Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Anthony Weiner's "Weiner" Problem Can Be Solved

Anthony Weiner is back in the news again, and for all the wrong reasons. Though he insists on running for Mayor of New York City, he doesn't appear to have the sound judgment it takes to govern Podunk, Kentucky far less a bustling metropolis with problems and issues of vastly greater magnitude.

One would have thought Weiner would have learned from his earlier instagramming escapades two years ago, but from news accounts he evidently hasn't. Meanwhile, wife Huma has gone out to try and defend her man's honor and his mayoral campaign, to assorted boos and hisses of the pundits.  Personally, I have to more agree with Joe Scarborough on this that Huma's doing it not so much for her randy hubby but for the kids - who are doubtless taking a lot of flack at school, from other kids. For that she merits commendations and kudos not putdowns.

According to one of the recipients of his "erotic messages" interviewed on CBS' Early Show yesterday morning, Weiner admitted to being a "very horny middle-aged man". The young woman gently attempted to disabuse him of such a pejorative, but alas, his subsequent actions, words and instagrams disclosed otherwise, prompting her to tell the interviewer: "Well, he DID turn out to be a very horny middle -aged man!"

Weiner thus seems to be his own worst enemy. But could there be hope for his reconstruction? Say to become a model citizen and model Mayor? Possibly, but it may require an extreme step.

Here's a hint: many men who get prostate cancer have no other choice than to get what is called "hormone treatments" which are really a form of anti-androgen therapy. The treatments can be administered independently and as such resemble the chemical castration sometimes performed on rapists who want to get out of the can sooner, but are more often used as an adjunct to a more intense initial treatment such as radiation therapy or radical prostatectomy.

The advantage of using HT is that the main fuel for prostate cancer, testosterone, immediately dives. The downside, as any prostate cancer patient who's had it can aver, is that one's sex drive absolutely bottoms out to the point you could trot a harem of voluptuous, nude Playboy bunnies into his room and he would barely blink. "Get it on"? Hell, most who receive HT can't get it up even using PDE5 inhibitors (such as Viagra).

Sex then, doesn't even enter the patient's mind. If this is so, then it follows if such a regimen were administered to Weiner, his hyper-drive sex issues would be solved. No more "weinering" and dispatching the results to mid-20s females to convince them of his manhood. Hell, after a few administrations he'd more likely need several,  29-gauge  1/2" needle injections of Bimix in his dick to even half use a sex toy.

What form would it take? Most likely, a hormone therapy using a combination of luteinizing-hormone releasing hormone LHRH or  Leuprolide (marketed as Lupron) and a non-steroidal anti-androgen (Bicalutamide). Within a few days Weiner would notice the difference. By the end of a month, the guy would no longer be hankering to contact young women or astound them by sleazy dick pics. His wife Huma would no longer have to defend her man's aspirations to political office or go to extraordinary lengths to protect her kids.

In a word, Weiner would be basically ready to assume duties as the Mayor of NYC because his "little head"  would no longer be making his decisions for his regular head. Thus, his judgment would no longer be compromised to the extent he can't be trusted in a serious political office.

Further point: to avoid some of the nasty effects (such as enlarged breasts) of such a treatment, it would be done over months then suspended, then resumed again if needed.

Yeah, Weiner's sex life would likely be a casualty - though a surgical penile implant might help for the occasions he needs it for marital relations. But the takeaway is that he's liberated from his overpowering sex drives which continue to humiliate him and his family.

Isn't such a sacrifice worth it?

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