Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conversation with an Eckankar Adept

Going to Barbados also meant being able to converse again with my sister-in-law, Krimhilde, an advanced follower of the spiritual philosophy of Eckankar – the religion of light and sound. Over two weeks we had many talks and the following content is distilled from those.

Q. Can you elaborate a bit on Eckankar and what it means?

K.:It is based on directly experiencing spiritual reality through the primary media of light and sound. In this case, certain words carry the vibrations of truth and sounding them brings one in direct and intimate contact with God. One doesn’t need to read bibles to do so, but to know what those magical words are, which also, evoke special qualities of light vibration.

Q. What is the importance of these light and sound vibrations?

K: The higher one goes on the spiritual frequency scale, the higher ordered one’s thoughts become and the closer one gets to the Godhood. By studying Eckankar we learn to know and use those special words (like “HU”) which interject the highest light and sound frequencies into our meditations, and positive purpose into our lives. This is what enables our rapid spiritual growth.

Q. Then according to this there are different frequency or vibration levels?

K: This is so. At the lowest frequency levels, we have the lowest vibrations and the lowest spiritual level. This is the realm of criminals, and those who seek to use and exploit others. Next up are the general low vibration levels that enable people to only seek at a base or humdrum level, say of the ordinary world religions. These low level vibration people have no knowledge of higher light and sound so confine their attention to bibles, or sacred works which they think will lead them to a salvation.

Q. But that’s wrong?

K. Yes, they will only lead them down a maze with more darkness. One can only escape this maze by invoking the special Eck words of sound and light which elevate the mind and consciousness beyond the animal level. Now, reading a bible is good, it’s better than nothing. But it can never be the whole story. One must enter the realm of higher vibration light and sound to enter a higher reality. Otherwise, you will be like some person who wants to see a movie at the cinema, but can’t get any farther than the lobby. I guess if you like popcorn you can be happy, but you’ll never see the film!

Q. If you don’t accept the normal notion of an afterlife, what do you believe?

K.: I believe and accept reincarnation. Having one life in which you must attain a good or salvation and if you don’t you go to Hell is stupid and crazy. There are too many impediments, improbables, intrusions and confluences to admit that. For example, if you are a backward peasant living in the nether regions of Nepal and have never heard of Jesus does that mean you must go to Hell? No. That is stupid. It isn’t the fault of the peasant of Nepal, as he has no control on where he’s born. The only justice system that makes sense therefore is karma (as you sow, so shall you reap) and reincarnation is part of it.

Q.: So if I am a bad man, then in my next incarnation I can expect a not so good life?

K: True. You may be born into horrible poverty in some backward nation in Africa like the Sudan, or in Haiti. Your life will be one of suffering to make up for all the suffering you cause in this life.

Q. Why is it certain Christians, like fundamentalists and so on, get so worked up about Hell, Satan and damnation? It’s like that’s the only note they know how to sound.

K: That’s because their psychic vibrations are operating at so low a frequency that only horrid, nasty things can be conceived of. “Satan” is the product of low vibrations, no higher spiritual person could conceive of such a being. It would be like an exalted master or saint thinking of ways to murder or rape. It’s outside their nature, and therefore impossible.

In Eckankar you can only give out what your baseline vibrations allow. If those vibrations are low or degraded you will emit degraded ideas and concepts.

Q. Yes, but they would say those things are in their bibles!

K,: Which is why they are unwise to follow or read them. Those books were written by low vibration people living thousands of years ago, for other low vibration people. We are now in a more enlightened era where we know more. Reading those books or bibles is like a college student groveling around in a nursery and still talking baby talk. Worse, the degraded level of the book writers, especially where they depict this “god” killing humans out of vengeance, is a reflection of their own base nature and desire for vengeance. Their degraded, low vibration souls hate so they write to make their god hate, like them. This bible god is no god of love.

Q. What will happen to these believers in lower order idioms if they refuse to elevate their minds?

K: They will be reincarnated in not very nice ways. For example, if they condemn a Hindu or Buddhist peasant to Hell for not following the bible, even if they don’t even know it exists, then they will be incarnated as poor Buddhist or Hindu peasants so they can see what that other (non-Christian) life is like.

Q. Let’s return again to these fundies, and why you think they believe everyone else is degenerate or immoral or “unsaved” but not them?

K: You must remember the Hebrew-Christian universe is one in which the anxiety to be right…..right, right, right….penetrates and suffuses everything. That’s why they clutch their bibles so closely. I believe they’d all have heart attacks if all their good books suddenly disappeared overnight. They wouldn’t know how to live, and their precious compass for living would be gone.

These people see God as the great Good against all that is bad. That’s why in their small or low vibration minds an atheist must appear as bad, because he will be seen to be against God, the Good. This is why these people are obsessed over being right concerning their beliefs. If not, they might end up…..who knows where? Imagine the terror just reading an atheist’s words can cause them! They must, after reading, immediately grab their bibles to cleanse their minds.

