - having taken his testosterone, challenging me to come and debate him in person:

 "I'd like to debate this guy and offer to pay his travel expenses! We'd debate on 'evolutionism vs. creationism! I'd twist him into a pretzel within the first half hour and send him packing back to Colorado Springs where he could to0ke on a few joints and lick his wounds!"    

So the blustering twit challenges me to debate in person. Hey, ANY time, Roscoe! You want to debate me, fine! I have debated far better educated people than you over more than 30 years. People who actually obtained their religious-theology degrees from places like Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard as opposed to Smoke House Online Bible School in Okeechobee, FL. You pay my expenses, including motel, and agree to an independent venue and objective judges (not your brain- jacked bible college minions) and I will certainly debate your sorry fundie ass!

But somehow I doubt he will follow through, because like so many on the Right he's more full of BS than ballast.   The funniest part is near the end of his rant where he demands I take his own test!  Never mind I set out my test for him first and in the higher reaches of academia the one first invited to respond does so, he or she doesn't cop out.. But in any case, nearly three years ago, I’d already answered in detail similar questions to the ones he tossed out in his current version. See e.g.:

But what’s the point? He will never read them anyway because his interest and investment isn’t in learning anything but rather inducing false controversy to sell more of his specious bunkum to any gullible buyers or followers. So, if he can claim I “never answered” his bollocks he can insist creationism is correct, never mind he punked out on the simplest evolution questions! Madness anyone?

Maybe we can ascribe it to a fundagelical mental disease!
In that case it ought to be treatable, see:

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