Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Book Sabbatical" - from May 7

The Book signing for my first book, published in 2000. The signing was held as part of the American Atheists annual Convention, this time in Orlando, Florida, over April 9-12, 2001.

Just about two thirds of the atheists in attendance bought my book, 'The Atheist's Handbook to Modern Materialism', which is still available at

As much as I know readers enjoy the diverse nature of this blog, it will be on a brief hiatus from tomorrow. The reason is basically what I call a "book sabbatical" - which means off-time to complete two books currently in draft form, and revise another for which the proof copy has been received. The latter book is a collection of all the math blogs previously done (working title: 'Mathematical Excursions in Brane Space') . The other two books deal, respectively with: 1) the JFK assassination ('Lancer Down: An Analysis of the JFK Assassination'), and 2) a compilation of selected blogs from Brane Space.

With full attention focussed on these assorted projects, each can then be completed more expeditiously, with fewer distractions.

Blogging every day is an energy-intensive committment, especially as one strives to keep the content as eclectic as it has been, and also in so far as possible - not to rush anything into print, but to do due justice to the topic at hand. (Even if that topic is responding to one's preacher brother for the fortieth time! )

So, the blog entries and articles should resume in about three weeks, around or near Memorial Day.

Until then, keep your minds open but also your inner skeptic in gear so it can cross-scrutinize what your open mind may otherwise accept indiscriminately!