Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rachel Maddow Exposes the Bush Library for the Sham and Farce It Is

Rachel Maddow in her show last night outdid herself again, exposing the newly opened Bush Presidential Library as the total sham it is, especially certain parts (e.g. the "Decision Points Theater") which tries to lead the unwary toward the insane path of accepting the Iraq invasion and war. As Rachel put it last night:

"This whole library area is a museum designed to make you think the Iraq war was a great idea".

Maddow then noted the Library gave MSNBC permission to film, and her crew went directly to the ‘Decision Points Theater’ with its interactive, push-button displays. You get to select advice from assorted Bush lackey knotheads, warmongers and fellow Neocon travelers - interrupted only by ominous "breaking news" developments. ("We have just learned Saddam now has ....blah, blah and blah" etc.)

When you approach the console you have the option to seek advice before making your choice on what you'd do if you were in Dumbya's place. There are three options to choose from when the time comes to render your decision:

Seek another UN Resolution

LEAD an International Coalition

Take NO Action

Obviously, for any intelligent and well-read person, the last is the superlative option - which also would have avoided a wasteful occupation that in the end cost us over $3 trillion and more than 4400 American lives as well as 600,000 innocent Iraqi lives (according to WHO, the World Health Organization).  But woe betide you if you choose that option in the Bushie Decision Theater!  At that point, a dopey Bush avatar appears to lecture you on why you made the wrong choice.

Bush then spouts off for ten minutes on why invading Iraq was the right answer. This includes all the usual baloney sold like pig shit at the time, including: Saddam’s “WMD”, and association with terrorist organizations. Bush notes 25 million Iraqis having the chance to “build freedom” but doesn’t mention the 600,000 killed by Amerikkan shock and awe, Nazi-style 'blow em up and let God sort 'em out' tactics. As Maddow describes it the choices are ludicrous: Be a “man” and “LEAD” or a sissified wuss and “take no action” thereby accepting Saddam remains in power.

An especially remarkable wake up call for those who buy the whole world was behind us, was when -to  make a glaring graphic point-  Maddow displayed a map of the world with all the nations supporting the invasion(red), and those that didn’t (in blue). Easily seen is the map is awash with blue regions and the red are relatively small and isolated - occupied mainly by the U.S. and a few outliers.(Australia, Poland).

Of course, in the next televised imagery we see Texas school kids standing in line, waiting to be brainwashed by this 'Decision Theater' and gobbling up the manure. Maddow bluntly references this travesty, before declaring that -  in line with the kids being mesmerized by the display - the Iraq war was a “ hoax perpetrated on the American people. All cooked up and a national scandal”.

A national scandal indeed! But incredibly too many Americans lack the historical memory or education to be able to see through this crap. Why is the Bush Library selling this bunkum? Because it can! Because they know a majority of Americans have limited historical memories.  Col. Lawrence Wilkerson then discussed how “fast we rehabilitate things” in America. He referenced a national security turkey like Phil Mudd who ought to be unemployed, but is “still around”

Why should all this matter? Well, because we ought to be awake and alert enough as citizens not to allow ourselves to be led into another bogus war! Col. Wilkerson then cited Iran and all the officious bloviation we keep hearing now about "red lines" and other horse shit. But, he warned, if we allow ourselves to be manipulated like we were 10 years before with Iraq, we will have another $1 trillion war and more enemies than we can possibly imagine.

There is also the issue of evil - real human evil - at work. One of the canards circulated about human evil over the years is that it’s irrational. If the person only knew better, or reasoned properly, he’d arrive at the generic good. Fortunately, philosopher John Kekes disposes of this myth quite forcefully in his book, The Roots Of Evil (p. 168).As Kekes observes, abundant historical examples disclose that people often robustly justify their actions on the basis of a good perceived in their minds, but which in retrospect turns out to be evil. Therefore it’s not the lack of reason or rationality that infuses their actions but instead the false beliefs that supported the reasoning!

In the case of Bush's justifying the Iraq invasion and butchery we behold a perfect example. Using every sort of ruse - from 'yellowcake' to aluminum tubes and alleged claims of WMD (from a rat named 'curve ball') - the Bushies pumped up a bogus case for invasion, just like Hitler and the Nazis did (using faked imagery of German fraus being raped by Poles) to justify an invasion of Poland in 1939. Once he had the U.S. corporate media on his side it was merely a matter of drum beating a sheep-like American public into giving him the poll numbers he desired to launch an invasion in March, 2003.

Bush’s aggression also exposed unsavory aspects about ourselves as a nation:  a willingness to violate Nuremberg Article IV to actually launch a pre-emptive, aggressive war just as the Nazis did when they invaded Poland. The rich humor of it all is that at the time the Bushies actually compared Saddam to Hitler!  Some 'Muricans actually swallowed this shit up and took it as gospel!

So, all this being considered, Rachel Maddow rightly called out the Bush Library for what it is, a National Disgrace - even if only one part featured the Iraq  meme makeover.

The most incredible and unsettling  thing of all? A dirt bag,  nose- picking moron like Dumbya Bush can be walking around rehabilitating his criminal history – launching a pre-emptive Nazi style war that killed over a half million and spawning rendition and torture methods-  while Bradley Manning sits in federal stir somewhere accused of simply ‘leaking’ documents that exposed the Iraq invasion and occupation as the fucking travesty it really was. Now, how fucked up is that? A lot!

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