Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gun Magazine Makers. to CO Legislators: 'Pass That Bill and We're Leavin!' Hasta la vista, chumps!

The news in today's Denver Post (p. 1A) that the makers of multiple-clip weapons magazines will leave the state if Colorado legislators pass a law limiting clips to 15 rounds (not even the 10 demanded by Obama!) is enough to make a normal-brained citizen howl with laughter. All I can say is: 'Hey, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!'

According to the article, if Magpul Industries follows through on its extortion to leave the state unless lawmakers back down, "it could harm more than a dozen Front Range firms specializing in plastic injection molding, and reduce the region's capacity in the manufacturing process." Well, so be it! Collateral damage happens in all spheres of life, and none of us can be protected absolutely, especially when the greater good trumps that of a limited few or even 100.

Besides, are we then- on this basis-  to surrender ANY change in laws because it might hurt or "harm" our economics? In that case, we could as well all to to earthly hell in a handbasket right now, and let the coal pumpers, frackers, oilmen and every other fossil fuel predator have its way ....and to hell with the planet and all future generations! Let them all drink oil-fouled green slime, breathe in polluted high CO2 air, come down with dengue fever or dysentery or....boil to death in a home without any power at 115F.

The Post adds:

"The Erie company which makes weapons components and high capacity ammunition magazines has threatened to leave if the state bans individuals from owning magazines with more than 15 rounds."

Then let 'em leave!

And if there are other high capacity magazine makers who want to go, let them get the hell out too! We don't need or want them!

For those who missed the news, the Colorado State House yesterday passed legislation with gun restrictions that stands as a model for the nation. It passed in the House and is now on the way to the state senate where dems also hold a majority, by 20-15 (compared to 37-28 in the House). And no, in our state we have sanity ruling, so a super majority is not needed, only a simple majority.

Two bills have so far been passed: 1) for ammunition magazine limits, to no more than 15 rounds per maazine, and 2) for universal background checks. Gov. Hickenlooper already declared he backs the provisions and will sign the bills when they arrive.  Had either of these bills been in place back in July last year, James Holmes would likely never have been able to slaughter 12 people at an Aurora, CO cinema, and maim 58 others - including Caleb Medley (shown) still trying to reclaim his life after head injuries and more than $2m in medical bills.
Meanwhile, Greg Alfred, one of the gun magazine company honchos, was quoted as warning:

"If House Bill 1224 passes, we will relocate all or part of our operations out of state."

He added that his company (Alfred Manufacturing) is searching for locations in several other western states, including Wyoming and Montana."

The fact that these guys couldn't even abide clips with 15 rounds shows they're more interested in preserving their profits than even making partial moves to cut down on the number of clips that really can only be for military purposes. But wtf does any ordinary human or hunter need a military assault rifle for? To kill a buck? To kill a rabbit? Gimme a break!

Kudos to the Colorado House for getting these new bills passed, and now let's hoe the Senate soon follows suit.

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