They don’t know any better because to be in the wrong for them arouses a deep metaphysical anxiety and sense of guilt. Worse, it brings into their minds the possibility of punishment of eternal damnation, totally disproportionate to any crime. And besides, for any normal person, how can unbelief be a crime worth eternal damnation? But to these low vibration minds, it is. What they need is a spiritual transfusion.

Q. What would you say to the typical fundamentalist to turn him toward the light?

K: There is nothing you can do to force him out of his low vibration ways. Sure, you can teach him the HU, but will he say it? No, because in his small frequency mental state he will think Satan is using it on him. That is how these people think. In fact, if you dare try it, they will accuse YOU of being Satan! (Laughs)

Q. Now I plan to put our conversation up in my blog, and as you know, a good many fundamentalists thorughout the world may see it and comment. What do you suppose they'd say?

K: Oh, they'll probably say I am owned by Satan or Satan is speaking through me or some such idiocy. But again, this is exactly what we expect low vibration humans to emit. You can’t obtain gold from grease, as we Germans like to say. You can obtain a gold ring from a gold source, or base, or from a gold mine. You can’t make it from grease. In the same sense, you can’t expect them to sound enlightened when they probably doesn’t even know what the HU is and will probably dismiss Eckankar as a cult.

Q: Is it?

K: No. A cult doesn’t allow people freedom of choice, and seeks to keep them in mental or physical bondage. This is not the situation for Eckanckar. It is more the situation for fundamentalist religion, since they condemn people to Hell if they dare to question him or try to leave. So, instead of beating or drugging people to make them stay, like happened in that 1980s Moonies cult, they use mental terror. It comes to the same thing. You rob people's minds of the ability to make a truly free choice.

Thanks for your insights, Krimhilde!

K: You’re most welcome!


Caleb Shay said...

Wow! This is a great interview. I am sorry for your pastor Mike brother since he's operating on these low vibration levels.

Btw, copernicus, did you see how he attacked your spiritual scholar friend in his latest blog? What a vicious take down, and he's writing about stuff he doesn't know about himself.

Personally, I don't think he's fit to shine John Phillips' shoes.

Krimhilde sounds like a person I'd really like to meet and her wisdom shines through every word, never mind the Jesus freaks like your bro will insist Satan is leading her around on a leash.

Copernicus said...

Caleb Shay wrote:

Btw, copernicus, did you see how he attacked your spiritual scholar friend in his latest blog? What a vicious take down, and he's writing about stuff he doesn't know about himself.


I believe you are correct. Also, it does his case no good to be cropping John's head into a dispicable image of Satan to use. If Mike has any remote case at all to make, he ought to surely be able to make it without resort to such below the belt, bullying tactics.

Personally, if I had been one of his foolowers, and saw something like that, I'd take off pronto and find another voice to proffer succor or advice. Especially which purports to be spiritual in nature.

I'm not sure about the shoe-shining analogy, but one thing I do know - John has more spirituality in his little finger than Mike could ever muster in his whole body (and he's a lot bigger than John!)

Caleb Shay said...

I forgot to add that he's mixed up what John Phillips says with voodoo. As far as I have studied it, there is no voodoo in any of the former British Caribbean islands, only the French ones. So he doesn't even know that. This shows how clueless and ignorant the guy is.

Btw, I see he's now also attacking Eckankar, since your sister in law's interview appeared.

Seems he doesn't have enough positive stuff going to write about so he has to use your blog to attack those who believe in God, but just not his way.

As I said, he's definitely a low vibration guy.

Punam said...

That was an enlightening interview on the subject of Eckankar.

~~Just Me in T~~ said...

I believe it is a cult or perhaps even has occult tendencies..........

To the core of my knowledge there has only ever been ONE living manifestation of God, and He died in Jerusalem in 33AD. He also rose from the dead and ascended up to heaven, where He will remain until the appointed time of His second coming. (Mk 13:32-33) He suffered and died for our transgressions and opened ‘the veil’ so we may once again be with our Creator God, Trinitarian Family in eternity.

Copernicus said...

'Just Me in T' wrote:

"I believe it is a cult or perhaps even has occult tendencies.........."

No, it (Eckanckar) is not a cult, because it doesn't meet the key criteria for culthood, including: i) dissuading people from thinking for themselves, ii) preventing people from leaving either out of use of physical force, or fear tactics, and iii) the need to go out and proseyltize.

Thus, it is no "cult" - nor is it occult/
By contrast, evangelical Xtianity IS a cult since it meets all those cultish requirements: i) people can't think for themselves, they must accept the bible as is, ii) they are at least threatened with fear mongering if they want to leave (as some fundies have done with Bart Ehrman) and iii) they seek to proseyltize and recruit others to their cult.

"To the core of my knowledge there has only ever been ONE living manifestation of God, and He died in Jerusalem in 33AD."

The problem is that is all confection, *not historical fact*. I strongly advise before you invest too much more mental or other capital in these convictions you avail yourself of Prof. Dale B. Martin's Yale lectures on the New Testament:

Lecture No.13, dealing with the "Historical Jesus" (link below):