Thursday, February 26, 2015

GOP Brinksmanship & Homeland Security Funding: Is Boehner Going to Cave To Radicals?

One thing you have to hand to the Reepos they have perfected the art of "collateral language", i.e. misusing language or narratives to attempt to "mind fuck" our  weaker-minded citizens. They are trying again by withholding funding for Homeland Security (unless another poison pill amendment is passed, this to do with scotching Obama's executive orders on immigration).  But they would have the gullible believe it is the Democrats who are playing fast and easy with protecting citizens - even after a terror group last weekend invited attacks on the Mall of America!

Let's get it clear here, in case any have fog on the brain or are suffering the early entry of dementia, that it is the Reeps who are to blame by attaching the poisoned amendment to what was a clean bill. If the Dept. of  HS isn't funded in a timely fashion then, and malls are attacked by lone wolf terror nuts or ISIS zombies, then we must be able to lay the blame on the House GOP as terrorist sympathizers. Because even when they knew the potential consequences of their ill-advised actions, they refused to move forward on a clean bill. Insisting their 'Tea Party' ideology prevail.

Fortunately, the Reeps in the Senate  have come to their senses. Sen. Mitch McConnell, now tired of posturing and grandstanding (after a number of Dem filibusters and the Al Shabbab threats last W/E) has finally separated the disgusting poison pill amendment from the Dept. of HS funding bill per se.

But Boehner and the House Reeps, still cluttered with Tea Baggers, are not ready to move anytime soon. They are determined to teach Obama a lesson, even if the result may well be nasty for the country and a calamity for their party. Especially, in the latter case,  being labeled as terror sympathizers in perpetuity.

Post script:

Incredibly, the bald chutzpah of conservatives knows no bounds in terms of their brazen hypocrisy. In a recent column, conservo hack Charles Krauthammer actually insisted the Reepo leaders in the Senate adopt the "nuclear option."  and thereby prevent any more filibusters by the Dems. This, after the Reeps in the last session of congress used the filibuster over 450 times during Obama's tenure,  breaking a record.  Go figure.  Looks to me like it's one rule for the Gooprs, another for everyone else!

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