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Mueller Report Is Out - Summary Soon To Come- Now Everyone Needs To Take A Chill Pill

Robert Mueller, special counsel, turned in his report Friday.

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Letter from AG William Barr, sent to  congress on Friday.

Can we admit now that the much anticipated Mueller Report has finally been released - after 22 months - the media is going pop-eyed, gobsmacked bonkers?   What about when the summary is released in another 30 minutes? Will they still be in feeding frenzy mode? Yes, they will!  They have  hours of time to fill and what better way than bloviate and speculate?  

 In the aftermath of the release on assorted news and pundit shows from Friday evening through Sunday, it's been like a total 24/7 cable (and satellite news) feeding frenzy.  Feeding almost entirely on speculation concerning what will and will not appear, and whether Mueller was cowed by the Dotard in giving no other indictments.  Kind of forgetting the 34 already handed down, including 12 GRU agents.  

Much hand wringing  -  including by Janice and many other liberals -  has been that FOX News and the Right will use any ambiguity or loose ends - as well as failure to indict for conspiracy (not "collusion" which has no federal statute) -  as a means to blow the result out of proportion. i.e. in Trump's favor: "See! No collusion! All a witch hunt!"  And even, god forbid, to "weaponize" the report as a way of propelling Trump's re-election.

As I told Janice, we already knew that whatever the result, the Repukes would seek to spin it in their favorite traitor's favor, and especially to further propagandize the 20 m zombies hooked on FOX News. That's just the way they roll, and no one can be astonished they'd fight like cornered rats to protect the 'boss' rat.  

But all this is premature in terms of what Mueller actually found. And bear in mind underlying the summary - which AG William Barr (see his letter above) will deliver any minute now, there could still be a web of elements that - while not pointing to  specific criminal acts- point to definitely impeachable ones. That includes outright demonstrations of obstruction of justice, as well as violating the Emoluments clause to enrich himself and family while in office.   Even if AG Barr and Rod Rosenstein find nothing on which to hang a crime, you can bet your last dime the Dems will - and they will insist on all ancillary evidence to do it.

In effect, too many hand wringers seem to forget the biggest lift was always going to be by the Dem -governed House, not Robert Mueller. Mueller  was never a "savior" given he was restricted to investigating specific criminal behavior, while the purview of the House Committees extends to high crimes and misdemeanors.  As Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee, 

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Pointed out on MSNBC barely 2 1/2 weeks ago, House Dems have a constitutional obligation to provide checks and balances on a run amuck, deranged occupant of the WH. In other words, to hold Trump accountable for his actions.  Moreover, as noted by Rep. Kildee:

 "We in congress have to get to the bottom of this because unfortunately, we can no longer trust the U.S. attorneys operating under the supervision of William Barr, the attorney general, are actually going to turn over the findings of their investigations."

This is an extremely critical and relevant point!

It also means Barr and the other sources (FBI docs, grand jury material)  that factored into the Report - via whatever evidence - will have to be provided to the specific Committee (e.g. Judiciary) that demands it.   As Jerrold Nadler stated after the release, and Rep. Eric Swallwell seconded on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher, anything less than full transparency will be met by subpoenaing the full report, as well as likely calling Mueller and Barr to testify.

In the meantime, citizens need to recognize we're in a "holding patter" until Barr releases whatever he has.  Hopefully the summary today or tomorrow, and then as much as possible of the actual report. If not, if he stonewalls or isn't forthcoming with all details, the House Dems will do what they need to do, and hold Trump, Barr and even Mueller to account if need be. 

 The main thing now? Be patient!  Yes, read the summary the DoJ is going to release any minute and maybe hear a few talking heads' opinions on CNN or MSNBC. Then get away from the 24/7 news cable cycle and read a good book like I am.  Anyway, please go to:

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