Saturday, January 9, 2016

More Moronic "Logic" From the Gunny Reeptardo Base

Let's first accept the proposition that trying to argue or debate with a right wing gun nut is like arguing or debating with a wall. They think they have their cute logic all figured out and they're too smart by half - firing on us "libtards" - but in fact their arguments are filled with so many strawmen  they could as well be manufacturing scarecrows at a scarecrow factory. This is because their facts and thinking are ignorant and all full of holes.

Let's take a few examples:

(1) "The Libtards have the idiotic plan to regulate guns like cars".

Uh no, Sparky, sir.  No liberal I know ever said any such thing. A classic case of strawman argument - attributing to one's opponent words he or she never made. The most we've stated or claimed is an analogy: that if one regards a two ton automobile as at least as dangerous (e.g. in the wrong hands -like those of a drunk or 6 year old kid) then one has to have at least a sound set of regs for gun licensing -  which device can also be deadly in the wrong hands.

Nor is it any stretch to compare cars to mass-killing lethal weapons as we've already seen them driven into crowds with mass deaths resulting, e.g.

Which resulted in 11 injuries and 4 deaths when a 24 year old drove her auto into a crowd of spectators at an Oklahoma State rally. So don't tell me cars can't be regulated and licensed as rigorously as guns!

 Now, that doesn't mean regulating guns exactly LIKE cars, or demanding dumbass, strawman  precautions like "removing all gas tanks". I mean, Jeezus Peace, gimme a break! Can't people think their way out of a paper bag anymore?

But leave it to the gun freaks to draw extrapolations far out of bounds of  basic logic and common sense, much more than  is implied or even reasonable. All we are asking them to do is consider how cars are limited and not licensed for people of compromised faculties or otherwise impaired - such as drunks, druggies, kids and oldsters who can no longer see. Certainly logic implies the same ought to be done in the case of guns.

2) "If smart guns were dictated they'd disallow all purchase of other guns."

Again, more BS. NO one ever said that! There's more straw coming out of these base brains than straw in all the strawmen (scarecrows) in Missouri!  What we said is that smart guns should be allowed to be sold at all licensed gun stores in order for them to also sell non-smart guns. There is a difference there, but granted it may be too subtle for some!

3) "If I got a smart gun my wife would never be able to use it say if she was home alone and an intruder broke in!"

Again, WRONG! In the latest smart gun technology featured on a segment of '60 Minutes' barely two months ago, one beheld the innovation of smart gun bracelets which could easily be also used by a spouse to access the gun - for protection.  This clearly obviates the need to purchase more guns than necessary.

4) "If I got a smart gun I'd be tracked all over using RFID technology!"

This is truly laughable - referring to radio frequency device tracking -given the wahoos complaining are the same ones going on their computers every day and announcing to the world their IP addresses, as well as exact locations via geolocator devices that can be accessed by anyone. Hell, NSA can track all their emails sent, as well as all their blog posts and everything they say online. Of course, they may have nothing to fear - but neither should an upstanding citizen gun owner!

One would assume a person with a normally functioning brain would see the good sense in RFID tracking, if for no other reason to recover and trace some of the millions of guns stolen from gun-owner households. But again, who ever said that rational thinking and logic were part of the rabid gunny's stock?

5) Then there was the hysterical letter by a Frank Galmish to the Denver Post three days ago, comparing Obama to a "king" - writing

"Americans have never elected, nor wanted, a king"

And adding:

"This article shows once more President Obama’s total arrogance in ignoring the normal and correct way that American law creation was and is designed to be."

This doofus, from Denver, totally and abysmally unaware that the state of Colorado - operating under the aegis of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation - already has licensing laws in place much more severe and stringent than what Obama proposed. The laws also including limiting the capacity of magazines to 15 clips. So while this guy is busy whining about Obama's mild proposals and how "arrogant" he is, his own state has already implemented much stricter licensing legislation!

The gun crazy fools like Galmish and his ilk really need to learn more before they shoot from the hip. But hell, expecting that is about like expecting an alien space ship to come and collect 'the Donna'  while flying in his 'TRUMP One' and hauling his ass back  to their planet for a special brisket barbecue!

See also these gun myths which the NRA and its brainwashed minions like to spread:

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