Tuesday, December 9, 2014

YES! Americans Deserve to Know What the CIA Did In Our Name!

Today, the report prepared by the Senate Intelligence Committee is due to be released. Already the national security state fetishists are going bonkers squealing how it will entice attacks and ruin our reputation. They ought to have thought of that, namely the odious Bush-Cheney ilk, before they approved torture in our name.

Look, I seldom agree with Sen. Dianne Feinstein - especially in her yen to go after patriot Edward Snowden- but in this case she is 100 percent correct that Americans need to see this report, if for no other reason to inject a citizen zeitgeist to prevent this from ever happening again - namely by never electing the wrong people to govern them again, as in 2000. (Ok, technically, Bush -Cheney weren't elected but appointed by five radical Supremes who halted the FLA vote count. More technically, Jebbie Bush  - who now wants to run for Prez, had his then Secretary of State Katherine Harris, put tens of thousands of black on Choicepoint Felon Lists so they couldn't vote - thereby stealing the FLA electoral votes for his criminal bro.)

All this is now germane with this report. A bit of backstory for those who forgot. In mid-March of this year the CIA  (according to Feinstein,  in a forty minute tirade on March 11th),  broke into the Senate Intelligence Committee computers and eliminated the key files of the Panetta Report. In this report, the Senate  Intelligence Committee  had the goods on just how vile the CIA torture and rendition program really was under the vermin Bushies.   What we do know now, in retrospect,  is that it was in early December when the Central Intelligence Agency began to suspect it had suffered what it regarded as an embarrassing "computer breach."

Investigators for the Senate Intelligence Committee, working in the basement of a C.I.A. facility in Northern Virginia, had obtained an internal agency review summarizing thousands of documents related to the agency’s detention and interrogation program. Parts of the C.I.A. report cast a particularly harsh light on the program, the same program the agency was in the midst of defending in a prolonged dispute with the intelligence committee. In other words, exposure of the secret internal report would have exposed the spooks as being duplicitous and excessive (and likely unlawful) in their methods of extracting information (well depicted in the film Zero Dark Thirty, btw, which saw the spooks blowing a gasket when it came out, asserting things never went down like that. Now we know they likely did!)

Enraged that their 'cover' was blown, Agency officials began scouring the digital logs of the computer network used by the Senate staff members to try to learn how and where they got the report. Their search not only raised constitutional questions about the propriety of an intelligence agency investigating its congressional overseers, but has also resulted in two parallel inquiries by the Justice Department — one into the C.I.A. and one into the committee.

Feinstein, for her part, maintained the documents were given to the Committee, not pilfered from computer networks, which I am inclined to accept.  And while Obama officially ended the black site rendition and torture program  — which began in the months after the Sept. 11 attacks and expanded into a network of secret prisons in Thailand, Romania, Lithuania and elsewhere — he never followed up by prosecuting the ones that did it, starting with GeeDumbya .  It was left to Leon Panetta to drive an internal review of exactly how far the spooks stepped over the line. 

In the wake of the buzz concerning the report, many European nations vowed again that Cheney and Bush would end up in prison for crimes against humanity if they ever set foot in their countries. In the meantime, these two weasels have remained vocal in defense of the misbegotten program even making rationalizations as recently as last night on the news.

The ABC News segment last night noted that the White House supports the release of the report - which they should - and also that it is "extremely graphic". It includes CIA practices of sexual debasement and torture as well as their waterboarding - which btw, has been regarded as torture since the era of the Inquisition (which used it on heretics and apostates.)  The most vile part is that the torture continued even after the interrogators concluded there was no more useful information to be had. In other words, like the Inquisitors who laughed as they sliced off the breasts of lesbians, these foul insects enjoyed what they were doing to their captives. 

Also equally, the majority Senate Intelligence findings concluded that the CIA "misled the Bush administration about the methods and the results of the coercive interrogations conducted at so-called black sites outside the U.S."

And now that these leaks on the report are known concerning how his bunch was misled, how does Bushie boy see it in retrospect? According to Martha Raddatz reporting in the segment:

"The former President is standing by the CIA"

In other words, he is as complicit as the CIA and likely even knew what they were doing then but approved of it, hence ought to have been prosecuted and thrown in the slammer - or at least shipped out to the International Court in Hague to stand trial with his pal Cheney. Asked for a comment for the news segment, Bush is seen saying:

"These are patriots and whatever the report says, if it diminishes the contributions to our country, it is way off base."

Really? Revealing vile sexual tortures is way off base? I do recall some transcripts sent me from the Nuremberg Tribunal trials by my German friend Kurt Braun back in '85 and how several of the Nazi higher ups made the exact same arguments regarding the methods used by the Gestapo. "These were patriots!"  After all, they found out who was bad mouthing der Fuhrer and who was hiding Jews in their attics.

But, of course, this merely confirmed for me that Bush is as noxious a pig as when I beheld him as President. 

Of course, Cheney isn't far behind in being reprehensible in defense of this torture program and not releasing information about it (why wouldn't a rat want to conceal his evil deeds?)  According to Raddatz reporting in the same segment on how slimeball Cheney also piped up:

"He told the New York Times today that the harsh interrogations were absolutely, totally justified, dismissing accusations in the Senate report that it was a rogue operation as a bunch of hooey"

Raddatz adding "but make no mistake there are things in this report that will shock many Americans"

I want to see them - and YOU should too! Just as I wanted to see the actual autopsy photos of JFK's head wounds after the CIA punks had him offed in 1963..

And btw, if the CIA could stoop to such methods now, don't think for a moment they wouldn't have taken out Kennedy back in 1963. As I showed in my book, 'The JFK Assassination - The Final Analysis',  a direct causal line exists connecting the assassination to what went down in the wake of Sept 11, 2001.  This is further supported by the work of long time researcher Peter Dale Scott, in his book: 'The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11 And the Deep Politics Of War.'

The more we know, the more we can act the part of citizens. 

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