Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WHAT Exactly is it that Married Women Don't Get?

This is the question one must ask as one beholds and scrutinizes the latest polls which show President Obama's stock among women voters falling. Getting on the inside, we see that among unmarried women he still entertains a 35 pt. advantage over Mitt Romney. But when married women enter the picture, he falls behind by double digits which translates to barely a 7 pt edge overall, compared to 18 pts. 3 months ago. What happened? More to the point, what's with the married women that they could even think of supporting an alpha -ape bully like Romney who actually - while at toffy-nosed Cranbrook School - orchestrated and played the primary role in forcibly pinning fellow student John Lauber to the ground and clipping the terrified Lauber’s hair as he cried, screamed and begged for mercy. What did Romney do? He laughed! (Even as he recalled the incident in a recent FAUX News interview he couldn't help chuckling. Do women, married or not, really want this asshole in power? Come on!)

 As if that wasn't bad enough, this mega-turd then deliberately escorted a blind teacher into a wall. As a former teacher, this infuriates me and makes me wonder if all his married women supporters aren't suffering from the 'bully boy' syndrome. You know, falling for a dangerous bullying oaf as opposed to a more quiet, cerebral type, because the former appears "more exciting".  The other possibility, is that millions of married women, despite their maturity, are simply hoodwinked by the guy's hyper-biz Bain capital background and believe a hotshot, job cutting-gutting CEO translates into a capable president. Well, newsflash, it doesn't!

So what gives? Inquiring minds want to know! Some pundits who clearly appear to be 52 cards short of a full deck, have actually opined the married female voters are tilting to Romney either because they "sympathize" with Ann Romney, or they are the ones that have to deal with the family economics so are looking to someone with economic bona fides. Give me an effin' break already!

I already dealt with the Ann Romney kerfuffle in a previous blog:

So I will not occupy more bandwidth here, other than to reiterate she IS a privileged married woman, being attached to a guy worth well over $300m. I also will argue that if any of these ordinary, middle class married women (supporting Romney) were to have an economic setback - say breast or pancreatic cancer because of Romney repealing regulations controlling dumping of toxic chemicals - they wouldn't be so goddamned smug about this character's alleged economic background, and throwing their lot in with him. And let us not forget, because Americans appear to have the political memories of amoebas, that Romney intends to implement the exact same economic policies that Bush Jr. employed to bring us to financial meltdown in 2007-08.

Romney himself makes no bones about using the Ryan budget (to appease his Tea party faction) and I already showed how this is a recipe to destroy this country permanently, e.g.

DO married women of the middle class REALLY, really want to participate in this destruction? Will they be able to look themselves in the mirror after Romney and Ryan together: a) make it impossible for any of their kids to attend college because the borrowing costs will be so high, and b) destroy Medicare and Social Security so their parents may have to move in with them .....or drop into a ditch some place in an act of economic hari-kari.

As for Romney himself, I already provided a detailed account of his plans as published in an issue of The Economist. This was in a prior blog,

with image of Romney screaming at a Occupy Wall Street protestor who questioned Romney. Mitt the Bully retorted that if he didn't like Romney's policies he could move to North Korea!

Ladies, those of you who favor Romney over Obama, please read that blog carefully, especially the section on his actual plans, executive orders as cited from The Economist of January 14, p. 25. Also please pay attention to the link near the end (to Rachel Maddow's site) on the extent of Romney's congenital lying.

Are you really going to be happy to vote for a bully, a liar and a guy who will say anything to use or invoke executive powers to send this nation into the financial crapper? Haven't you seen or suffered enough with Bush II? Yes, Obama's made some errors as even I've acknowledged (such as making the initial stimulus too small and too laden with tax cuts) but believe me, whatever errors Obama made will be ten fold compounded in magnitude and frequency under Romney.

Like it or not, the character issues and deficiencies Mitt Romney displayed at Cranbrook, are but a minor preview of what you will expect to see if this guy gets into the Oval office! Mark me! And oh, by the way, next time around there may be no one waiting in the wings to pull us out of a fifteen- year long Depression induced by GOP austerity economics!

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