Friday, September 4, 2015

Tying Bernie Sanders to Dylann Roof, Vester Flanagan & The Islamic Train Terrorist - How Stupid Is Stupid?

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I'd never have believed some desperate media halfwit could ever have written a piece tying three of the biggest, murderous crazies of the past three months with Bernie Sanders. But that's exactly what David Mastio - USAToday's deputy editorial page editor did in one forlorn, abysmally stupid article: 'What Ties TV Killings To Church Train Killings' (USA Today, Aug, 28, p. 7A)''

We learn, first off, that Dylan Roof and Vester Flanagan, as well as the Muslim train shooter, Ayoub El-Khazzani, were all losers mired in their own sense of victimhood and grievance. No argument there and one didn't have to be a Therp or even taken Psych 101 to appreciate that. One only had to read of their sad and sordid personal histories.

But had Mastio stuck to that thread, he'd have done himself and all readers a favor, instead of going off on a hare-brained tangent to drag in Bernie Sanders. WTF?! Is this guy that bad off that he can't develop a story without bogus BS?

We learn from Mastio that:

"If you read the biographies of all three, there is a thread of failure to thrive in a complicated world, of being run over by the 21st century. The trio thought of themselves as victims. And they reached back to a comforting tribalism in an imaginary world more to their liking."

Then he jumps off the deep end:

"You can see the imaginary past in the quaint, happy faced socialism offered by Bernie Sanders. Just as race and nationalism have combined to create bloody disaster, most recently in the Balkans and Central Africa, the empty promises of socialism have turned into economic chaos time after time as in Greece and Venezuela"

But, of course, note that what this fuckwit doesn't reference is the form of socialism (democratic) that Sanders is all about, and as currently practiced - successfully I might add - in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.   But hey, what do facts and history - not to mention subtle differences - matter to a media rat who probably can't distinguish his brain from his ass?

To top it off, this idiot then has the audacity to assert "we've already been where Sanders and Putin would lead us. In each case, we know how the story ends. "

But in fact, not. We've NEVER been where Bernie Sanders would lead us! Ok, let me correct that: I have been there when I lived in Milwaukee during the years of Socialist Mayor Frank Zeidler. And believe me those years and the benefits to the Milwaukee citizenry were a damned sight better than the dog eat dog world seen in most of the country today.

Before he writes about Sanders again, maybe Mastio needs to extract his cranium from where the Sun doesn't shine.  Better, get himself an online crash course on the different forms of socialism, and also how democratic socialism differs from Leninist -Marxist socialism.  Doing that would make us wonder far less on how this dolt ever got to be deputy editor of USA Today's editorial page, especially when he writes dreck like "Sanders happy-faced socialism".

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