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Obama the "Worst President" Since WWII? Are Americans Freakin' STUPID?

Obama in 2008
On the eve of Independence Day, modern day Americans have proven they're the stupidest, most historically uninformed, ignorant bunch of mutts ever. According to  a new Quinnipiac University Poll, 33% named Obama the worst president since World War II, and 28% put Bush at the bottom of post-war presidents.  What are these morons drinking, or more appropriately how did their brains end up in their asses? Have these fools NO recollection of history at all? Are their memories truly competitive with those of gnats? It seems so, especially if they rank Ronnie Raygun at the top.

According to Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll:

"Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself with President George W. Bush at the bottom of the popularity barrel"

REALLY? On what basis? Feelings? You got it from FOX news? That doesn't count. Even more preposterous, the Quinnipiac poll also reports that 45% believe the nation would be better off had Mitt Romney defeated Obama in the 2012 presidential election. Which makes me wonder what brand of historical imbecile we are now producing with our education system.

The worst insult? Ronald Reagan topped the poll as "the best president" since World War II, with 35%. He is followed by presidents Bill Clinton (18%) and John F. Kennedy (15%).

Which proves to me that the voters polled ought to have their voting credentials revoked and sent back to kindergarten.

Look, let's clear up the bullshit and nonsense one time. As I noted before I've got lots of bones to pick with Obama, including endorsing the NSA overreach, ramping up a new surge in Afghanistan after he received the Nobel Peace Prize, actually proposing a "Debt commission" and a chained CPI to cut Social Security, I have also complained about Obama's tendency to not stand on principles and have the courage to act on them, thereby failing to become the transformative President he might have been e.g.

But failing to become a transformative President isn't the same as being the worst! Gimme a break!

The preponderance of these voters claim that Reagan is "the best President". Let me try to clear their heads. Reagan, recall, is the character who once opined that in an emergency, “submarine-fired missiles could be recalled”.

This is the guy who single-handedly destroyed the Trade Union movement (and back bone of the Democratic party) by firing 12,000 air traffic controllers, a move that's taken that industry the better part of two decades to compensate for, with hundreds of “near misses” along the way.

Reagan is also the shameless cretin who pulled critical social spending as he sliced taxes to their lowest levels in history (also helping to fire up the deficit) – leading to more than a half million mentally ill patients being tossed out of their hospital beds. Where did they end up? Most found themselves on the street, while the lucky few managed to somehow survive.

He also -while slicing taxes  - ran up a $2,2 TRILLION dollar defense budget debt (think $3,500 apiece toilets,  $150 hammers) that in fact turned the country into a DEBTOR nation for the first time in modern history.   Reagan's economic policies, bottom line, paved the way for the continuing debt crisis in which this nation finds itself.

But as seriously bad as all that was it still wasn't as bad as GeeDumbya Bush, who:

- Stole the Presidency in 2000 thanks to his brother Jeb and Kathleen Harris placing 40% of black democratic voters in Duval County on Felon's lists - so they couldn't vote. (See Chapter 1 of Greg Palast's expose, 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy')

- Ignored a security brief in August, 2001, warning of a likely strike by bin Laden using hijacked airliners.  Within weeks 9/11 followed.

- Used the ploy of 9/11 to pose as the "security President" while attacking Afghanistan then demanding Saddam be linked to that terror attack despite no evidence whatsoever.

- Launched the Iraq invasion and occupation thereby emulating Hitler's invasion and occupation of Poland in October, 1939. Thereby he also became the first president ever to violate the Nuremberg statutes against pre-emptive wars.

- Was responsible for an estimated 600,000 dead Iraqis (according to the World Health Organization) and over 4,400 Americans while running up $4 TRILLION in debt and not implementing higher taxes to pay for his adventures. (He actually CUT taxes, the first time ever in so-called "war time" and told Americans to "go shopping")

And you're going to tell me this bozo isn't the worst ever?

As for the Mittster, Americans really do prove they have the memories of gnats if they believe he'd have been better.  Here are a few things for the morons to cogitate on:

- By the end of his first term Romney - an elitist asshole of the one percent - would have cut taxes for the wealthiest, vastly increasing existing inequality. To pay for these cuts, he would have -with the cooperation of the Reeptard House- cut food stamps even more than they already have, and raised taxes on the poorest (those earning $20,000/year or less) in response to the then popular Repuke outcry that "the poor pay no income taxes!"

- Romney, again along with his Reepo House, would have cut Social Security - probably via the chained CPI and also by increasing Medicare premiums.

-In league with his chosen VP (Paul Ryan) Romney likely would also have ushered Ryan's Medicare voucher plan through. That would have meant seniors getting maybe $10,000 a year (if that) to purchase all their health care- whether operations, or preventive care - like colonoscopies.

- Romney, in line with his vows in the national security Presidential debate in Oct. 2012, would have attacked both Syria and Iran, likely embroiling the U.S. in two new conflicts that would have sucked even more precious treasure - while allowing the country to fall into rack and ruin.

So how should the Presidents be rated since World War II? Based on my own grasp and understanding of recent American history - the top three Presidents would be as follows::

1) John F. Kennedy (Irrespective of what assorted nitwit pundits have blathered, Kennedy did more positively for this nation than all the Reepos together - but most importantly - had he not acted with courage against the Joint Chiefs we'd all have been destroyed in a nuclear war (during the October Missile crisis) and we wouldn't even be having this conversation. See also:

2) Jimmy Carter: Started no wars nor did he launch invasions. Attempted to get Americans to focus on energy conservation for the future.

3) Barack Obama: He implemented the nation's first broad-based health care system which despite its flaws has given the less fortunate access that didn't exist before other than via costly emergency room visits. He collaborated with Vladimir Putin to avoid being ensnared in a Syrian war, and also refused to bomb Iran - as Romney would have done. Let me also remind my forgetful peers that Obama's 2009 economic stimulus - though it likely wasn't enough - saved this country from descending into another Depression after the 2008 credit crisis.  Despite his flaws, Obama merits position as 3rd best President, not the worst.

Now the three worst:

12) George W. Bush: For all the reasons given earlier.

11) Ronald Reagan: For all the reasons given earlier.

10) Richard Nixon:  Think 'Watergate' and bombing Cambodia while ramping up the Vietnam War.  Think having thugs break into Daniel Ellsberg's  psychiatrist's office and using the IRS as a weapon against political enemies. (For those wondering, Nixon's "saving grace - why he's 10th and not 11th) is that he gets credit for increasing Social Security COLAs to extend the life of the program.)

As for the Quinnipiac University Poll, it's worthless if based on responses from people who are either brainwashed Fox-ites or who know little or nothing of recent American history.

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