Friday, August 10, 2018

Rachel Maddow's Tape Release Exposes Devin Nunes As The Traitor He Is

As I pointed out in a post from March, 2017:

"Devin Nunes by his feckless and reckless actions confirmed once and for all what many of us already believed: he is merely a Trump toady doing his master's work. After all, this turkey  served on Trump’s national security transition team, so why would he not seek to do all possible to cover for his Fuhrer?"

Now, with tape evidence disclosed Wednesday night by Rachel Maddow, Nunes has been revealed as a Trump quisling on steroids.  Maddow said it was provided to her by the progressive group Fuse Washington, for which onemember paid good money  to attend the fundraising event.for McMorris Rogers (R-WA).

Speaking on the topic of the probe, Nunes said in the recording: "If Sessions won't un-recuse and Mueller won't clear the president, we're the only ones — which is really the danger. That's why I keep — and thank you for saying it, by the way — I mean, we have to keep all these seats."


In other words, Nunes  believes that his Obersturmfuhrer, Herr Traitor Trump

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will  be in genuine  political peril if Republicans lose control of Congress next year, following the November midterms.  This "disaster" would mean Nunes would also lose control of the House Intelligence Committee that he chairs. Without that authority, the Trump-enabling  GOP would have much less power to hamper the Justice Department's work, as Nunes has repeatedly tried to do (including by demanding classified documents from the DOJ which exposure would compromise sources, i.e. foreign intercept sources.)

Without that authority, Nunes will also not be able to pursue his deranged (genuine) witch  hunt against the FBI, the DOJ and Rod Rosenstein, including the detestable and perverse effort to impeach Rosenstein. In other words, in a real political sense the miserable little ass would be neutered. 

It's clear by now that Nunes has assumed the job of top Traitor protector,  willing to go the 'whole hog' to obstruct justice in Dotard's favor.  This priority objective was self evident from that released tape given he broadcast the unambiguous intent  to undermine the investigation.   He did this by emphasizing retention of  control of the House as an alternative to any action by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Recall Sessions is recused from the investigation and all related matters on the advice of ethics experts, including taking control of the probe or to Mueller finding the president to be innocent.

Nunes has become so single-minded in his effort to provide cover for the Traitor, he's blind to the political liability Trump has now become. (E.g. 'Trump's Ultimate Disruption',  p. A13, WSJ  yesterday by Dan Henninger).  This has since metastasized after Dotard went after the Koch brothers. As Henninger wrote,  this is not merely another disparaging "Twitter ICBM" with no consequence, i.e.

"Donald Trump's disruptions to the domestic and global political order come and go so fast it can be difficult to assess their significance....we shouldn't let Trump's feud with Charles and David Koch get flushed like so many others.  It was a significant event.

If it is Donald Trump's strategy to suck all the political oxygen out of the room and choke off his competitors many voters will be driven elsewhere to get air...Beyond a likely GOP loss of the House what lies ahead isn't clear. This is Donald Trump's ultimate disruption: an American electorate in a state of constant flux and agitation and flux."

In other words, the GOP voters can't be depended upon to help Nunes or his quisling collaborators retain the House and keep Trump protected.  But Nunes is too blind to see that it's his pet buffoon's very disruptive and bombastic nature - as well as attacking the "hands" (Koch bros.) that feed...errr,  fund GOP candidates- to blame for the likely loss of GOP control.  This elicits the question of why Nunes is so determined to stick with this political albatross - when he has to now know the Koch feud is the last nail in the GOP's House coffin.

Even the WSJ editorial yesterday ('The Red Wave Illusion' p. A14) makes it clear only those totally detached from reality remain convinced "after the clear message from Tuesday's election contest"- that a "Red wave" is still coming in November,

It is past time Nunes the quisling also got the message and grasped he's protecting a political lame duck.

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