Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Answers to Basic Quiz on the JFK Assassination

Below are the answers for the quiz given in the previous blog.

1) C. To mend differences between the liberal and conservative wings of the Texas Democrats

2) C. While inside the Texas Theater, during a movie entitled 'War is Hell'

3) A. A 7.65 mm Swedish Mauser

4) C. Operation Mongoose

5) ( A) ---(C) --- (B)--- (D)

6) A. Walker was a committed segregationist and passed out “whites-only” pamphlets for military service

7) C. 201-289248 CI

8)  D. A and B

9) D.   Four

10) D. A photo bearing the blank outline of a man over which an actual image can be superposed

11) A.  He had lost his way, and ended up in the building by mistake.

12)  C.  575 

13) D.  They were ordered to face the motorcade, and keep their backs to the crowd

14) C.  Trying to retrieve an occipital skull fragment dislodged by the head shot

15)  C. The FBI, after having the curb section removed, took it to their HQ in Washington, then when it was requested (by researcher Harold Weissberg) they said it was “destroyed”.
16) D.  The two films were somehow altered to eliminate or reduce dramatically reduce the speed change.

17) C.  Tom Arnold

18) C.  He was a terrible shot in rifle practice, and often missed targets by wide margins

19) D.  All of the above

20)  C.  At least one shot (from one expert rifleman) hitting anywhere on the target, but in the 5.6 seconds – after 18 rounds fired.

Rate yourself:

18-20 correct (Expert - qualified to discuss the assassination)

15-17 (Good) - You know a bit about it but don't go making any "historical" 13 part series!
12-14 (FAIR) - Better bone up before doing ANY film making!

< 12 : Time to study your recent history!

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