Monday, July 8, 2013

Blogger Back: What Happened? Who Knows?

I sure don't! Though I did some googling on the "absence of cursor" problem in the text field, I didn't see any consistent explanations or solutions. One response  - if one can believe it - was to get hold of Foxfire Mozilla.  I chose to do a simpler thing, just send feedback to Google and inquire as to why there is total inability to access any cursor in the text field and what were they doing about it?

The answer evidently appeared this morning in the problem being fixed, though I'm still not clear why the cursor disappeared. it might be prevented in the future. (In the course of googling I did see reports of this peculiar problem going all the way back to June of 2012, which shows it hasn't just been my problem).

If any tech savvy readers can explain it, I'd surely appreciate it. Especially as I'd like to avoid such a snafu in the future.  Is there some hidden quirk in my system that makes it more probable? Is it because I still haven't gone to Google Chrome? What gives?

Just send any comments - explanations, and I will likely post them in a kind of reverse 'Mail Brane' where you help me out with my question.

In the meantime, Brane Space is back on track!

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