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What Were These Two Catholic Nuns Thinking Going To A Trump Rally?

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Nuns - real RC Nuns - at a February 20 Trump rally in the Springs

Awash in a sea of red, white and blue, Donald Trump took the stage here in Colorado Springs on Thursday evening, February 20,  to rally support for himself and Colorado’s at-risk Reepo punk,  Sen. Cory Gardner. .In attendance were more than 10,000 low IQ yahoos and also - incredibly - a couple of Catholic nuns. What were they thinking? More to the point, what weren't they thinking?

Recall, in a previous post (January 9, 2019), I  referenced the anomaly of  a certain subgroup of white women gravitating to Trump, even after his infamous Access Hollywood tape was exposed. In that tape he openly bragged about "grabbing 'em by the pussy".  .  There is, of course, a well known pathology among certain females who are attracted  toward pussy -grabbing pseudo presidents, serial killers, generic psychos and even family murderers, e.g. the murdering filth Chris Watts:

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So why not these RC nuns at the Trump rally? Why would they -  because they wear a  habit - be immune to this malady?  My psychology post doc niece Shayle has her own theory:  "They've taken a vow of chastity, and this is a slightly defiant way of getting a vicarious thrill by being in proximity - in a public setting - to an admitted pussy grabber."

I already addressed the issue of evangelical white women being captivated by a pervert like Trump in this previous post:

Another possibility - which I rather lean toward-  is that these women (including the two nuns) have become so inured to Dotard's crass behavior, gaslighting and racist dog whistles in the past three years they've become like Stockholm syndrome victims. Lance Morrow actually raised this as a conceivable explanation for why the Dems way back in October, 2018 might not take back the House (WSJ, Oct. 19,  'We've Grown Accustomed To Trump', p,  A19) writing:

"Familiarity and the passage of time may breed a certain kind of acquiescence, even grudging acceptance.  We see a touch of the Stockholm syndrome.

My guess is that the variations on Stockholm syndrome will play a role in the minds of independent voters in the 2018 midterms, producing a slightly friendlier inclination toward Mr. Trump and anyway, toward Republicans."

Of course, Morrow's midterm projections didn't happen. Most independents saw the insanity and disruption of the Dotard and sided with millions of Dem voters to generate what we now recognize as a true blue wave.  Despite massive gerrymandering in Reepo -governed states (like MI and WI), it succeeded in taking back the House with the largest majority since the Nixon era.  Nonetheless, the Stockholm syndrome Morrow invokes may have played a role in keeping too many right leaning white women in fealty to Trump.

But the two nuns?   That requires deeper thought, in this case viewing Trump as an ironic choice (by their deity) to protect the life of the unborn.  Or perhaps to halt the use of contraceptives by young women not bound by chastity vows-  in this case via Trump's denial of service exec orders issued under the guise of "religious freedom".

So to these nuns, despite his crass, pussy grabbing bravado, Trump would appear a kind of  savior. I mean who can forget the psychotic words of wacko televangelist Paula White at a Florida rally back in July, i.e.:

"Let every demonic network who has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of Mr. Trump, let it be broken. Let it be torn down in the name of Jesus! And I now declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from Hell and every strategy from the enemy!"

 In that respect, these two nuns may well be on the same unhinged wavelength as White, and totally believe Trump is the bulwark against some insidious evil, as opposed to being an embodiment of evil.   I  mean, look at their faces, they're not self conscious in the least.  It occurred to me looking at them that they may well feel totally content, confident and morally justified sitting in that audience of moral dunces and twisted crackpots. Think about it and how these fools got involved with Donnie the Deviant.

Despite knowing about his affair with Stormy Daniels, her beating his ass with a book, and his pussy grabbing penchant,  they've mutated into his staunchest defenders. Indeed, they are uniquely brazen to the extent to which they justify any means to favored ends. His evangelical Christian supporters, for example, are willing not merely to excuse Trump’s adultery and deceit but also to embrace them: The more vulgar he is, the more he fulfills his supposedly divine mission.  You have lots of  spineless weaklings giving him "mulligans" in golf, but this boggles the mind:  to be awarded them in spades for serial morality transgressions.  And lo and behold by a bunch who profess to be holier than any other sect in the US of A.  They "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ", but don't you dare say a word against the pussy- grabbin' Dotard!

In the same vein, it's evident these two nuns - smiling behind the 'Women for Trump' sign - take to Trump for the same reason white evangelicals have.  That is, he is the ironic choice of their God to halt the downward  spiral of America,   based on too many abortions and too much sex out of wedlock (using gov't provided birth control).  

Again I recall here how my sister-in -law Krimhilde (before she fell victim to Alzheimer's) described these mental and moral misfits:

"They preach love and God's mercy to sinners, but their souls  have been degraded by  hate. This hate is against all others unlike them, whether immigrants, poor black people  or gays, or atheists.  So they seek to remake  their god hateful in their image.  They also knew they needed a strong  darkness to cover and protect their own hateful darkness so they used Trump to that end.  They really have sold their souls to purchase what they believe is spiritual security but is really selling their souls and faith to a human devil."

Those two nuns would do well, when they return to their convent, to consider those words carefully.

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