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Millennial Voters Outraged As Dems' Super Delegates Continue Support For Hillary

As most of us are aware, Bernie Sanders’ youthful supporters are idealistic as well as aspirational. They embrace this 74 year old democratic socialist from Brooklyn because he doesn’t try to BS them, and fairly oozes integrity from every pore. You hear it when he speaks as he did last night at the MSNBC -sponsored Nevada town hall.

Now, alas, despite what he manages to do in the Nevada caucus it may all be for naught. This is because of the rigged, undemocratic superdelegate system managed by the DNC and the Democratic Party establishment.  As I noted before, e.g.

 this is a 'shadow' electoral system at work, upending and denying Democratic primary  voters' will and awarding more “hidden”  delegates to Hillary despite Sanders being more than competitive – tying her in Iowa and trouncing her in the NH primary.

Despite the latter, Bernie picked up barely 15 delegate votes tying the 15 for Hillary. She "equalized"  because she managed to get more superdelegates to trump the actual voters’ will, ensuring a clear win for Sanders. So, while she earned only  7 delegates from the actual NH vote count, she gained 8 extras from the corrupt superdelegate system. WHO were these unelected eight? According to The Daily Caller:

These are party officials who are free to commit to whomever they like, regardless of how their state votes. Their votes count the same as delegates won through the primary.New Hampshire has 8 superdelegates,"

Now, alas, things have gotten much worse for Bernie as 87 more superdelegates have moved into Hillary’s column before the Nevada and SC votes even began. According to the AP, Clinton leads Sanders by 481 to 55 . As a Denver Post article about it today noted (‘Despite Lopsided NH Loss, Clinton Has More Superdelegates’, p. 12 A):

It’s essentially a parallel election system that underscores Clinton’s lopsided support from the Democratic establishment

I would put it in more blunt terms: It is essentially a rigged shadow system that trumps the will and choice of regular, ordinary citizens. It is, in fact, an affront to democracy and to the idealism of the youthful voters who back Sen. Sanders.

But at the same time, many of Bernie’s supporters appear to be on to this slimy system and its many agents. According to the same Post article, a number of these superdelegates have been contacted and criticized for their willingness to overturn the primary process with their shadow votes. Not too surprisingly, the imps don’t like it and many are appalled at being caught out.

Quoting one of them, an Indiana superdelegate named Cordelia Lewis –Burks:

I’m sick and tired of them! It’s very aggravating to be bashed on my own computer by these people who it’s probably the first time they’ve ever voted. I’ve been in the trenches since I was 20.”

Ok, first, “these people” as you call them, are all about democratic ideals. They believe in the old standard of one vote- one person, and that their vote counts. But in the superdelegate system it doesn’t, it is simply negated by your own hidden clique. How else explain a 481-55 Hillary lead even before Super Tuesday, with Sanders now likely having to get landslide wins in all the remaining primaries to even have a chance?

Also, whether you “worked in the trenches” since you were 20 is irrelevant and doesn’t entitle you to be able to negate the votes of ordinary citizens as part of this subversive shadow system.

Another livid IN male superdelegate – a Lacy  Johnson- whined that some Sanders’ supporters informed him “We’re not going to forget this!”  This guy, as opposed to Cordelia – didn’t play the "in the trenches” card but instead the racial "worse victim" card, asserting he was “an African –American male in his 60s” (again irrelevant to partaking in a shadow system) and claimed he “experienced the struggles”.

Incredibly this meathead added: “The experiences they’re sharing don’t faze me in comparison

SO, in other words, because he may have been deprived of his voting rights in the Deep South he is totally ok doing it now (via trumping young kids’ votes via the DNC shadow system) and their being victims of injustice simply doesn’t compare to what he experienced way back when. Any one see anything wrong with this?

Sadly, this whole corrupt system may come back to bite the Dems in the ass come November if the Sanders’ youthful contingent does indeed feel like they were betrayed in these primaries by a rigged voting system. We will see.

See also:


"Bernie Sanders had a record number of supporters turn out to give him a 22 percent win over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primaries. It was a big win in terms of voter support, but it didn't translate to a big win in terms of delegate support. Despite the fact that Clinton suffered the second biggest defeat in New Hampshire's history, both candidates walked away from New Hampshire with 15 delegates.


Because in the Democratic Party, unpledged delegates, also known as "superdelegates," don't have to support the same candidate as the majority of voters. In fact, the whole point of superdelegates is to give the party elite more control over the primary process.

That's not a conspiracy theory, that's what the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently told Jake Tapper. That's right, the chair of the DNC said that unpledged "superdelegates" are meant to be a bulwark against grassroots movements in the Democratic Party.

So the party decided to make their primary process just a little less Democratic by cordoning off a percentage of the total available delegates as "unpledged delegates" who don't have to support the candidate that the majority of primary voters and caucus-goers choose.
It was a move in the wrong direction - it wrested control away from voters and made the Democratic primaries fundamentally less democratic.

And the Democratic Party has only accelerated the process of handing the party over to the economic elites in our country ever since then."

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