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Ivanka Needs To Slap Down 'Daddy Doh-Turd" And Tell Him To STFU!

This fucking liar needs to be flushed down the toilet himself for the last time.

"Democracies cannot function without reason and respect for truth, which is why totalitarian movements seek to obliterate both."Jennifer Rubin, 'Trump's Tampa Circus Proves You Can't Reason With His Base.'

"They asked my daughter Ivanks whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. She correctly said no. It is the FAKE  NEWS which is a larger percentage of the media, which is the enemy of the people."  - Trump tweet yesterday

It has now reached perilous and parlous proportions. That is, Traitor Donnie Doh-turd's disgusting lies as well as his refusal to cooperate with his intelligence agencies in defending the coming midterm elections against further Russkie interference.  But then we know this POS is a pal of Putin and the Russian GRU and would like nothing better than for them to steal another election, i.e. keeping all branches of government in the paws of his enablers and GOP quislings.

Trump ramped up his attacks on the media again last night, criticizing the press as “fake, fake, disgusting news” and describing journalists in attendance as “horrible, horrendous people”, despite UN experts warning earlier in the day that his actions were putting journalists at risk.

This ambulatory human virus appeared in Wilkes-Barre, in Pennsylvania, nominally to support a Republican candidate for the Senate, but in fact that was merely a cover for further media attacks. The POS  predictably spent more than 15 minutes listing a series of grievances with the press, inducing angry chanting from his  crowd of mindless zombies towards the assembled media.  This, of course, echoed the same crowd reactions as occurred two nights before in Tampa, with the QAnon zombies showing their cards (errrr....goofy 'Q' signs)  - but no brains or consciousness.  At that rally, the gathered misfits screamed epithets at CNN's Jim Acosta, see  e.g. 

Trump Tampa rally: CNN's Jim Acosta harassed, Trump approves - 

Trump's meltdown covered a range of topics including his meeting 2016

 election "victory",  his meeting with Kim Jong-un, his meeting with Putin,  and

 finally his meeting with the Queen in July.  Of course, each of those merited criticism, something this asshole would know if he possessed any sense of reality. For example, despite boasting about his meet with Kim in June, we now know the N. Korean dictator had graduated to building bigger and better ICBMs, according to intel reports. As for his meet with Putin, we already know how he bent over for the former KGB master and even agreed to have American citizens sent over to Russia to be interrogated as well as asserting Putin made "powerful arguments" against any Russian interference in the 2016 election.  As for the Queen,  media outlets noted how the imp kept her waiting for more than 20 minutes, then arriving without any apology. But what do you expect from a low class maggot? 

 Despite that, this ambulatory excrement blurted:

“They can make anything bad. Because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news,
The insult prompted wild applause, as did his series of other denunciations of the press. All these continued despite widely shared videos showing the crowd at a Trump rally in Florida on Tuesday using aggressive language and gestures towards the CNN correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta himself later rightly warned that the continued demagoguery from this traitor - who should have been hung by now - could lead to open violence. I even went further, and told Janice it could lead to civil war. Again, because we already know from history that two segments of a populace cannot live in comity if they accept widely divergent versions of reality.
Trump claimed after he returned to DC from the Singapore "summit" with Kim:
“I just stopped missiles from being launched every two seconds,” 
 Not realizing Kim Jong -un was having him on, and likely even as they were clapping each other's backs Kim's new ICBMs were being prepared. Probably with new re-entry capable warheads with longer range.  Proof?  Barely a week later Pompeo went back to reinforce the "agreement" but Kim wasn't there. He was in a potato field - looking at a new crop - hundreds of miles away. Neither Trump nor Pompeo seem to grasp that when the North Koreans use the term "denuclearization" they mean for both sides, not just theirs.
Trump then boasted about Kim and cohort sending back the remains of fallen U.S. troops from the Korean War. He blabbered to the crowd of geniuses assembled in Wilkes-Barre:
 "And baby, I got the hostages back. And you know what, honey, they’re not testing any more nuclear.’”
His dummies seemed not to know those "hostages" were the unlabeled remains of some hundreds of troops, and there is no inkling whatsoever of who they are, which are which. The N. Koreans included one dog tag for ID.  The remains, parts of bones, teeth, etc. will now have to be examined using DNA tools and that may take years. Some "hostages"!
As for "not testing any more nuclear"  it appears the N. Koreans are also constructing new sites, and could also be expanding the old ones. Most are subterranean anyway so - without actual onsite inspections-  no one would be the wiser regarding which test sites are operational and which aren't.
Given his detachment from truth and reality is it any wonder this illegitimate misfit finds it hard to deal with justified criticism and negativity?
So the LIAR and FAKE is none other than Trump himself, who the WaPo has now documented as telling nearly 4,900 lies since he assumed office.
Daughter Ivanka yesterday even foursquare came out against her old man's bullshit. Earlier in the day UN experts had warned that Trump’s rhetoric could “increase the risk of journalists being targeted with violence”, while his daughter, Ivanka Trump, said that, unlike her father, she does “not consider the media the enemy of the people”.
In response, because Daddy Dumpster hates truth as well as opposition, he tweeted the drivel at the top of the post. In other words, he totally contradicted his daughter, saying she does believe the media, mainstream news, is the "enemy of the people".   The reason, as NY Times columnist Charles Blow put it two days ago, is that there is no such thing as fake news. If any accounts of events are fake, then they aren't news, full stop. 
What Ivanka now needs to do is not just meekly say: "Where I disagree with my father he knows it."  But actively tell him not to twist her words, as he did with his tweet, i.e.
"Do not fucking change my words to suit your lies, Daddy Dickhead!"

A forceful response is important here given the level of pathological animus displayed in Tampa on Tuesday.  This had been such that Acosta later tweeted that he was “very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt”.  The UN has also sent warnings of what will happen if Trump isn't stopped in his rampaging attacks on truth, which reminds many of how Hitler's own feverish attacks, on Jews, communists, the press - which worked up Germans in the 1930s.
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